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  1. SpaceNerd330

    Waiter, there's a ___ in my soup!

    He's just here to make sure that you don't spend any more money on overpriced premiums. Hey, waiter, there's a 42% WR player in my soup!
  2. SpaceNerd330

    Who have you seen in game

    I saw LittleWhiteMouse in a training room, stopped in to say hi
  3. SpaceNerd330

    300% off coupon?

    What about the Prinz Eugen?
  4. SpaceNerd330

    300% off coupon?

    What ship should I get under $50?
  5. SpaceNerd330

    300% off coupon?

    yeah, sadly it is randomly selected and they decided to give it to a noob with no ships over tier VI
  6. SpaceNerd330

    300% off coupon?

    Okay, thanks
  7. SpaceNerd330

    300% off coupon?

    Never mind, it says coupons will be suspended for 60 minutes after a purchase, intentional or not.
  8. SpaceNerd330

    300% off coupon?

  9. SpaceNerd330

    300% off coupon?

    I was credited a 300% off single item coupon, tried to buy the USS Georgia, and then thought I'd redeem it some other time. When I looked back, there was no longer a coupon. Can someone please credit it to my account? Also, can I purchase it without a credit card attached to my account? If not, can you just credit the Georgia and doubloons to my account?
  10. I know, maybe release it with some minor AA buffs to represent end-of-war configuration as the USS Croatoan or such?
  11. SpaceNerd330

    New Code - Youtube 500k

    What does it do?
  12. Maybe the Bogue at T5? They already have a model of it from Raptor Rescue.
  13. What about 4 T10 BBs and 2 T8-10 cvs versus it on an ice map?