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  1. Qwequa

    PSA? Another update coming

    Same here..Its 3:21 am and I sleep days.
  2. Qwequa

    Minnesota: Odin's beard.!

    Her penetration is less than Iowa too. Too slow. You get run down and burn. Weak heal. Slow reload. The USN actually had 20 to 30 sec reload. But I know historical accuracy is not part of the game. It is an arcade game. The ship is just a collection item. I play it for giggles.
  3. Qwequa

    WG needs to learn to math

    Its an arcade game. They need to do something about the skills when uptiered. Fancy 19 point commanders, stupid fire chance, outranged,outraged,. Maybe a level system of players on win percentage.
  4. Qwequa

    Can we have AA back?

    Cv concealment is way off. They are floating hotels that should be seen way out.
  5. The new US bbs are based on a very old design. They should have better engines by construction.
  6. Make it just a little more real. 40 mm is 7 km in WWII. I don't think CV are broken. The AA is.
  7. They may get some help from the new captains skills coming but the reload,speed and armor sucks.
  8. I always forget arcade. Sorry..personal history for old man.
  9. Qwequa

    Ingame Chat Window Setting

    I need it bigger. Sight impaired.
  10. Maybe they can push you around.
  11. TY..I'll check. All max atm. Thanks again.