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  1. Harmonieux

    unicums vs bots

    Aim and timing are what separates the very elite players from the super elite players. Aim is not really a skill of real consequence when determining ones value to a group dynamic. Seeing the development of a game through its various stages and understanding how you can impact those layers of development through your decisions is what ultimately determines how well you do. Many people will only come to understand how to manipulate the nuances of game play necessary to influence the majority of games to their favor through sheer repetition and experience. The top 5% of all players will simply see the paths to victory unfold in front of them all the time. Aim will have little to do with it.
  2. Harmonieux

    Asymmetrical Battles - Almost really fun?

    Make players choose 2 ships: one low and one high tier. MM can slot them in where necessary. Problem solved.
  3. Yeah, I hope so. It is a blast when both sides are properly populated.
  4. I've won a couple of T8 games, and got close to 2000 xp on those. Both games were with a full human team, and it was a lot of fun. The only thing that keeps me from playing more T8 isn't the tokens, it's the prospect of getting a bot team, which is just a waste of time. I can clear 1200-1500 xp in a loss in T8 randoms, but only 800 xp in the guaranteed loss in asymmetric when there are bots on my team.
  5. Harmonieux

    Doubloon Rip Off

    So I'm the first player to ever encounter this misfortune?
  6. Harmonieux

    Doubloon Rip Off

    I haven't hit battle 6,896 times, so I didn't even know to look. In your rush to post a snarky response, you didn't even bother to read the thread where it's outlined, quite clearly, that it's very easy for a new player to miss because of all the other complications we need to learn and get accustomed to.
  7. Harmonieux

    Doubloon Rip Off

    This game has a LOT of features, currencies, tokens, signals, flags, camos, bonuses, modes, etc. A tiny check box that "warns" you that you'll have your doubloons drained if you don't check in on the exterior of every ship before you go into battle is not at all adequate. Perhaps if you are already familiar with the way it works, but it was a very rude awakening for me. It's patently unfair, and no one can change my mind on this, because it is so clearly an egregious and punitive function.
  8. Harmonieux

    Damage or Team Win

    So, a constant loser with high damage is equal to a 65% winner with mediocre damage...from a stats point of view? Huh. Sure, why not?
  9. Harmonieux

    Doubloon Rip Off

    I got wicked food poisoning at a local restaurant once. My friend had the same experience 2 days before I went there, so I guess I should have known, and the $47 I paid for toilet paper and gravol the next day was actually my fault? By your logic, the restaurant had a sign on the underside of my chair warning patrons that the ice was injected with a noro virus, and anyone who drinks the water will regret it for 3 days, but it's my fault for not looking under my chair for a sign. Do you think that you'll get better RNG for rimming your corporate overlords? Post proof if you do.
  10. Harmonieux

    Doubloon Rip Off

    I just started this game. The amount one needs to remember, learn, absorb and just guess at is staggering. I had a pocket full of gold, and played a bunch of games, came back to port, then had zero gold. There is a very basic tutorial for gameplay, but the intricacies of in-game purchasing/equipment/armory/etc./etc.etc. are not really spelled out. There is no way for me to know that, once my signals ran out, it would cost me actual money.
  11. Harmonieux

    Inquiry IX

    Based purely on their "on paper" stats, the best tier 9 ships are Georgia, Udaloi, Seattle, Z-46 and Fletcher. The most overpowered tier nine ship should be the Black. But for tech tree ships, the best appears to be Fletcher. I've spent way too much time looking at this. Overall player performance is not an argument. Limit any argument against me to actual ship stats. Overall, I believe Fletcher is the best tech tree tier 9 ship. Fletcher might be the best tech tree ship in the game, although Hindenberg, Mahan, Hosho and Sinop can all make strong counter arguments.
  12. Harmonieux

    AA is meaningless vs tier X carriers

    They are out-exploiting the most capitalist Americans. Calling anyone "communist" by virtue of their ethnicity is dumber than anything this company has ever done. I agree with you to some extent, but the ending point was really silly and borderline racist.
  13. Harmonieux

    Doubloon Rip Off

    Awesome to know that I need a mod pack to prevent WG from blatantly ripping money out of my wallet.
  14. Harmonieux

    Doubloon Rip Off

    LOL are you kidding?? This is borderline illegal. In fact, I almost guarantee that there are jurisdictions where this type of practice is against the law. This type of shady dealing really puts a damper on my willingness to make in game purchases. Wow.
  15. Harmonieux

    AA is meaningless vs tier X carriers

    There seems to be no way for me to access how many fighters any given CV can put out in a game. The WIKI makes no mention (and is very often incomplete for most ships I've tried to research) and in game tech tree info is likewise incomplete. I find it hard to believe though, that more than 20 of the 81 are fighters. If the OP shot down 61 attack aircraft and all 20-ish fighters, then the rest of his team eliminated something like another 61 attack aircraft. So, that's 122 attack planes eliminated, and the CV still managed to do very well. The OP may very well have a solid argument here, gents. How can a CV lose 122 planes and still put up unicum level numbers? If the incomprehensible AA values aren't a counter to the CV attacks, then what is? AA vs squadron regen is the most complicated and muddled math available to players. The easiest to grasp metric is planes killed vs CV performance, and in this instance, we can see that planes killed does not seem to severely impact CV performance. I'd like to see better WIKI stats, and a fuller explanation of the AA vs attack planes interaction posted somewhere. Leaving average players to figure it out on their lonesome seems a bit sadistic to me. WG can afford to do a much better job of informing its players on how the damned game actually works.