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  1. RumRunner_Jobu

    Did You Even Test the Up-Tiered Scenarios?

    I don't think wg tested the Operations changes. 1. The three mixed tier really unbalances the scenarios, and the tier 6 and tier 7 ships suffer (not counting OP ships of course). 2. Lots of the scenarios just overpower the allied force, even if they play smartly (instead of charging in or other crazy things). 3. AA fire seems to be 3-4 times normal, so all aircraft die quickly like German aircraft in the normal Co-OP and Random modes. This pretty much renders the Cariers to scouting (no experience for! But helps the team) and cleanup if single ships are isolated and their AA is diminished by at least half. The Russian carriers at least have long range torps and skip bombers, but the other carriers are not so lucky.... 4.One of the Missions, I can't think of its name, but the team lost in the first 2 minutes as the objective ship was taken out. It was one of the newer scenarios brought back where you're escorting a ship... A cruiser of BB I think. I couldn't find it in the replay's. Anyway, It's total unbalanced. Instead of doing the randoms and mixed tiers, just make scenarios balanced for a tier and present that per week (up to tier 8 instead of just some for tier 6 and one for tier 7). Test the scenarios with various groups like your QA should be doing. Anyway, even though it was a good idea / change for operation, there just is no balance. Might as well add subs into them to make the mess complete. Oh, fix the aircraft in the game also. The only ones that should go POOF when first hit, would be the Japanese ones due to light construction. American would be the best armored. Germans the best reliable. British are kind of a mix. Russian aircraft...well they fly but are slow and unreliable. All are wg and their non historical interpretations though...shame.
  2. RumRunner_Jobu

    Tier10 Max IMMELMANN bad planes

    We'll I managed to have one good game in co-op. The broken bots die so quick, especially with the super ships on the map. This one had bot BB's that lasted longer so I got some better hits in. Yeah, the planes just get torn through so easily. Do the other tier10 carriers have the same issue? I saw one had jets, so likely those just buzz through the flack / AA (until missiles or CIWS of course) Well hopefully this link works. The final screens really didn't work. I had to remember where to post. 91,106 damage. 29 torp hits, 4 floods, 2 bomb hits (out of 8 released). I don't think there was a lot of room for skip bombing, so I went for torps, even if firing straight on. 29 torp hits out of 35 launched isn't bad. Aircraft lost was only 35. max Immelmann co-op - WoWS Replays (replayswows.com) I watched another video by Trenlass (4/14/21). (OP) Skip bombing was what he focused on when this ship first came out. Not a lot of help, but he was doing the plane saving trick when he launched a flight.
  3. RumRunner_Jobu

    Tier10 Max IMMELMANN bad planes

    I didn't say terrible ship. It's that the planes are tinfoil. Attacking a lone BB or non AA CU with a full squad, you take losses once you get hit by the first AA / Flak puffs. You attack with your best 4 and by the time of the drop, those 4 are likely dead and the rest are all destroyed or damaged badly.....It seemed to really stand out as being bad. I'll see if I can dig up one of the matches. I play it in co-op and we all know how broken the bots are (ever since subs , 12+ updates ago). Mechanical skill is fine. Target selection in co-op is always a challenge. The bots are really dumb now, so either get stuck on rocks or give broadside, so get picked off really quick. Attacking the ships outside range of the others is kind of the norm / basic. Flak control. I assume you mean dodging around the AA fire and not flying a straight course when in range of it. I find the mountains / landscape useful sometimes, but even then the AA fire seems to come right through the mountain / land. I'll see tonight if I have time. getting video's to wg has been fun in the past.
  4. RumRunner_Jobu

