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  1. With the addition of the German battlecruisers (Schlieffen's line), French battlecruisers (Marseille's line), and the upcoming British battlecruiser line, I started wondering what other battlecruiser lines could/might be introduced. And, seeing as I'm currently grinding through Amagi, I realized a Japanese battlecruiser line split could work very well. For one, (besides the upcoming Japanese light cruiser split) we haven't gotten an update to the Japanese tech tree in awhile, and there are already some battlecruisers in the standard Japanese battleship line (i.e. Kongo and Amagi) that could be moved over to a battlecruiser line split. If they were to make a battlecruiser split for the Japanese, what other battlecruisers (or battlecruiser projects/designs) do you see being used in said line? Do you think Kongo and Amagi would stay at their current tiers (i.e. many US cruisers changed tiers during the addition of the US light cruisers, such as, Cleveland and Baltimore)? What battleships (or battleship projects/designs) do you think would replace Kongo and Amagi in the standard battleship line?
  2. I know this has probably been discussed thousands of times, but I thought I'd ask it again to get answers based off the current iteration of the game. Seeing as most tech tree USN ships don't have a gimmick (or at least major ones) and Gearing's line is a hybrid line (at least at the higher tiers) what would a second USN DD line do? With all the gunboat lines we have, I'd imagine it'd be a torp boat line. I'm not an expert at all, but I'm pretty sure there are a lot more real life USN DD classes not in WoWs that could be used for a second line as well. But what do you guys think? Edit: An idea I just thought of was another hybrid line similar to Gearing's but instead of getting smoke, they get both hydro and radar. Again similar to the current USN dd's in that they have fairly good guns, and above average torps. This would be similar to other USN ships in that they would be good team ships due to their utility.
  3. _Skirata_

    Oldest premium ships

    I'm curious as to which premium ships have been in the game the longest and seeing as I have found no list elsewhere, I thought to ask you guys.
  4. My clan is going to start separating our players into A team and B team. A team is our primary squad of course that will be playing in Alpha league. Our B team will be playing in Bravo league. Will our B team still get steel from wins in Bravo league?
  5. _Skirata_

    Fletcher class destroyers

    What would O'Bannon's gimmick(s) be?
  6. _Skirata_

    Fletcher class destroyers

    That's why I said "imo (in my opinion)." I like the Fletcher class and would not mind seeing more in the game.
  7. _Skirata_

    Fletcher class destroyers

    Yeah, Kidd is currently my favorite ship in-game...such a blast to play.
  8. _Skirata_

    Fletcher class destroyers

    Knocking it down to T8 probably wouldn't be a bad idea.
  9. _Skirata_

    Fletcher class destroyers

    Yeah, I think drop fighter concept would work better. And yes, it would definitely need another gimmick, since, you're giving up a turret and half your torps. Maybe another consumable or just give the remaining torp launcher Gearing torps. Or maybe keep the Fletcher torps but give them 60-70 sec reload. Idk, there's a lot of possibilities, but I think this could be an interesting premium.
  10. _Skirata_

    Fletcher class destroyers

    Yeah, I was thinking about that problem as well; however, I think I have an idea. Now I'm not a fan of carriers, but what if the spotter plane had a bigger hp pool, and the player controls it. It would just be a single plane that the player controls but does no damage of its own and has an hp pool just big enough to spot something briefly before it gets shot down. It would act like Kearsarge, Ise, and Tone in that the plane has a fairly long cool down time (maybe 60-90 secs since it doesn't do damage).
  11. _Skirata_

    Fletcher class destroyers

    More Fletchers is never a bad idea...imo
  12. _Skirata_

    Fletcher class destroyers

    I would really like to see Johnston as well. I mean she's probably one of the most famous Fletchers--she deserves to be in-game. I also really like your ideas for her consumables/gimmicks; I think they fit her quite nicely. Although, she might need another gimmick to make her enticing enough.
  13. I am a big fan of the Fletcher class destroyers both in real life and in game. So far, there are 4 (that I know of) Fletchers in game right now (Fletcher, Kidd, Black, and Chung Mu). What are some other Fletcher class dd's that you'd like to see in game? What are some gimmicks/abilities you would like to see implemented on a Fletcher class dd hull (I know there was one that had an aircraft catapult)? Edit: So far the two most popular seem to be-- USS Johnston--T10 dd with heal (superheal?), French dd hull saturation mechanics, and increased hp pool from Fletcher; otherwise stats unchanged from T9 Fletcher USS Pringles--T8 dd with one less turret and torp launcher in exchange for an aircraft catapult that allows the player to pick a spot on the map (within a certain range ofc) and drop a spotter plane; otherwise stats unchanged from T9 Fletcher
  14. I recently reset my Hindenburg line for the x2 bonus. I know the next x2 bonus starts tomorrow; however, I have not finished regrinding the Hindenburg line. Will I still have the x2 bonus on my Hindy line once the new x2 bonus comes out tomorrow?
  15. My clan recently made it to Storm league for the first time; however, once we got in, we had a bad string of losses and got knocked back down to the struggle to stay in Storm. We don't wanna lose our Storm ranking so we are thinking of playing until we get two losses (hopefully that doesn't happen and we just make it out of the struggle, but if...). If we stay in the struggle will we still keep our Storm ranking when the season ends? Thanks for the help.