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  1. Pebcac

    rockets need to be changed back

    I'm never using my rockets ever again because they are useless!!!! Rofl Imagine if a New Mex player (for example) complained about the HE shell option. E.g. Buff my HE or I will only ever use AP in every match!!!!! Would anyone care? Should anyone care (maybe the team will) if the OP (or others) choose not to use rocket planes?
  2. Pebcac

    New Dutch Ships "Johan De (Nit Witt)

    Making fun of a ship - cool Giving a ship a nick-name - cool Renaming a dude - Not cool Making fun at a dead guy's name and possibly causing offence to his surviving family (if any) - very not cool.
  3. Subs will ruin the game (even more than CVs did/do)
  4. Pebcac

    Co-op Ruined (PVE Thread)

    I thought Co-Op only existed so when WG gave out grindy missions like sink so many ships, start so many fires, farm so many flags etc. That there was a place to go and do this.
  5. FT;FY From this point, I will call a CV a Bag of Tools (BoT for short) You had a BoT, and I deduce that 80% of the time (before the patch) you used rocket planes on 80% of the targets? Would that be a fair assessment? Now your BoT has one of the tools nurfed. The brightest shiniest tool now has a delay and you're throwing your toys because the shiny toy isn't as bright or as shiny as it used to be. I get that you're upset. To be honest, DD's complaining in the forum had NOTHING to do with WG decision on this. WG does not care one nanobit about what is written on the forums. Stop blaming PLAYERS for WG's decision. Two TOTALLY different and unrelated things. What WG does do is look at stats. They have done (and stated) numerous times that they will nurf OP (Over Performing) ships, and (Over Popular) ships and modules e.g. UU's. With the rocket nurf, the only people to blame would be those who did excessively well with rockets, and/or those that excessively used rockets.
  6. Pebcac

    Rockets need another Nerf (Proof)

    I can prove you wrong.
  7. WIll get a free heal when the HP drops below a threshold
  8. Pebcac

    Steel sale

    Rewards like ships are there to drive players onwards. Don't like it, don't aim for them. Enough to do in this game without chasing steel.
  9. I'm sorry that you're so Bad in Cvs you only used 1 ammo type. There are 2 more ammo types available. Get Gud and lead better.
  10. Pebcac

    We need DD rework please

    No - not ironic at all. Ironic would be a fire station burning down, By your comparison, a DD should go 100-200knots, starting the game with loaded torps, getting within 5Km of a target while dodging an automated PvE defense mode. But even my comparison falls short as DEAD planes regenerate, and the CV planes have no range limit.... If you're worried about stealth, some cruisers have an excellent cam, and some DD's have no cam (e.g. Khab). Also, subs may (or may not) be the clear winners in the stealth game.
  11. I'm sure they nurfed it to annoy CV captains. Edited in case it was seen as a PA.
  12. Pebcac

    rockets are now useless on carriers

    Why do you always this? Where in my post did I say rockets? Where did I say I play DD? As for dodging rockets - you made that up as well. Please don't (and I know that a) You won't listen, and B) won't read this) make assumptions. I'm sorry, but you're bad at reading comprehension. You're also horrid at making assumptions.
  13. Pebcac

    rockets are now useless on carriers

    Carrier defence......and secondaries. There are so many things WRONG with your statement it's hard to begin. Let's assume a CV gets lit. There will be a hard spotted indicator to let the CV know he has been spotted. Depending on cam values and a quick look at the minimap, it will be a fairly easy choice to see if this was a DD or other ship. Let's assume it's a DD as that is the scenario you have painted. Once again the minimap should provide a clue as to which side the CV has been spotted from, and which side the CV needs to head to. When any other ships relocates, general the front guns become useless and only the rear turrets can fire e.g. A, B, X, Y or A, B, X etc. A CV is still able to bring the planes in from any angle and does not suffer the same relocating penalities. As the hard spotted indicator will be on at 10Km (or so) and most torps are 10Km (or less) there is easily enough time to run and kite the DD while dropping crapfrom planes. Should you need to rely on secondaries, that should be a clue that a stuff up has been made
  14. Pebcac

    rockets are now useless on carriers

    Unfair?!?!?!?!? Planes travel at over 100knots!!!! Planes survive and are still controllable even when the Ship that spawned is sunk!!! How dare you try to claim what is fair and what is not!
  15. Pebcac

    rockets are now useless on carriers

    Remember when the CV supporters would say: "...and refuses to adapt to new mechanics..."