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  1. Henut

    Finally saw the mythical Max Immilman.

    Is going to be in the armory for coal in the next update, so I guess we'll see a lot of them
  2. Last time i bought something online from a german store I had to send a pic of me holding my id and only was a 60 days sub code for swtor. I was surprise how bend to prove I was 18+ the store were.
  3. Henut

    grinding a line...

    Dunno if someone mention it but get the first daily mission on the ship you're grinding, the extra xp helps a lot. I usually play my tech tree ship naked and the tier 8 ones in a regular match are around -/+ 10k credits with premium time. The most efficient way to make money I found is to play tier 8+ premiums. I usually end with 100/150k per match, which is not much but at the end of the day end up to be around 1.5 mill or more for me.
  4. Henut

    NA to EU account change

    I'm not sure but when the single game client was launched didn't have the option to select the server to connect or you still need to have an account on each server https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-guides/single-game-client/
  5. Henut


    I tried on my Lenin, and was useful on two shots, one at the begining to shoot a bow in ca and in the end when the only ship left was the cv. Pretty useless though I must say I killed the cv from max range with one volley, it was full healt and of course, broadside.
  6. Henut

    Premium shop question

    thank you, i was trying to figure out the current month. I didn't find any way to see that in the game website but i could see it in the credit card company.
  7. I just want to know if there's a way to see the history of my purchases in the premium shop. thanks
  8. Maybe wasn't updated yet when you check
  9. Err you can buy the previous years' ships at a discount in the armory for doublons, they're cheaper than the normal version