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  1. Lynx7386

    I'm done

    Submarines were my last hope for this game to not be a complete shitfest, and even after three tests wargaming still wouldn't listen to feedback and ended up screwing up this ship class they spent what, two years developing? They don't even feel like subs. I feel like I'm driving a gimped surface ship with worse agility than a battleship, no guns, no AA, no real modules to speak of, and a gimmicky smokescreen masquerading as stealth. And then they go and release it only on Coop and ranked, for some stupid reason. Subs are completely useless in Coop because everyone yolo's the [edited] out of that game mode and by the time you even get into range every bot in the pacific has already been killed. We're still stuck with this stupid as hell ping system, which EVERYONE told wargaming was a bad idea; but not only are we stuck with it, we HAVE to use it. If you don't get double pings, your torps dont do any damage. And because half the playerbase whined about subs during the tests, now everyone can easily wipe sonar pings off with repair party, and battleships/carriers still have nearly complete immunity to sonar pings. How the [edited] is a mechanic with a wrench on the deck of your ship wiping off sonar pings in the first place? I was giving wargaming one last chance to not [edited] it up, and they [edited] it up. Good riddance.
  2. because wargaming doesn't know what the [edited] it's doing.
  3. Lynx7386

    rockets need to be changed back

    no they do F***ing not.
  4. Lynx7386

    Say It Cant Be So

    Innocents always die en masse when politicians go to war.
  5. Lynx7386

    New game mode idea

    Also no automatic teammate spotting. You have to radio in any ship you spot for allies to be informed of its position, and that info does not update for allies immediately or persist in real time.
  6. Just remove CVs from the game, I can't take any more of these [edited] posts.
  7. Lynx7386

    Tier 10 Russian CV

    WoWS has become nothing but a Slavic circle jerk.
  8. It was done for profit and greed, no other reason.
  9. Lynx7386

    Russian CVs

    Russian bias is strangling this game. Wouldn't surprise me one bit to see Soviet nuclear subs with unlimited dive time and cruise missiles while everyone else is stuck with diesel electrics.
  10. Lynx7386

    how to fix DD vs CV interactions

    CVs have the best Anti-Air defenses of any ship type, so yea, for all intents and purposes they are. They have to be spotted first, and given that enemy ships have to completely bypass their entire team in order to spot a CV, and the fact that CVs don't have their spotting range increased when 'firing' like every other ship class, the chances of spotting them for "sniper bbs" to even take a shot is miniscule. There's no accounting for stupidity or bad players, and that applies to every class. It's not some special excuse for CVs. The skill floor for CVs to be effective and influential to the match outcome is far, far lower than any other ship class. Every ship is "only as good as the person playing it", but every ship also has different levels of skill requirement for the player to be 'good', and CVs are outside the acceptable range. Artillery positions are given away when firing, at least alerting the team to where they're at. Carriers do not lose concealment when launching planes. Try harder with the excuses.
  11. Lynx7386

    how to fix DD vs CV interactions

    Yep, CV players trying to maintain the status quo because they know they're not balanced right now.
  12. Lynx7386

    how to fix DD vs CV interactions

    CV players just can't admit to themselves that they're WG's pet shipclass. They get immunity to practically everything and have the safest gameplay possible. I can count on one hand the number of times carriers have died before the end of the match.
  13. Lynx7386

    Carriers shred dutch airstrikes

    Why am I not surprised.
  14. Lynx7386

    how to fix DD vs CV interactions

    You want fragile, try playing a CL or DD. Carriers are not fragile, and the fact that they can go an entire match without even having to worry about getting shot at makes it all the worse. All of this just sounds like excuses to keep the status quo, to me.
  15. Lynx7386

    how to fix DD vs CV interactions

    The only way to counter another ship in this game is to be able to spot it and shoot at it. Battleships have the longest range (akin to the snipers from other games you're talking about) but they forfeit their position when they fire. A carrier does not give away it's position by launching planes or dropping bombs. There is no form of retribution against carriers currently, because they are completely shielded by the entirety of the enemy team and can operate at 100% efficiency on the furthest edge/corner of the map. Even a battleship sitting on the edge of the map, despite it's potential gun range, is going to have a hard time hitting anything at that range due to shell flight time - but that's not a problem for carriers either. Shooting down aircraft effectively does nothing to a carrier's gameplay. It makes them launch another flight, that's it. They lose a few seconds, while you've been spotted, hit by ordnance, and had to rely entirely on an RNG system to fight back. If carriers actually had limited/non-regenerating squadrons, that could be a deterrent, but in the current span of a match it isn't an issue for planes to get shot down, and you can almost always drop ordnance on an enemy before losing your squadron. This game was built around surface ship warfare, with destroyers, cruisers, and battleships originally. Carriers were an afterthought that do not fit the battlefield as it was designed. The only thing that will bring them to equal terms with other ships is having to actually participate at ranges where they must use island cover and concealment like every other ship or risk being destroyed.