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  1. Igiby100

    Playstyle? I'm confused.

    All right, thanks. I'll try that.
  2. So far, American DDs have been fun. However, I look at the high tier DDs and worry; they seem very underpowered compared to their counterparts. That said, I have had fun till now. T2-5 were fun: lots of fast-reloading torps, great for cap contest. Farragut: awesome firing angles, long range, fun kiting playstyle. Mahan/Benson, Fletcher/Gearing? I can't figure out how to play them, and what their strengths are. Can I get some clarification?
  3. Igiby100

    Izmail Rocks first game in it and already loving it

    Unintentional post. I had nothing to say.
  4. Igiby100

    Steel ship?

    I am looking to get my first steel ship. I am primarily looking for a ship for competitive play (ranked and CB), but I will be extremely reluctant to purchase a powerful ship that is no fun to play. Here are my ideas of the current options. If any of these are unjustified (most of them are just gleaned from what I have seen/heard in game), incorrect, etc. please let me know. However, I am open to anything. Stalingrad: I am frequently told this is the best steel ship, or one of them, but I don't see what makes it any better than Alaska or Yoshino. It seems like a side-grade of Petro; just a mini-Kremlin. And I happen to dislike Soviet BBs. FDR: This seems like a Midway variant: slower attacks, each attack hurts more. Slow, large squadrons seem to melt under concentrated AA fire at T10, given the sheer volume of flak you have to deal with. I think this is not something I would like or be able to use to its fullest. It seems more frustrating and less potent. Plymouth: This seems like a powerful ship, (except for the T6 AA at T10), but it kind of seems like it belongs at T10. Also, it is so uncommon that I think it might get removed to return as a coal ship, and I would hate to purchase something that shows up for coal 6 months later. Bourgogne: I am frequently told how powerful this is, and it seems that way. However, I hate low-caliber BBs. Additionally, fragile AA/secondaries, mixed with fragile, lightly armored main guns means that you either take Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1, and have your guns get perma-broken in 2 salvos, or take Main Armaments Mod 1, and become CV food after 3 HE salvos. This seems like an irreconcilable fault. The speed seems fun, however. Austin: This seems like a Flint. The lack of radar at T10 seems like it would hurt (especially on a ship designed to kill DDs), but most cruiser lines make do without. The torpedoes seem nice. Overall, it seems like a fun, capable ship. My one worry is this: the higher to tier, the harder to play CL/CLAA effectively. Short range and light armor really hurt in the current meta. Flint sucks at T7, but is fun to play (sometimes). I don't want to spend 27k steel for a fun but crappy ship. Austin doesn't seem crappy, but I am apprehensive. Shikishima: This seems like a good choice. The low number of guns will be sucky, but not impossible to overcome given this ship's built-in MBM3. The secondaries and AA are much better than Yamato, but the cheek section will probably make brawling impossible. Not sure if this is worth it, but it does seem fun. In Grand Battles, I could citadel battleships at obscene ranges. Incomparable is coming up, however, so this ship will be powercrept badly.
  5. Igiby100

    You know after trail and error with Rockets

    This is not history. If we were going for history, then yes. But we aren't. Consumables like MBRB and Engine Boost, along with ships like the Kremlin come to mind (to fight effectively on the high seas, it would have to be roughly 2.8 times the length of the Yamato, given its displayed freeboard).
  6. Igiby100

    What's wrong with the update?

    Okay, thank you all. I will look into the C++ and DL features.
  7. For some reason, my PC will not install the update. 4 hours a day, every day, starting the day it was released. However, the update still isn't installed (less than 2/3 of the way), and today it stopped altogether, forcing me to completely re-start the process. This happens every time I have a WoWs update, and leads to my being offline for 2-8 days. Is this my system being [edited], or are other people experiencing the same problem? I tend to suspect the former, but if I can get any advice on the solution, that would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Also, the Immelmann in particular has an extremely fast restoration time. Some CVs, losing a single plane hurts a lot, and some, losing 5 doesn't matter at all.
  9. I did mention it. I said that I had not done the credit math, but that by my reckoning (which may be faulty), the FXP cost to do the RN DD line was around 1.5 or 1.6 million.
  10. Did some math on the British destroyer tech tree as an example. Didn't check the credit value, but the FXP value seemed to be closer to 1.5-1.6 million.
  11. I forget the guy's name, but somebody posted one similar a while back, in a different thread. It was called the Incompatible.
  12. And Russian radar, Fiji turning circle, Daring acceleration, FDR's planes, Mutsuki's stealth, MVR's plane speed, Thunderer HE, etc.
  13. Igiby100

    You know after trail and error with Rockets

    My issue with CVs is many things. Not that I am anti-CV; I actually think they bring something valuable to the game. I do think they are balanced poorly, and that there should be some way for surface ships to opt out of CV/SS game. My main issue, however, is lack of counterplay. A): Surface ships can do nothing against a CV except dodge or stay close together. This is infuriating for them. B): If RNG puts flak in the planes faces, they lose 1-5 planes, and the others are seriously damaged, frequently forcing to CV to recall the whole squadron without attacking, or suffer the loss of the vast majority of the squadron (which takes about 2-5 minutes to replace). Not counting RNG, if players simply stay within about 4km of each other, then form a death ball, against which the CV can do nothing. It almost seems as if the system was designed to infuriate both sides, cause dissent between them, and allow WG to profit off of that.
  14. Igiby100

    Account Problem

    My forum account is different from my ingame account. When I try to log in to my WG account in the game client, it says that the login is invalid. When I try to go to the website to create an account (I assumed the previous problem was because my WG account was not registered), I was told that the account already existed. Any help?
  15. Igiby100

    You're favorite looking boat?

    I do love the way the Atlantas look (and their variant, the Oaklands).