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  1. They may get some help from the new captains skills coming but the reload,speed and armor sucks.
  2. Cohowarren

    Should islands make radar blind spots?

    I always forget arcade. Sorry..personal history for old man.
  3. Cohowarren

    Ingame Chat Window Setting

    I need it bigger. Sight impaired.
  4. Maybe they can push you around.
  5. No damage from hitting one.
  6. Cohowarren

    My ships AA tracers disappeared.

    TY..I'll check. All max atm. Thanks again.
  7. Cohowarren

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I just help team. Crossfire etc. Never worried about #s but new.
  8. Cohowarren

    My ships AA tracers disappeared.

    Its USS TEXAS.
  9. Cohowarren

    Hedgehogs antisub

    Do they have them?