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  1. bfree_gmm1

    Captain redistribute

    The reset button is located on the website page under the title "Combat Missions in update 0.10.9 and New Rewards" You may want to use it on the 19th because it expires at 3am on the 20th. They also have free module dismount until the 20th as well so you can mount the new ASW modules. Hope this helps.
  2. I was referring to all the sub simulators I played in the past. Maybe the game tech of the era couldn't handle it. Also missing in the game is the huge advantage USA had in AA warfare with the proximity fuse. This is the first game I have seen homing torps.
  3. bfree_gmm1

    1,000,000 Coal - What to buy?

    I got a lot of my coal from containers. Sitting at 870,000 right now. Whaled it up last Christmas until I had all the ships, got a ton of coal with that venture. I don't think it really matters how you got it if you have it. I have 2.3 million FXP and I certainly didn't buy that. I got Yamamoto in co-op and half way to Halsey now playing Tier 8 & 9 co-op. Some spend money, some don't. It's an individual decision.
  4. bfree_gmm1

    1,000,000 Coal - What to buy?

    If you have an active coupon for a discount, you have till the middle of December to use it or you will lose it. The good news is that you get a new coupon in December. I have about 870,000 coal right now and I keep stockpiling. I don't want to have to worry about another ship "disappearing" from the armory without being able to get it if I want it. I would stick to Tier 10's for the coal. Tier 9 and below can be gotten with other resources. You never know when WG is going to decide a ship is too "popular" and they want to remove it
  5. bfree_gmm1

    German Tokens

    When you look at the math, it's kinda like a discount. You run 10 personal missions and get 150 tokens plus 500 coal. I am currently looking at the tier VI Mackensen. Since most tier VI ships run about 6000 dubs which actually gives you about a 25% discount on the ship. Double that to 300 tokens and 1000 coal and double the discount for just playing the game. If you just buy the tokens for the coal, is 1000 dubs for 2000 coal and a few flags a good deal?? So, I am going to go for the free tokens to possibly get the ship and the coal that way.
  6. I don't know, the "homing" thing is what I don't like. I played a few sub simulators in the past 30 years and I don't remember a single one of them having torps that could turn in route to the target. You still had to line up the shot and hope the ship stayed on course. There was no technology for "homing" torpedoes in WWII. They did have magnetic detonators that were designed to explode underneath a ship instead of contact, but the failure rate was pretty high on those. Now, you need to know if the torps are coming from a cruiser/destroyer or a sub. There is no way that you should have to deal with that in a WWI or WWII ship. I had a co-op game today with 2 subs, 4 destroyers, 2 cruisers and 1 BB and that was at Tier 8, it was not fun at all. Spent the whole game dodging torpedoes
  7. bfree_gmm1

    100% cashback coupon

    Thanks for the info. I log into the game everyday anyway. So, where will it show up?? In the Armory??
  8. bfree_gmm1

    Free Skill Redistribution

    There is a commander reset button and it expires on the 20th of October. So, you might want to do that on the 19th.
  9. bfree_gmm1

    100% cashback coupon

    Is this for your exact birthday? When do you get it and how long is it good for??
  10. bfree_gmm1

    Free Skill Redistribution

    You can also demount modules for free as well
  11. bfree_gmm1

    Lighthouse and the Schlieffen

    Zero here as well, would rather have the coal, but I am not bidding on that either. The previous auctions were just silly IMO. If they could figure out a way for people to sell ships to each other, I would go for that. Being a late comer to the game, there are certain ships I would like to have, but will probably never have access to them.
  12. Retired Navy here. Spent 13 years on active duty. Got out in '92 under Billy Clinton's "let's cut the military down". Retired from inactive reserves in 1998. Served on a destroyer, a guided missile destroyer, and a guided missile cruiser. Went in straight out of high school in 1977. Was schooled by a bunch of Vietnam Vets and really learned the "ropes". Black, white, Asian, Hispanic or otherwise, some of the best people I've ever met in my life. Loved every minute of it, but wouldn't want to do it again.
  13. bfree_gmm1

    Halsey BB Build

    For one, I would drop the Iowa. Train him for one tech tree ship and play him in premiums everywhere else. You would have to retrain him every time you sent him back and forth to the Iowa.
  14. bfree_gmm1

    i think im a germany main now

    I have been a German Main since the start. The one thing I did different with the FDG is not upgrade the guns. Didn't want to add 3 seconds to my reload time. The two ships I wanted the most were the Bismarck and the North Carolina. Then I found Tirpitz followed by Pommern. Have over 300 battles in Tirpitz using her to grind Yamamoto and Halsey in co-op.
  15. bfree_gmm1

    Which T8 premium to buy today (Sept 2021)?

    Tirpitz for me, hands down. Think Mass with torps. Hopefully you can get one next month when they release the new "Black Ships" I have both the Bismarck and the Tirpitz, but being a brawler, I like having those torps in my back pocket.