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  1. KusaPeko

    What Did Everyone Use to Get Through Bronze?

    Thanks for the recommendation! I ended up using only Georgia to rank out in Bronze League, took me 38 battles with a 55% win rate and I had a lot of fun speeding around the map. I think I'm going to stay in Bronze League this season so I can keep using Georgia in ranked without having Tier X CVs ruin my fun.
  2. KusaPeko

    Nerf the Thunderer already, WG

    They won't nerf a specific ship when it is performing nearly the same as its tech-tree counterpart and Thunderer is actually performing slightly worse than Conqueror Conqueror (as of 2/23/2021) Win rate Average kills Average damage K/D NA 50.29% 0.81 101065 1.72 EU 50.29% 0.78 100802 1.66 RU 51.02% 0.86 103802 1.87 ASIA 50.44% 0.71 106067 1.72 Thunderer (as of 2/23/2021) Win rate Average kills Average damage K/D NA 49.92% 0.79 100506 1.66 EU 50.12% 0.78 100644 1.63 RU 50.68% 0.84 101135 1.75 ASIA 49.88% 0.70 104003 1.62
  3. KusaPeko

    What Did Everyone Use to Get Through Bronze?

    Both rank 9 and rank 8 are irrevocable ranks so if you won 3 ranked matches and are still at rank 10, you must be a rare species of potato.
  4. KusaPeko

    Marco Polo

    I would expect Marco Polo to follow the same release pattern as Pommern, Tier IX battleship released in part 2 of the [nation][ship type] event and can be obtained either using coal, doubloons, or event containers.
  5. KusaPeko

    Dante Alighieri SCAM (yes, precisely)

    Then don't think of it as 800 Italian tokens for credits. Think of it as 2,200 Italian tokens for Tier V Cavour.
  6. It's because the bundles contain a tier IX tech tree ship that comes with all the modules, meaning that all you need is around 260k XP (either ship XP or free XP or some combination of both) and you will be able to immediately get the hyped-up tier X tech tree ship when it drops in 2 months. The same thing happened when Minnesota was in 1 of 65 bundles in update 0.9.9. People were buying bundles then because they wanted to be able to grab Vermont for its twelve 457 mm guns as soon as it became available in update 0.9.11. This time around, the final goal is Cristoforo Colombo for its sixteen 381 mm guns, SAP, and exhaust smoke.
  7. KusaPeko

    Champion system, what do you think?

    Then the champion would be able to get away with abusing the system to fulfill their personal goals and the rest of the team wouldn't be able to report the champion if they don't know who it is In a DD and need spotting damage to finish a mission? Just set the objective to hold whatever flank you are on, most of the team will come over and shoot at the enemy ships you are spotting In a cruiser and need potential damage to finish a mission? Just set the objective to push the opposite flank, most of the team will go to the other side, giving you plenty of space to kite and dodge enemy fire In a BB and need damage to finish a mission? Just set the objective to cap on your flank so your team pushes into the cap and draws enemy fire, which keeps the enemy detected, which allows you to farm the enemy In a CV and need damage to finish a mission? Just set the objective to defend and not push so your team stays back, allowing your planes to do all the work so you can get all the damage What would happen if the champion dies early and exits to port? The team would have no way of knowing that their champion is gone if they aren't marked so a sudden need to push or fall back would not be communicated to the team since the objectives wouldn't update due to the champion leaving the match. And players who want to have fun and don't care about winning or losing (in free-to-play games, this would be the vast majority of the players) could just leave objectives blank since no one knows they are the champion and they won't be reported, which defeats the entire purpose of the champion system. We already have a way for someone to tell others what to do in order to solve the lack of coordination, it's called team chat. If you think 80% of players already ignore team chat so that they can play their way and "pull completely nonsense moves", then there is no reason to expect those same players will follow orders from another player. Those players will just ignore orders in addition to team chat so that they can continue to play their way and "pull completely nonsense moves". And there is no way of knowing if the champion is a decent player or part of the 80%. Even bad players occasionally have great games and good players have bad games so assigning the champion based on previous battle performance doesn't guarantee that the champion has a "reasonable good tactical view". I wouldn't want my team to follow the orders of someone who is tactically incompetent but was blessed by RNG in their previous match.
  8. KusaPeko

    Champion system, what do you think?

    In my opinion, this would probably lead to more steamrolls AND toxicity than we currently have: Lemming trains become the status quo since people will just join whatever flank the different colored ship on the minimap is on, thinking that their champion will carry them If our champion sits in the back and doesn't push, why should I? They must be a good player so I'll just copy them! Champion on my team detonates or dies early? Might as well type "gg" in All chat and don't forget to tell everyone to report our champion for being bad We lost? Report our champion since their objectives didn't help us win Decent reward for completing objectives? So much potential for even shorter matches Champion sets objective as hold left flank, 8-10 ships join left flank, leaving the right flank very weak Champion sets objective as hold both flanks, no one stays in the middle, team gets split in 2 so enemy DDs sneak up the middle into your spawn and delete your CV, which gives the enemy CV a huge advantage for the rest of the match Champion sets objective as cap B and C, half the team rushes B and C and gets deleted by the enemy team Champion sets objective as capture the inner cap in Epicenter mode, half the team rushes the inner cap and gets deleted by the enemy team Minimal or no reward for completed objectives? Then why would I follow them? I might as well play my way if I am not getting anything out of playing your way since completing objectives does not guarantee victory We'd probably have teams with no champions if you can't be the champion for 3 days after being reported And if you thought Deadeye was bad enough, wait until champions on both teams set the objective as defend the base and no one pushes at all. Then we will have the ultimate debate of which is worse, being on the losing side of a 5 minute steamroll or being on the losing side of a 20 minute match where 21 out of 24 players are still alive at the end?
  9. Nope, it doesn't disappear. It just loses its "Special ship" status and becomes a regular tech tree ship until you get the tier 5 Italian tech tree BB, then it gains "Elite status". The XP you earn on the Dante Alighieri does apply to the actual tech tree ship so when that line goes live, you can use that XP to unlock the tier 5 Italian tech tree BB if you haven't unlocked it yet.
  10. KusaPeko


    He didn't get the AA Defense Expert achievement and was robbed of 10 free signals since his team reached 1000 points right before he got the 35th plane kill
  11. KusaPeko

    ST 0.10.1, ZF-2 and Z-31

    ZF-6, the rumored next dockyard ship getting buffed? I thought that wasn't allowed! It would be cool to see the dockyard scenery change from French to German in the mid-to-late phases.
  12. KusaPeko

    Reset Commander Button

    It's almost 7AM in the UK right now. The UK region of the EU server has update times similar to the East coast of the NA server (5AM to 8AM, Wednesday for NA but Thursday for EU).
  13. KusaPeko

    Reset Commander Button

    EU is the last region for the update to go live at 08:00 UTC, which is in about 75 minutes so I would expect the button to appear within the next 3 hours.
  14. KusaPeko

    Strasbourg 100,000 FREE XP - How?

    I'm wondering if that Alaska mission from Black Friday that gives 100k Free XP can be used to finish this task...