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  1. puckhead77

    Favorite Warships memory.. GO!!!!

    I have 2: 1. Starting to play and all the learning was fun. 2. Taking a 2-3 week break from playing roughly 2 months ago and realizing I wasn't having as much "fun" as the spreadsheets indicated and the break has now passed 2 months with no end in sight. Subs did help this as did several other things.
  2. puckhead77

    explain this wargaming

    Special torpedo operations available only to bots, is this the accusation?
  3. puckhead77

    Firepower Premium Containers, what did you get ?

    I bought 1: 900k creds / 37,500 ECXP / 900k creds
  4. Despite the sarcasm and high n mighty responses here, I too was under the impression that as long as i researched and bought GK/ Khab, I would get them as well. You are not alone. Live and learn I guess.
  5. puckhead77

    Gordon Lightfoot would be proud...

    I thought the cook came out and said fellas it's rough to feed ya.
  6. puckhead77

    What did you get in your January SC?

    !5, 000 coal
  7. puckhead77

    Anyone get a triple Coal drop recently?

    I got one today and I know its been at least 4-8 weeks since the last one.
  8. Got the camo x10 and 10k coal, no clan bonus either.
  9. I ended up with about 79k. I'd forgotten about it otherwise I may have done more, oh well.
  10. puckhead77

    The Year in Super Containers - 2021

    I've been keeping track for the last week. ZERO.
  11. puckhead77

    What did you get in your December SC?

    15,000 Coal. No complaints with that.
  12. puckhead77

    Crate Question

    Thanks all, I guess I didnt read all of it.
  13. puckhead77

    Crate Question

    Something I noticed in my crate adventures this Christmas is that for camos it seems like the New Years Sky Camo is the Makarov of camos, but it just keep dropping. I've received others, but by far this NY Sky drops more for me than any other. Just an observation and maybe I'm off, but curious as what others think with regards to this and other drops that seem similar. I havent crunched my numbers yet and may not so it's anecdotal.
  14. I like Kuznetsov a lot but cant speak to Cunningham since I dont have him yet.
  15. puckhead77

    The best value Santa crates

    But that's if you have ALL the ships on the list. Last year you could have ALL the ships and it just dropped something else from the list of potential drops. It sounds like this year, as it was last year, if the first pick ship is a dupe for you, it will try another ship until all the ships on the list are exhausted in which case you get the steel amount list below. If you already have all the ships from the list and the Santa's Gift container drops an item from the Ships group, you will receive the following compensation: 250 steel for Santa's Gift container. 750 steel for Santa's Big Gift container. 1,250 steel for Santa's Mega Gift container.