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  1. There's no damage threshold, it says in the article that you must land 40 hits on one ally, or 50 hits on any allied ships. If you ask me that'd be kinda hard to manage.
  2. Aratris

    New stage of submarine testing

    Surcouf would like to disagree with you.
  3. Does anyone actually buy the *Special Bundles* ? Its literally twice the cost of the normal ship, and all you get are some signals, camos, some credits and a 10 point commander. You can get more from the premium shop for cheaper. Not worth it IMO.
  4. Aratris

    The new test of submarines

    I've only played against them so far, but they seem kinda underpowered tbh. Was playing in the Q.E. and got hit by a cachalots torps twice for 8 in total, but managed to survive. The Sub surfaced like 4km away to try and finish me off with his deck gun, right where I was waiting. He wasn't even done surfacing before he was dead from just a few shells. Playing as a DD was fun to. I picked the gnevny, and it was lots of fun. Started out the battle with nuking another DD when the sub was spotted about 5km away. He dived as I started speeding over there. By the time I was 2km from where he was last spotted, I had a feeling that he would be around there, so I popped my depth charges. 4 hits later and he was dead. Didn't even spot him but he died. The only sad bit was that the Depth Charges didn't make a big explosion. Really hope they change that. Please, Art Department, I'm Begging You! On the side note, when do you think they'll add the Surcouf?
  5. Aratris

    New stage of submarine testing

    I actually like the new Subs. Playing against them, that is. Their torps are so weak its laughable. I was in the Queen Elizabeth when I got torped by a Cachalot I think it was. I had no way t avoid them, but the torps were crap and did very little. 2 minutes later, after I pushed and took a cap the sub got spotted ~2-3km away. He torped me again, got me down to about 2k, when he surfaced, probably to try and finish me off with his deck gun. In 1 shot from my 2 front turrets it nuked him from full health to nothing. Laughable. DDs are also pretty good. I was playing in the Gnevny, had a kill and some good damage when a sub was spotted about 5km away, then dived immediately. I sped over there with my Russian Speed™ to depth charge the hell out of him. By the time I got there he had dived below detection range and I couldn't spot him, but I made my best guess and popped off the depth charges. 4 hits later and he was dead. My only gripe is that it wasn't a bigger explosion. Some giant spurts of water from the hits would have been nice.
  6. Aratris

    0.10.5 Release date

    I spent my coupon on the Atago, which I really wanted at the time, and enjoy immensely. I spent my coupon before they even announced the ships being removed. And I will admit, I doubt I would have bought any if they weren't being removed, but I've read the reviews, did some research and video watching, and I actually want one the ships thats getting removed.
  7. Aratris

    0.10.5 Release date

    I hope your wrong, cause my coupon gets refreshed on the 17th. Typical wargaming to get people to spend more money.
  8. Aratris

    5 Days of Premium Ship Giveaways

    The only times I've used the 3 was for the giveaways last year. I just did the screenshots, wrote the things, and was done with it. Haven't touched it since. Hope I remember the passwords...
  9. Aratris

    5 Days of Premium Ship Giveaways

    If you already have the ships, then why would you try and compete? You would just be taking a free ship away from a player with none of them. And I'm pretty sure its stuff like post a screenshot of a battle where you did X on social media or smth. Like last year with the other giveaway.
  10. Aratris

    Whats your Destruction Ratio?

    Bruh its been 4 years.
  11. Maybe they could do it that you ship restoration is nothing, and no camos or signals are used?
  12. I don't think a Singular battle is really worth much, just play again. Or maybe don't get your internet lit on fire. You'll survive missing out on 1 battle I think.
  13. I think if that happens they would be a bit more preoccupied with the house on fire next door, not about the video game they're playing.
  14. I'm in 1k+ and still no [edited]clue what I'm doing lol