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  1. rallybackmonkey

    New Brawl Is Stupid

    Been playing around with my Anshan. Doing surprisingly well considering how little I play DDs, and you cycle through games so quickly it’s not funny. Never have to wait more than 10 seconds for a game. Still miss my Atlanta from last brawl though, the extended turret traverse time has kicked my butt a couple times this go around cause I got used to 5 second 180s.
  2. rallybackmonkey

    Graf Spee in T6 3x3 Brawls - thoughts

    Two Brothers Epicenter is hands down the most skewed for CVs, not only does the enemy basically have to contest the bottleneck or lose the inner cap circle, but the mountains block long range AA (what there is at T6) and the narrow channel means ships have limited ability to dodge.
  3. rallybackmonkey

    Open World mode for WoWS

    That actually sounds workable, a 2-3 tier spread with higher tiers requiring a certain number of games played in lower tiers each time, much like the Grand Battles system (hopefully not quite that many matches, but the idea is good). Honestly, this is supposed to be set historically. As long as the country controlled the port in question at that historical moment in time, I don’t understand why there would be an issue. In the 1910s, the Philippines were held by the US, Java was Dutch, the British controlled Hong Kong and Singapore, the French occupied Vietnam. Heck, most of that map would work even in a post WW1 setting. It shouldn’t be an endorsement of Colonialism to acknowledge it existed in a given time period.
  4. rallybackmonkey

    Open World mode for WoWS

    I also wonder if you’d have to have a set Tier range, like 6-8 or 5-7 (or even just a single tier). Otherwise anyone not in a Tier 10 is asking to be run over by the first clan division that wanders by.
  5. rallybackmonkey

    PSA: More Community Tokens Free

    Thanks Admiral!
  6. I suspect they also aren’t terribly popular because below tier V doesn’t count for most missions. For those with limited playing time, that makes them almost worthless. I would love to take my Ichizuchi and Charleston out more, but unless I’m divisioning with someone grinding a line or trying to finish 5 Epochs of the Navy, there just isn’t much point.
  7. rallybackmonkey

    How It Works: Economics – Credits and XP Modifiers

    Working as of now, but the link was broken earlier.
  8. In the same situation tonight, finally got the 20000 bxp but went 2-7 doing it. I swear if the game knows there’s a goal with a time limit you’re trying to complete (kills, achievements, base XP, etc) it actively makes that goal harder. (Yes I know it probably doesn’t, but boy it feels that way...)
  9. rallybackmonkey

    (PVE) Has bot aiming deteriorated with the new patch?

    I do have to say it seems like since the most recent patch bot dispersion has been junk. I’ve watched them fire at DDs in front of my Pommern and come nowhere close. High tier play is usually a ROFLstomp for the players, but based on my experience it seems to have gotten worse.
  10. rallybackmonkey

    Lutjens or Napoli

    I’d think about getting Lutjens, as there’s a German Battlecruiser line coming in the not so distant future you can use to level him up. On the other hand, that’s like 3-4 months away, you could probably build up enough coal again to buy him before they come out. So I guess for me it’s whether you can build up enough to get him in the intervening time, depends on how much you play. I know he’s next on my list after Yoshino.
  11. I get it fairly regularly in the resources containers. Also 400 coal and two 500 XP’s are pretty common too.
  12. rallybackmonkey

    Any Coal Ships worth it?

    I’ve had a blast in Pommern, yes the play in Randoms is uneven depending on the map and what your opponents are doing, yes you can get into trouble being too aggressive (or even slightly aggressive when uptiered) but you’ll rarely have more fun. Also she plays great in coop and she did very well in the Grand Battles mode. I certainly haven’t been disappointed.
  13. rallybackmonkey

    Graf Spee in T6 3x3 Brawls - thoughts

    If you’re doing Tier 6 Cruisers, my choice would either be Graf Spee or Perth, depending on what you want to do. Graf Spee’s 5.5k hydro would be very strong in a brawl with no radar, but Perth gets crawling smoke and short range hydro.
  14. rallybackmonkey

    Another code

  15. rallybackmonkey

    Who have you seen in game

    Saw @Ahskance testing the Pobeda while his team wiped the floor with me and my team last night. :P