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  1. DragonPup

    Today's Survey

    Did they ask you about rocket planes, too?
  2. 50k Free XP. If the Carnot is released as a Feee XP ship, this will be quite handy.
  3. DragonPup

    rockets need to be changed back

    Cool, then we need the UI to mark where incoming shell areas are so we can properly have 'counterplay' to them.
  4. DragonPup

    rockets need to be changed back

    If you are unable to get our of the path, you just point your bow into it and take maybe 1 or 2 rockets. You already know the angle of the attack. Easy peasy.
  5. DragonPup

    rockets need to be changed back

    It's not the lead, it's that the machine gun fire tells your opponent where the rockets will land well before the rockets even fire. Does surface artillery show your opponent the dispersion ellipse 5+ seconds before landing?
  6. DragonPup

    Rockets need another Nerf (Proof)

    What does the rocket nerf have to do with subs fitting into the meta? What is the 'broader picture' we are not seeing? As far as I can see at this moment, it still seems bad.
  7. DragonPup

    Rockets need another Nerf (Proof)

    The issue is not so much that rockets have an overly long delay (after the delay for the squad to go on the attack run), it's that there's a delay **and** it broadcasts the area and angle where the rockets will land for those 5+ seconds. It'd be like the shells of surface ships precisely broadcasting it's dispersion ellipse for 5+ seconds before they got there. Rockets are meant to be anti destroyer weapons for carriers and yet they got nerfed against that entire class of ship that I contribute more by not even trying to hit destroyers with them and using them to set battleships on fire with rockets.
  8. DragonPup

    World of Destroyers

    Let me let everyone who says CVs are great at spotting DDs in on a dirty little secret among CV players: Most of our spotting is because the DD player forgot to turn off their AA so instead of merely having a 2.5km detection radius, it's now 5+ km radius. This is exacerbated by a large number of DDs like the Halland in Tier X which just shred planes like no one's business. I swear there's more Halland players than CV players. But yeah, without CVs having an efficient means of harming DDs, it should come as no surprise that CVs have stopped trying to waste time spotting DDs and have gone to attacking larger ships instead. This is about as predictable result as can be. Sorry BB players. (not sorry)
  9. They latch on semi quickly. It's not instant by any means. They provide a 7km diameter of denial that if I fly through any appreciable area of will latch, and those fighters can kill an airwing in seconds. They are effective when placed well, but placement of them is painful for a CV player because they need to fly their attack squad there first. Make it easy to place them, and their effectiveness goes way up.
  10. They are better at area denial the the ships catapult fighters but suffer from the major problem that the squad needs to fly over the area to drop them. If CVs could drop the fighter squad anywhere on the map (without them providing spotting of course) then CVs could effectively protect their team from enemy CVs.
  11. Fighters and AA are not meant to stop a CV's airwing from the first attack, they're meant to stop the follow up attacks from the airwing.
  12. DragonPup

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    That has the same number of 'r' sounds as the correct pronunciation! :D :D :D
  13. DragonPup

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Most people, Americans or not, cannot pronounce Worchester correctly. :D
  14. DragonPup

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I just checked, chainsaw asmr videos do exist on youtube.
  15. DragonPup

    New Dev Blog for Captain Skills

    How about, "The Natural State of Battleships"? :D :D :D