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  1. SeaCat_

    Become comfortable with the meta

    Thanks Dr. Darkshadow86 that really helped
  2. SeaCat_


    Yep.......I was in a match today running a cruise missile on my cruiser ...... Dev struck myself at launch .......... needs work.
  3. To much of this for me Cons: Flight deck does not saturate, allowing for consistent damage for the enemy. Sluggish rudder shift time and large turning circle. Attack aircraft are more of a secondary focus, due to their slow aiming time. Has neither the Catapult Fighters of many large surface ships, nor the CAP Fighters of aircraft carriers. Large, ungainly profile makes her an easy target to hit
  4. SeaCat_

    WG Balans Department

    Not sure what you were expecting from people who don't play the game much. 2000 HP doesn't seem that significant in the Zao's case I agree. It was stripped of 10k at one time and should get it back now or at the very least start with 5k min.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if a Georgia B shows up soon......
  6. SeaCat_

    Sub torpedo homing is ridiculous!

    Just checking to see if this is wrong that's all ..... Someone so vocal on the attributes of subs should have been playing in the last 30 day's I would think.
  7. SeaCat_

    My next coal ship

    Dude ....it's not that far....hold on for a little longer and it may pay off for something better. If it doesn't pull the trigger on Marceau or Napoli. It's not like you need them to play the game till' then. You just have coal burning a hole in your pocket
  8. SeaCat_

    CVs good Subs bad?

    Totally down with the "WE" here Not down with the "WE" here
  9. SeaCat_

    CVs good Subs bad?