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    Exclusive Offer for Visa Card Users

    The link to see the offer does not work for me. The page it send me to has ITEM UNAVAILABLE This item is not available for you. Please browse the shop's website to find other interesting offers.
  2. AnThatsWhatSheSaid

    The Fourth Brawl

    well gave it a shot. One and done. If you're going to give one side a CV to perma spot the other side, it's not worth loading in. Our DD got both caps and then we were deleted one by one. back to the "sanity" of randoms.
  3. AnThatsWhatSheSaid

    Update 0.9.9. U.S. Battleships in Early Access

    hmm no daily login rewards for me. Disappointing. It's one thing for a player to make choices regarding missions to complete, lines to grind etc, and quite another for this backward approach to changing the reward system. There's no justification for it. All of this should have tested and a decision made on what changes to implement reached before going live. I don't think there's one software development company that toggles features for certain users and not others on software it's published outside its development environment. At least not without explicit opt-in of the end user.