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  1. puckhead77

    Ohio or Vampire II

    Both. I couldnt decide either so I did the IJN gunboat line a few times until I had enough to get both. I am happy with my decision.
  2. Nope, I got mine this past Christmas in the containers. Prepare to hear all about the evils of said containers, but I was more than happy with all the ones I bought. Just know that unless you whale a ton of them and get every single ship, the one you want may not show up in short order.
  3. puckhead77

    Beasts, which team are you picking this week?

    Same here, so far got the 3 other commanders just going left to right like many of us said before this started. Go wonder worm.
  4. I thought it was just me or my older PC, glad to see there are a few of us.
  5. puckhead77

    Need help understanding caps

    Winning harder is something that many do much to the detriment of their teammates. No need to get more damage, take the win and the increased silver and XP. Others have explained why above and now that you know, you're good to go.
  6. puckhead77

    Pirate Exploit

    Or tag @Hapa_Fodder and I am sure he will deal with it.
  7. 14 days premium time to with the 1k plus I already have.
  8. puckhead77

    after battle stats are not showing up

    I run no mods and this has been happening for several weeks, but it seems to be getting worse.
  9. puckhead77

    Jutland containers opened

    I picked up 40 containers and got both ships but only the KA perma camo.
  10. puckhead77

    Flamu on the warpath

  11. puckhead77

    Research Bureau X2 X4

    Sorry I didnt reply last night, it was past my bedtime. I hoped that video would answer everything, as it did for me and theres always others on here. Looks like you did ok though.
  12. puckhead77

    Research Bureau X2 X4

  13. Twitch container showed up in port and per ticket had to be manually credited. Thanks for the fix WG.