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  1. HindGrinder42

    PTS 0.10.8

    I made the attempt to play the new games on the test server, and qualify for the test server awards, however, I kept getting server busy when attempting to start games. I was spending much more time waiting than playing. I had over 300 snowflakes in my personal account, so I gave up waiting for the test server and went back to playing on the live server.
  2. HindGrinder42

    Submarines: How to Play

    The Balao battery has less charge than the U-2501 and seems to run out much faster than the allowable time. The subs are very sluggish in a turn, unrealistic. The U-2501 was able to out run my CL when underwater? In a straight up stern chase, it could not be overtaken. The batteries do not charge, not at all, as indicated in the WOWs 'how to play submarines' guide from last year. So far, I have been unable to win in the Balao. I have tried every trick with sonar, etc.. the torpedoes do not track to target unless the target is stopped. Your best bet, to hit anything moving, is a hail Mary, simply shoot all torps in that direction and pray that you hit something. Using sonar to track a CV or DD simply gives your position away and ensures that you will die early. Hitting a DD or CL attacking is possible, but highly unlikely as slow as the subs turn. Having to face the enemy to fire a torpedo, again unrealistic, torpedoes have gyro settings for direction, with such crappy turning ability, offers an advantage to any ship attacking or running, (turning towards an attacking ship actually assists the attacking ship in killing you) Torpedo damage is way too low. I was hit with 4 torpedoes, in a submarine, and survived. On the flip side, when I was lucky enough to hit a DD or CL (I hit one CL with 4 torpedoes and I hit a DD with 3) the damage was slight, barely noticeable. Question, how many torps does it take to sink a battleship. I hit one BB with nine torps, lost maybe a third of its' HP. I was able to sink a few ships, however, I was not able to sink anything from full HP to sunk. On a final note, submarines are playable, they do function, can be fun at times and add a different challenge to the game. The downside is that they further limit the fun in playing BBs. As is, DDs have too much power in the game. BBs are no longer allowed to shoot it out as they are constantly dodging 'an unending and unlimited' string of torpedoes, fired from an invisible enemy, the entire match. BBs have little recourse in challenging a DD as the DD has an unfair advantage in being invisible. BB players will have even less fun, in the game, with addition of another invisible enemy that the BB is provided with little to no offensive capability against.
  3. HindGrinder42


    "I would like to be a Pirate!"
  4. HindGrinder42

    Combat Missions in Update 0.10.2

    Normally, I am not one to be critical. However, busting your hump to complete 4 missions, in order to obtain 2 containers that hold '1' signal flag, I say again only '1' signal flag, each, seems like you won the gag gift for all of your effort. Even the try your luck containers offers a you lose prize of 4 signals lol.
  5. HindGrinder42

    Public Test 0.9.10

    I tested as much as the system would allow. Once I had completed all the tasks, I was met with repeated server overload, try again later, notices. In regular play, I played Lexington & Petro. I noted a lag when playing Lexington and there was an occasional delay in the release of ordinance. I was only able to play a short game with Petro before the server had decided that I had played enough. The Halloween game. Where to start. First I had the WOWs crash twice when I tried to exit a game after being destroyed. I had to restart, with no complications, both times. Second, there was no description on the use, effectiveness or a comparison of usable weapons modules. I found the small amount of info provided somewhat deceptive. Third, while the ships themselves were fun and unique, they seemed quirky when attempting to attack monsters or other vessels. Fourth, twice I was offered the opportunity to join another player in a division. Both times I agreed. Both times our secondaries took each other under fire when we approached each other. Both times I was destroyed by the other player. Fifth, I could not get the lasers on Hercules to lock on a target. I made several attempts to take monsters and other ships under fire, but was rarely successful in hitting them when the lasers finally discharged. I am sure there must be a method to lock the laser on target until it fires, or fire it on command, however, I was unable to achieve any amount of success in doing so. Sixth, I felt like I was playing at a disadvantage. Several times I was attacked and destroyed by divisions, with no provocation. I had several battles with other players where they either seemed to have superior weapons, or were just as inept in using them successfully as I was. Although I was able to attack sea monsters with a key, I was never able to successfully obtain a key, as I was usually attacked and destroyed by a division prior to gaining the key. Seventh, overall, it was a somewhat fun experience. However, I did not feel like I was playing WOW. The map was somewhat confusing, the weapons systems did not seem to operate as, or when, expected and you could not use the map to plan, or attempt a strategy, that would lead to a successful win. My guess, WOW developers are becoming bored with general warships. As evidenced by the empowerment of DDs over BBs with the introduction of invisible flame throwers burning BBs down, while dumping 20 torps at them every 60 seconds. In upper level games, fires and torps seem to do much more damage than guns. Will we soon see lasers that will melt BBs down from undetected gunboats? To wrap. I did enjoy, and thank WOW, for the opportunity to play on the public test server. I look forward to the next round of public testing.
  6. HindGrinder42

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.8 Participants

    I received a notice that rewards are available, but I haven't received any rewards. Maybe I didn't do it right :-)
  7. HindGrinder42

    Public Test 0.9.8

    Though I did not get as much time on the test server during the second round, I did enjoy playing and building a fleet. I do enjoy the asymmetric battles. One in particular which was carrier against carrier. It was disheartening to build Anchorage and then realize that I would never be able to play her. I did have a thought about the ability to dual each end of the ship. When a player is boxed in by three or more vessels it would be nice to train and fire the forward guns in one direction and then train and fire the aft guns in another direction. The ability to set and track with the aft guns, while setting and tracking a different target with the forward guns would be a fun option. I did encounter a few a few glitches in the game. A hit on my ship out of no where. No shells coming in, no CV in the game, all other ships on the other side of the map. A BB that shot me up through a mountain? Cruiser fire that missed my DD by a country mile, no angle for ricochet, but still somehow disable my engines and steering. A single shot in the stern, from the side, almost missed, but took 80% of the life of the vessel. Seven ships all firing at my BB, in Co Op, though there were two BBs and cruiser closer. BB bots that did not move or got stuck. Bots that never fired their guns. I am fairly recent to the game and still building my fleet on the NA server. I have pushed British & US CA and CL lines to VI & VII, and US BB to VII, US & Japan CVs are slow moving at IV. I did enjoy the test server, esp having assets to research and earn ships. Hope you have a great day.
  8. I'll be there, powder dry and ready :-)
  9. HindGrinder42

    0.9.8 PTS Bug Reports

    I completed all of the shipyard tasks, got to level 20 and did not receive the ship. I did not receive anything. It said accept ship, I clicked and nothing happened. It said accept rewards, I clicked, and nothing happened ?