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  1. Man, all this Independence Day stuff looks great, would be awesome if I could get in on it…
  2. Man, it would be awesome if I could get in on this Musashi action…
  3. Hanging tight and hoping for positive news.
  4. rallybackmonkey

    Dallas or Pensacola?

    Dallas is flat out better, imo, and easier to play to boot. Pensacola is a literal cit magnet and everyone knows it, so you will be the first ship targeted by any BB. Also terrible turret traverse means unless you have yourself positioned carefully you can miss windows of opportunity to do damage. Des Moines is a very good ship, but these days plays more similar to a light cruiser anyway. Personally I got both, hated Pensacola, did well in Dallas, even as a new player, and went up the LC tree first.
  5. I’ll just say that I view this as a move in the right direction and I look forward to future information. I hope one day to be able to spend money on this game again.
  6. rallybackmonkey

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    Does any ship in the game use it’s guns historical hit rate? From what I know of historical naval battles, the engagement ranges and hit rates of every ship are far from what they should be, because that would be extremely boring. Many ships do use their historical reload times though (a famous example being Des Moines).
  7. rallybackmonkey

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    I mean, you’re not wrong, but Atlanta isn’t exactly overpowered to start with. She’s good and I personally love the ship and use her in brawls, ranked and coop, but that doesn’t mean she’s without serious weaknesses. That’s part of the reason to compare them, aside from being from the same class Atlanta is an example of a ship that isn’t overwhelming but still very fun to play. As the longest standing premium ship in the game (if memory serves) I feel like taking a nerf bat to Atlanta would be merely compounding the original problem with the San Diego. Also as a certified Atlanta lover I personally would be extremely aggrieved.
  8. rallybackmonkey

    San Diego's Initial Stats are a Flaming Turd

    As someone who loves their Atlanta dearly, I have to say the thought of No Radar + no Smoke + faces Tier X + 8.5 second base reload makes me extremely leery of this ship. I confess I haven’t played with SAP much, but having played against it, it doesn’t seem to offer that much of an advantage over HE and I’m not convinced I would ever live long enough to use the Mbrb more than once. Without radar, 9.2 concealment still isn’t enough to threaten most DDs and you have no way to break contact once you are spotted. You also don’t get a repair party, so you are stuck with the HP you have. Granted we haven’t seen the armor on San Diego, but I doubt it will do anything against the 15 and 16 in guns that are standard at tier 8. My suggestion would be to give it a US smoke generator as well and turn it into a Flint/Austin/Atlanta hybrid, which would give it unique gameplay. LWM’s suggestions would also be good. But as it is right now, you could drop this ship as it is from Tier VIII to Tier VII and I would still take Atlanta every time. For a ship that is supposedly a full tier better, that is the ultimate indictment.
  9. rallybackmonkey

    Balloon game mode makes everyone stupid

    I will say that a common mistake is staying at the starting point or getting too far away from the Zeppelins. Flanking is one thing, but like the OP, I’ve seen a lot of people stay at the far end of the map and try to snipe. I was in a game where we ended with a 7-3 numerical ship advantage but the other team had stayed with their Zep and no one had stayed with ours. The Red team won. On the second point, island hugging in something like Worcester can be very useful in this mode, but sometimes you have to come out and pick your spot to fight.
  10. I was trying to figure out if I should get this, but as I already have Perth and Rahmat, it sounds like I should just go with Canarias if I just want to pick up a ship with the free dolphin tokens.
  11. rallybackmonkey

    T7 Brawl Ships

    For DD’s, Haida or the German mainline DD (forget the name offhand). For Cruisers, Atlanta or Weimar. High DPM and fire rate wrecks the DDs, torps for the BBs, and both have good detection consumables. I liked Atlanta for the Radar, but YMMV. If you prefer heavy cruisers Indianapolis also does well, but no torps. For BBs, any German BB, Scharn, Gneisenau or Prinz Heinrich all do great. Otherwise Hyuga can be a bad matchup if the RNG is with those 14 guns. I divved with a Prinz Heinrich in my Atlanta and we went 8-0 with that combo.
  12. rallybackmonkey

    Best T8 premium for an intermediate player?

    If and when you get a chance next November, Massachusetts hands down. In the meantime I’ll also recommend Kii, her secondary build is somewhat short ranged but she makes a fun brawler.
  13. Wasn’t Atlantico’s big selling point/gimmick the AP only and improved ricochet angles and fuse delay? With that removed along with Hydro, I’m struggling to see any reason to get this ship.
  14. rallybackmonkey

    Asymmetric Battles Boooooring

    I think they really need to up the incentive to play Tier IX and X. As it stands when you have 4-6 humans in the Tier X team it can be a good game, but that’s sadly rare. Played 6 games at Tier X and won the only time I had a full player crew. 4 or 5 was close, the times it was just me or myself and 1 other guy we got stomped due to overwhelming numbers.