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  1. Zoom step notes (Game Default maximum 12X) : {A1/B1}:12>8>5>2>1 {A2/B2}:12>8>5>2>1 {A3/B3}:16>12>9>6>3.5>1 {A4/B4}:16>12>9>6>3.5>1 {A5/B5}:20>12>9>6>3.5>1 This is NOT clear. I could spend hours trying to decode what each step means, but I am sure that someone has pictures showing what each number and the sequence represent when looking at ONE target. What is A1 or B1 What is B2? how is it difference from B1? What about A2? Does it change in the same way? What is the difference between A and B? What is 1? What is 12? What is 20?
  2. I have a question regarding the container type selecting. When selecting the types of camos which are granted as part of dailies, we now get to select from 5 types. 1. More Economic Rewards. (like what? what are drop rates? are there zero camos? are there only the various temporary currencies?) 2. More signals (Only signals, what are drop rates? are there 0 coins, and 0 coal?) 3-5 same questions Thanks
  3. Lantenac

    clan logo

    How does one go about adding clan logos? Is see all the big clans have clan logos when I load in to the game. I have a logo for my clan. How do I get this added to the mods, just like them?
  4. Lantenac


    I can do these things, and programmers at WG can also modify subs, such as to obtain full detect at each ping. You can also address the 15 other points made in my argument. Lots of things can be done.
  5. The recent patch work does little to make subs pay any more of a real price. Yes there is a semi visible temporary bubbling there over yonder in the distance IF YOU HAPPEN TO BE LOOKING IN THAT GD direction; btw there are at least 8 other directions when you are playing. On a ship, we are currently held to scan 360 degrees and over the range of 10+ km to see where this 5 second bubbling is, all while our guns move off of a current target, all for the sake of the 10th ping. OUR SLOW MOVING TURRETS must turn while we care to aim the ASW. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Subs are very often played by men with very little game experience. So using current stats does little to tell us how "adequate" the current balancing of subs really is' any player with skill can and does easily abuse the mechanics of the largely mostly quasi-fully invisible pinging of a sub. Just watch IVAN IVANOVSKY on twitch Dont give me anecdotes. Any game unit which can fully isolate and eliminate another with a volley of torps and a click of a button deserves to be fully located. Hell if DM can radar a ship from the cover of an island, it cannot shoot without taking serious precautions (ie forethought) to avoid deletion. Dont start using stats either. This is not a statistical question. This is a fundamental game play equity question. You don<t solve moral questions (ie right and wrong) with stats This invisible pinging and homing mechanic combo is currently DEAD wrong.
  6. Lantenac

    Rogue Wave + Benham

    Can someone please point out the written odds of getting a Benham? Where can we read this word for word? All of these rumours drive me insane.
  7. This replay thread seems to be outdated. When I attempt to review a saved replay (double clicking the Replay File), the game starts up, and there is no replay. Has anyone resolved this?
  8. If you are in Brawl, one v one, does the Outnumbered skill activate. The skill states that the number of Red must be greater than the number of allies. In Brawl, the number of Allies = 0. The number of Red= 1. What exactly is the mechanic trigger?
  9. Lantenac

    Viewing and Saving Replays

    Here is a cumbersome and trying question for all of you: What about Mac Users. The option does not exist. Furthermore, the preferences.xml file does not have the string of text which is highlighted in the video above. Does anyone out there play this game on a Mac, and have access to their own replays? Thanks
  10. Lantenac

    Modstation for Mac?

    It seems to me that mod packs inclue Modstation mods, and that I would like the Modstation mods and that World of Warships takes care of these. I will use BootCamp, how much memory should i divvy up for the game? I have also sent a note to Aslan, and am waiting to see what that produces.
  11. Lantenac

    Modstation for Mac?

    Yessir. Wine doesnt seem to work. At the very least, there is no reaction to executing the exe file. It just keep asking if "i want to change the prefix". Sounds Kafkaesque. Also, no drop down menu appears on Wine, as per ASlane's instructions...
  12. Lantenac

    Modstation for Mac?

    I tried the latest Aslain. No luck. It uses wine. I will try Boot Camp and see... but I don't see anyone anywhere suggesting this approach.
  13. Lantenac

    Modstation for Mac?

    Hello, I am a Newbie, but... When are modpacks going to work on Mac? Why allow Mods at all? Do I really have to buy another computer to find some way to level the playing field?