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  1. KamiYanTouma

    ranked queue times

    Only 161 players in NA are rank 5 or higher at the time of this post (according to the NA stats page), so probably not enough people in general.
  2. KamiYanTouma

    KOTS containers

    The last 2 containers for this season will be available via Twitch drops during the finals weekends, so one on September 26/27 and one on October 10/11.
  3. KamiYanTouma

    Marathon with Gifts: Submarines

    The target number of new subscribers was met, so the mission reward of 250k credits was replaced by 2.5k coal. Also, the mission can be done in random battles, it isn't asymmetric battles only.
  4. KamiYanTouma


    2 months ago, I was in a Two Brothers match where Mouse was on the opposite team testing the Munchen. My team got deleted so fast, I'm sure she will call Munchen slow.
  5. For the 8 ships destroyed requirement, they have to be of any other type, meaning any ships you kill that are the same class as the ship you are in won't count, so if you are in a cruiser, any cruiser you destroy won't count towards the 8 kills. All the transport ships count for the 8 ships destroyed since you aren't in a transport ship (at least I hope you aren't).
  6. KamiYanTouma

    3v3 Ranked Sprint and Part 4 of German Carriers 2

    Yea, I worded it incorrectly, instead of screwing with, it's more like teasing. I'll fix my original post.
  7. First time I've seen a mission that will be easier to complete in ranked than in co-op. Some more fuel to @AdmiralThunder's theory that the people that make the missions design them to tease co-op players.
  8. So does your friend know you are spending their money on pixel boats?
  9. KamiYanTouma


    If World of Warships was owned by EA, we would be paying a monthly subscription fee just to have access to the game and any tech-tree ships tier V and up would require microtransactions to obtain. You can forget about the occasional supercontainer from the daily containers as well, "surprise mechanics" ain't for free.
  10. KamiYanTouma

    If I have a ship that is expensive

    You can always trust Google Translate-sensei for somewhat decent Japanese and Korean! I think OP meant to say "My high-tier ships". The high-tier tech tree ships are the most expensive (in credits) and OP posted a photo of Tallinn, Vladivostok, Sovetsky Soyuz, and Kremlin in his port.
  11. KamiYanTouma

    If I have a ship that is expensive

    Using my extensive knowledge of machine translations from manga/anime/light novels, I believe OP is trying to ask if he/she is the only one experiencing poor maneuverability on high-tier Soviet ships since OP keeps running into friendly ships and friendly torpedoes.
  12. KamiYanTouma

    Upcoming sales?

    Summer sale on August 14, mentioned in the official stream last week so just wait a few more days
  13. KamiYanTouma

    A Free Tirpitz???

    Looks like you were one of the "Recruit Your Friends Day" raffle winners for recruiters, congrats @Admiral_Bingo! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/bring-your-friend-day/
  14. KamiYanTouma

    why do we need more cartoon little girls?

    Probably because compared to anime girls, it costs way more to acquire the publicity rights of a real female. And in all honesty, it is easier to convince 1000 weebs to spend $80 on anime ships with waifu commanders than it is to convince 8000 people to spend $10 on a real female commander. Have you seen the prices of anime figurines? Look at the price of Prinz Eugen from KanColle below. If weebs can spend $175 on an anime figurine, they can definitely spend $80 on an anime ship waifu.
  15. KamiYanTouma

    German Carriers: Part 2

    The Collect/Don't Collect button is for whether you want to receive collection items in the daily containers. If you choose collect, you will have a chance to get items from the collection in the daily containers (the 2000, 12500, and 37000 XP ones). It does not reduce your chances of getting credits, signals, coal, and other stuff, similar to the patch symbols and backgrounds. You can only collect from one collection at a time though. As for the Hipper, I'm guessing if you already have it, you would probably be compensated in credits instead of doubloons since it is a tech tree ship.