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    Black nerf

    So guys, think of the sad Black's story the next time you are going to: 1) Buy a ship with real money or 2) Get a ship with coal/steel/RP (i.e. paying with hundreds of hours of your life, which nobody will give you back).
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    I do not see Agincourt in the Armory. When is she expected to come for doubloons?
  4. Alessio_Comneno

    ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills

    The removal of Dead Eye is generally good but: 1) Swift in Silence, the skill which should replace DE, is very situational and absolutely is not 4 points worth. I think 1% people will choose this new skill. 2) While DE was not needed in BBs which are already very accurate (Yamato, Thunderer...) and encouraged to camp even more than in the past, DE was the only redeeming factor of all Italian BBs. I tried them from Tier IV to tier IX and found their performance acceptable, or average, but only because DE moderates the downsides of poor base accuracy, low sigma (1.6) and long reload time. I think that when DE is gone Italian BBs are going to be forgotten by majority of the player base, so a solution is needed (improving accuracy at least to German level? increasing sigma? introducing a Dead Eye consumable?). Grease the Gears is objectively a badly designed skill, since ships take max. advantage of it when they have already a good traverse speed. I am surprised that it was not fixed. Fearless brawler is now a good choice for DDs. Last note: I stopped playing Flint after the range nerf following the skill rework. 11.1 Km range in Tier IX battles (i.e. 70% of the battles) is simply ridicolous. Is there any possibility to redeem this ship, which was bought by hard earned steel?
  5. Alessio_Comneno

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    Hello Miss Mouse, thank you for this great (as usual) review. I tried the Oklahoma and my first battles were not so bad. In my opinion, the worst flaw is the lot of damage you take from eveywhere, even when angled. As to the main battery, it is true that it makes poor damage at long distance, especially when your target is a German BB. But I could obtain pretty good damage firing at US BBs for example. Then those AP are absolutely morderous when you fire at cruisers or CVs. Maybe in these 4 battles I was benedicted by RNG, but I have the feeling that the main battery is quite accurate, more than I thought. I got a precision of 34%, while in other Tier V BBs (Giulio Cesare, Texas, Viribus Unitis, October) I don't exceed 31%. With Texas I have only 27%. Did you have somewhat similar impressions?
  6. Alessio_Comneno

    Premium Ship Review: Paolo Emilio

    Many thanks for this great review Miss Mouse. I think Paolo Emilio is an interesting ship, since it introduces a new type of ship, a hybrid between a cruiser and a destroyer with a new challenging gameplay. Unfortunately the grind is much much heavy...but I think I will do it.