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  1. KusaPeko

    Ranked Season in 11.6 and 11.7?

    https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/ranked-battles-8/ 6v6 in tier 10 ships for all leagues, 6 sprints with each sprint being 2 weeks long, season begins when 11.6 drops this Wednesday for NA There appears to be no commemorative flag for reaching rank 1 in Bronze this season No information regarding star-saving so it might be the same (top 2 in Bronze, top in Silver, none in Gold) as the current season?
  2. KusaPeko

    Recurring missions in Common Tab?

    Those missions were from the recent YouTube cinemarathon. There were 4 different missions with each mission having 5 separate parts. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/marathon-with-gifts-head-over-keels-is-back/ The new mission from today is probably the first of 4 different missions with each mission also having 5 separate parts. It was mentioned in today's news article. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-01010/
  3. KusaPeko

    Did you complete Brawl?

    Started Wednesday, finished Saturday, got the 41 wins in 70 games as a solo Atlanta player Definitely enjoyed the 3v3 format, looking forward to the T6 version next week
  4. The answer is no If a new ship was going to be available tomorrow, it would have dropped in the ASIA server by now and there is currently no Napoli in the ASIA server armory My guess is Friday, July 30, since they usually release new ships on Fridays
  5. KusaPeko

    Anybody else staying in bronze on purpose?

    I debated whether to stay in Bronze or Silver this season since I like the multi-tier league concept so I was fine with either T6/T7 or T8/T9 ranked. I ended up staying in Silver because there is more potential credit income with Tier 9 premiums than Tier 7 premiums.
  6. KusaPeko

    ranked qualification is broken

    Sure, blame it on a conspiracy. It wasn't because you took your Alaska and parked it in the furthest spot possible from the A/B cap. Do you have radar? Yep. Do you have hydro? Yes sir. Only 1 DD on the enemy team? Fantastic! Let's take our ship and put ourselves far, far away from the caps where the sole enemy DD might be lurking. The Alaska doesn't have the tools to counter with a Kidd! And it totally had nothing to do with the fact that you started reversing back behind the island the moment you came under fire from secondary shells from the enemy FdG that was engaged in a 1v1 with your team's Jean Bart. We can't support our teammates, secondaries will wipe 60k HP in a matter of seconds! And it's not like Alaska can heal any of it back, right?
  7. KusaPeko


    Ise's addition was announced before the start of the third season of ranked battles Third season of ranked battles - Started May 19 Ise being added on June 4 - Announced on May 17 https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-0104-german-destroyers-part-2/#armory
  8. Qualification was a cursed seesaw for me as I went from 0 stars up to 4 stars back down to 0 stars back up to 4 stars back down to 1 star then finally all the way up to 5 stars. I needed 5 different attempts just to get that elusive 5th star. Glad I only had to spend the first sprint in Bronze League this season as I feel like at T6/T7, ships are more prone to detonations. It felt like half of my losses could have been avoided if 1 or 2 ships on my team just equipped a Juliet Charlie signal. I had a lot of fun last season in T8/T9 ranked so I plan on spending the rest of this season in Silver League.
  9. KusaPeko

    ZF-6 Nautical Flags

    The code is "ZF6ACTIONSTATIONS", gives 5 Black, White, Red camos
  10. I updated the original post with information posted on the dev blog just now
  11. Here is what was said on stream: "It's also impossible to deal damage to allies by ramming. But all types of armament will still hit allied ships. So it's not like the torpedoes will suddenly, you know like, dive underneath Crysantos when Conway launches them and hit the enemy, no, they will still connect with your hull. If you do hit your ally, there will still be a penalty and that is based on the number of hits on allied ships with any type of armament except for the secondaries." It sounds like ramming won't trigger the unsportsmanlike penalty at all since it is not a type of armament. So I don't think you can lose your XP and credits if someone rammed you.
  12. Sounds like full pink, the exact quote from Crysantos was "The player will not receive any credits or XP for battles in which they receive the warning for damaging allies" Yoshinos will have to move up from B line to launch their 20km torps if they don't want risk receiving reflected damage from allied ships eating their torps Secondaries damaging allied ships hasn't been a thing since mid-2016
  13. During today's KOTS stream, it was announced that team damage would be disabled in update 0.10.5 You will still receive unsportsmanlike conduct penalties (pink status) for hitting allied ships with main guns/torpedoes/rockets/bombs Will not be possible to incapacitate modules on allied ships Will not be possible to detonate allied ships Will not be possible to deal damage to allied ships by ramming Players will not receive any credits or XP in battles where they receive the warning for damaging allies Exact quote from Crysantos: "The player will not receive any credits or XP for battles in which they receive the warning for damaging allies" If someone keeps shelling/torpedoing/rocketing/bombing allied ships, they will receive reflected damage that increases with further hits Basically, the ship getting attacked won't receive any damage while the ship doing the attacking will only be damaging their own ship Big nerf to Yoshino and sounds like Kitakami is coming soon UPDATED WITH INFORMATION FROM DEV BLOG In update 0.10.5 we are turning off the damage on allied ships. The change will have a positive effect on gameplay: now your allies will not be able to damage or destroy your ship. Main changes: You can no longer damage, incapacitate modules of, or cause detonation or destruction to allied ships. It is also impossible to damage allies by ramming. At the same time all types of armament will still hit allied ships. For example, you cannot launch torpedoes at an enemy through an allied ship. The penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct is now given for a certain number of hits on allied ships with any type of armament except secondaries. If after a warning the player continues to violate the rules, they will receive a ban on participation in all types of battles, except Co-op, Clan and Training. The player will not receive credits or XP for battles in which they received a warning for damage to allies. If player does not violate the rules in future battles, resources will stop being discarded. The damage a ship receives in response to allied damage will increase with each new hit on an allied ship. A ship hit by an ally does not trigger camera effects that inform about received damage. Removed the effect for allied torpedoes: they can no longer deal damage.