    Tier10 Max IMMELMANN bad planes

    Well first Tier 10 carrier. Played the Tier 6 and done well. Went through the videos online and the setups are close to what Ahskance has in his video. Anyone have a video on a comparison of all the tier 10 carriers? Maybe tier 6 and 8's? That might be better than the two posting from the peanut galley InvoluntarySoul and black_hull4 It really seems the ship was thrown out into the fray. Anyway, I only have a 10pt captain on it, so went with the 9 point captain build for now (just needed to change 1 skill back to a 3 pointer), so will see if any difference. You would think the Germans would be better in the torpedo area rather than skip bombing, given their use of torpedo's in WW2. I thought skip bombing was a British thing. In the game the T6 russian carrier has it though.
  5. Anyone have any success with this carrier? It's a carrier bought for coal. But Its planes get absolutely slaughtered on attacks in tier 8-tier 10 games, even avoiding dense AA clustered ships and going after the stragglers. There is a squadron heal, but that's rather pathetic. plane speed and hit points look fine on the stats. Armor, damage reduction, captain skills......I tried changing them around, but nothing seems to work. Is it just another case of wg throwing in a fantasy ship and planes and adding the good old russian bias they have? Is the carrier supposed to be a secondary build and charge into the fray as a brawler? Sure, the squadrons are large, and you can do the trick of attacking twice to save the squadron numbers and go suicide attack with just 4 planes, which may not make it through the AA to even get a shot off. Not sure why wg cannot do anything decent except the graphics. Waiting for them to add gold AP rounds and nerf HE, so it's more like the messed up WOT game. Maybe add MTB's and PT boats to give it the face paces (wheeled) aspect like in wot.They put in subs and look how messed up those are. No subs back in WW2 could go as fast as a DD or cruiser on the surface. They were dead slow underwater also. Also, the ping mechanic is pretty bad. What's next, magnetic torps? Not sure why anyone would spend $ on a game so questionable like this. No good software company would pull this sort of stuff and stay in business.
  6. Now support indicates I claimed stages 1-5 on 12/9 instead of 1-3 on 12/9, so a moving target. I claimed 4-11 on 12/17 and they showed up in the notification tab on the bottom right of the screen where your rewards and Costs of ammo and repairs show. I should have screen captured it. I had several containers, but new ones appear on top of saved ones. IT never appeared. The premium day activated though. The dreadnought came in....Just the box part bit the bucket. Anyway, support can't get it's act together and is a true credibility gap. Truly incredible in the sense of the book "The ropes to know and the ropes to skip" for reference. Just hope everyone else has a better experience and not spending $ on this slot machine of a game.
  7. I ended up missing a box when I claimed dockyard stage 4-11 rewards. It showed up in the notifications yet not in the containers section. Note I already had several of the special ones I was saving for a day where I can use the premium time. I claimed the 4-11 stages on 12/12/2021 around 5pm pacific. So I filed a ticket indicating what happened. I claimed rewards 4-11 at the same time. It skipped 4 which is a Santa's gift container. The other rewards all came in and or activated. I didn't see it even mentioned in the notifications to the screen. stages 1-3 were blue and 4-11 were gold. Stages 12 and one were white, so the system knew I had reached it but not claimed it. They also showed the checkmark and said obtained, but nothing received for stage 4 And supports response from some Time warped universe...note the dates in the response! Hello, Commander. Thank you for contacting customer service. I appreciate time and effort that you spent on creating ticket regarding this matter. As for this, I'd like to note that I double-checked this case but didn't find out any issues. Based on our data, you have successfully received the mentioned container on December 9 at 21:14 PT. Furthermore, you have successfully opened it on that day at 22:07 PT and received x50 signal flags Equal Speed Charlie London. Should you have any other issues, please don't hesitate to contact us. Best regards, XXXX So I filed a note in the ticket about their research and dates used. Anyone else run into game issues OR support issues like this? Has anyone x that spent $ on this game run into the issue? Maybe claiming 8 stages of rewards are too much for the system. I would have expected Support to at least check the right dates in the database as part of their research. Not give an absolutely wrong answer. Oh well, it's wg so as expected. Just something to watch out for if anyone is doing the dockyard rewards.