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  1. Henut

    Black Friday means SALE...

    There was a discount on tech tree ship on the first weekend though, if memory doesn't fail me.
  2. Henut

    Cv help

    Thank you all for the advice. Yup I learnt the hard way that Saipan is hard to play, I'll do the mission on Kaga an GZ and then I'll go back to get more practice in the lower tiers cv.
  3. Henut

    Cv help

    I'm watching Ahskance series, it's well explained. I think of the 3 choices I started with the hardest one. Well all help to practice I guess
  4. Henut

    Cv help

    thanks, I'll do
  5. Henut

    Cv help

    I got the 3 cv from black friday from crates and before this I only had the 4 tech tree plus the 2 russian early acces. And I totalized less than 30 battles in all of them convined in coop. Practicaly not experience at all. So yesterday I took the Saipan in coop to get the 7 kills ... and it took me 22 painful matches to get it. The aiming is not that hard, I'll get better with time and practice, but I really strugle with tier 9 and 10 AA. Can someone point me to a good video or tutorial that explain the AA and Flack mechanincs and how to mitigate it? Thank in advance
  6. Henut

    2021 Snowflake Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I know but there's usullay a phase or two that gives coal
  7. Henut

    2021 Snowflake Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    For free, none outside of the usual ways. Right now you have the superbattleship event that gives some free coal if you have t10 to do the missions or you can buy some on the german early acces event with german tokens. After that the only way left is to get more t5+ ships and do flakes. Also you can probably get some more in the next dockyard event too
  8. Henut

    Did Operations difficulty increase?

    I didn't notice anything different so far. Haven't touch this op in more than a year and with the reset I decided to give it another go. In the first night tried 4 times, the 3 first atempts ended with 3 stars victories, in the last one I died earlier and was a defeat. Last night tried twice, first try with random team I die after the second wave. Went quick to port and queue again. Second try was with a 6 div clan, they claim it was their first time there, dunno if it was true but we ended with a 5 star win and only 2 lost ship on our side. When I went back to port I found the previous team also got a 5 star win with only 2/3 lost ships. By the way all those tries were on ca, tonight I'll try on dd's. I must say I didn't remember having much fun in this op but last couple of night were fun, even in my bad matches
  9. Henut

    What are your funnest ships to play

    ususally is georgia, atlanta and groningen/marceau. I thought carnot with her long reload would be terrible for coop
  10. Henut

    Is is feasible to grind the FdG in Coop?

    I have a question, wouldn't be more efficient, if you're going to use economic and special signals, to use them in ops to farm free xp and money and then use that free xp on the research of the tech tree ship?
  11. Henut

    Sub Hatred

    Well all surface ships are in a 2d level which makes it easier to shoot ordinance there, you calculate direction, distance and you're good to go. Cv's are on a different plane though and wg fix it puting a reticle on the planes showing were the ordinance will hit the surface. On the other hand subs are in a 3d plane were you also need to calculate the angle of your ordinance, making it very difficult to do it. To fix this wg when the lazy way of homing torps were you only spam pings till you hit your target and you're good to go. Instead, in my opinion, would have been a lot better if they used something like the cv reticle to show the sub when the torps will reach surface level and from there you can point the direction of the torps, making it more skill based. But instead we got this dumb mechanic.
  12. In the first week I got 33 of 34 challenges in coop, this week I also got 33 of 34, still time to get the last one but I don't care much about it. In the first week I got the 600 bxp in tier 8-10, but this week I struggled at those tiers so I switched to tier 6 and boila succes again. What I notice from the past two weeks is that getting 600 bxp is very mm dependant, regardles of the numbers of human player in your team. In the first week, in higher tiers, I got a lot of matches were I was undertiered in tier 8 and 9 or full tier 10 on those ships. This week was the opposite, didn't matter which tier 8-10 tried I was always top tier with the rest of the ships 1 or 2 tiers lowers. Breaking the 500bxp on those matches was almost impossible so I switched to tier 6 and I was succesful again due to be the bottom tier on most matches. What I'm trying to say is while is not easy is not imposible to get the 600bxp in coop and if you don't enjoy randoms you can try in ships that you no longer play much, I was surprised with all the fun I had in my Nurmberg and Glasionnere trying the challenges. Btw in the only bb I got the 600bxp so far is in Georgia
  13. Of the bb's I tried Venetto is the only one who can delete transports with one full salvo, SAP is nasty. You only need to get close enough to make the crap dispersion irrelevant.
  14. Henut

    Five Epochs campaign: low tier co-op earnings are rough

    If i remember correctly tier 1 is pretty good for credit farming for starting players, around 80-100k per match but you need to endure playing at that tier
  15. Henut

    Anyone playing the Convoy mode?

    I tried yesterday, it was fun. Good to do bb snow flakes and the xp is good, not as good as randoms but better than coop. I'll probably grind some tier 8 there too. The only problem I found is that is easy to ambush the convoy ships at the end of the route. Once players figure it out it's going to be very hard to defend.