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  1. AzlinRex

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    Really like the changes except for 1 problem. If you’re going to penalize me for in adverting hitting another ship with a torpedo that he cannot see, therefor avoid, is not very fair. Honestly, at times its very difficult currently to not hit friendlies with torps without their help by NOT turning into my wall of torps. This is after a warning in chat. Please either turn friendly torp icons back on, and/or remove torps from friendly fire penalty. Trust me the times I fire the perfect salvo into a gap and someone on my team drives in DIES and stops me from getting 3-5 torp hits with a kill is enough penalty. In summary, PLEASE either remove torps from friendly fire penalty or show friendly torps on screen. Playing devils advocate again I can see DD’s fighting for a kill in Randoms running in front of one another causing team kill penalties just to grief each other and score shots.
  2. AzlinRex

    New World of Warships Trailer

    Really enjoyed that. Shows how much work/information goes into every single aspect/action of the game. Probably more information than most players know, but it's an awesome nerd out!!!