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  1. I don't enjoy constant attack by planes I seemingly can't fight off even with defensive aa and priority aa fire. But I do really enjoy wrecking those tasty floating islands when I can catch them without support
  2. Lynx7386

    should do a pirate theme next

    That'd actually be pretty awesome. Good idea. I don't mean full on age of sail ships, just some skins that give that feel. Like the warhammer themed ships have battering rams and sci fi style engines. Pirate themed ships would be rustier, ironclad looking, maybe have some tattered sails hanging from the smoke stacks or cabling, and have guns/ turrets reminiscent of old style cannons
  3. I'm sure anime and warhammer sell well, but how awesome would it be to have pirate captains and ship skins with ye olde cannons and black sails?
  4. Lynx7386

    You Asked, I listened

    [edited due to EULA violation] All day long I've been getting into matches where the whole team disperses and I suddenly find myself flanked by four battleships with no backup because nobody can freakin work together like they're supposed to.
  5. Lynx7386

    You Asked, I listened

    Its just a fact of life that in any and every multiplayer game, you'll have a lot more average/ below average players than good players. Every single competitive game ive ever played has had that problem, and that isn't going to change anytime in the foreseeable future, if ever. However, maybe instead of getting frustrated with your teammates and calling them garbage/potato players while you eat a loss, you could try communicating with them? A common theme ive noticed in nearly every random loss I've had so far is that people do not communicate. Nobody talks other than spamming meaningless quick comm emotes. Nobody steps I'm and leads or sets up a battle plan at the start of the match. With no coordination or leadership a loss is almost guaranteed unless you happen to get lucky and the other team has more potatoes than you do. At the same time, my wins in random battles are almost always cases of people taking the initiative and communicating. Even if not everyone follows, having even a third of the team working together and covering each other makes a massive difference.
  6. I'm a noob, but I'll give my two cents on the subject. The problem I see with carriers is that the skill is one sided. When you have two ships going up against one another, both sides have the opportunity to both attack and defend and maneuver in order to get the upper hand on the opponent. When you're in a ship against carrier planes, the only real skill involved is on the carrier's part- whether he approaches and aims properly. The target ship is entirely reliant on passive means to defend against the approaching aircraft, and most of the time your aa will not be able to shoot them down before they get at least one pass on you, often times several passes. If we could aim our AA guns and have a reliable means of stopping them before taking rockets/bombs/torpedoes, it might be a different story. Another issue is that carriers are often outside the battle, they send planes in with no real fear of reprisal as long as they can stay far away and concealed, and its very difficult for the enemy to send ships to attack the carrier without getting flanked by the carrier's team. Maybe when they get submarines back, they'll be a hard counter to undefended carriers. That would be a good use for them, and force the other team to keep destroyers and/or cruisers back to fend off subs.
  7. Lynx7386


    I, too, want to see subs made permanent. I started the game towards the end of the sub event, and never got the chance to try them. I had no idea they were a limited time thing or even how to get one, so I focused on other parts of the game only to suddenly see subs were no longer available. Coming from playing all of the silent hunter/Wolfpack games, and sub command, I've always been a huge fan of submarines. Have a whole leather bound book about ww2 subs. Really would like to play them someday.
  8. Lynx7386

    more ships like the Phoenix?

    I know matchmaking is partly attributing to this, but I do much better in the Phoenix than I have so far in the omaha or marblehead. As for the guns, I just feel like I do better with fast reloads on several guns than I do on the cruisers that have fewer guns and slow reloads, probably because they punish missing much heavier and theres got to be a psychological factor in laying down a constant stream of fire. I dont necessarily make heavy use of the torpedoes, but if I get into close quarters with other ships having them as an option saves me from a drawn out fight with a better armed and armored opponent.
  9. I know I lack experience with the game but so far the Phoenix seems to be the one ship I do relatively well in almost every time I use it, and the ship I've had some of my most epic matches on so far. I like the quick reload times on its mains, and the fact it has a dozen guns spead out across the ship so I can constantly maneuver without really losing steady firepower on my targets. I had originally planned to continue down the American light cruiser line, but the Omaha and Dallas dont perform nearly as well for me, and those higher tiers lose the torpedo launchers which have saved my butt more than a few times in the Phoenix. I started going down the British light cruiser line instead, but have been told that's a mistake and those ships are very difficult to use well (which is disappointing because that 3 second reload looks super nice). So any other suggestions on which ship lines or ships in particular (sticking to cruisers) behave or are set up like the phoenix?
  10. Lynx7386

    Marblehead worth it?

    I dont currently have a premium cruiser, and that's my preferred ship class, i've been using the ishizushi to get free xp but i'm not fond of battleships and it's only t4.
  11. Lynx7386

    Marblehead worth it?

    Disappointing that there arent more coal options then. I either wait indefinitely to buy what, IMO, is an overpriced ship, or go for a low tier ship i'll get no use out of.
  12. I've almost got enough coal, with the coupon, to afford a marblehead cruiser. Is it worth buying? I tend to do really well with the phoenix, not so well with the omaha (which confounds me since they're practically identical to one another), and I know the marblehead is an omaha variant but cant seem to tell if it's got any actual power improvement over the baseline ship.
  13. Lynx7386

    Someone explain this please

    See, this is one of many issues I have with this game. They sell a pack which includes a ship. They label it as a battleship. It's turrets are battleship sized (305mm). It handles like a battleship. It's gun traverse rate is agonizingly slow, like a battleship. Nothing in the description or text says anything about it -not- being a battleship. But no, it's a 'heavy cruiser' now, and despite everything the game tells you, you arent supposed to use it like a battleship. It's no wonder people can play a thousand matches and still not grasp the gameplay here; there's no logic to it at all.
  14. Lynx7386

    Someone explain this please

    Not sure if this will work but here's the replay, nifty that wows does that, I was sitting here wishing I had recorded my matches... guess I didnt need to. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AVL-vXfl70f0dRLceJteGWeZ8m-lo2KO/view?usp=sharing In the replay the engagement with the other battleship starts at about 15:40 and ends at about 10:20
  15. Honestly kicking myself for giving this game a second try here, but I've tried to be a little more level headed about it this time around. I was ready to quit for good and the 95% off starter pack on steam came around so I figured I'd stick with it for a little longer, got the pack with the Ishizuchi, and decided to give battleships a shot (never liked them much before, but it was free and premium so why not). First, and on a completely unrelated note to this post: The matchmaking changes suck. If I pick "battle" / PvP matches, I want PvP matches, not bot matches. Out of the first 10 games I played following getting that pack, I was the only player on my team for 8 of them, and paired with only one other player for the other two. In every single one of them, my bots decided to kamikaze 5 minutes into the match leaving me to deal with everything by myself, not fun at all - please figure out a matchmaking system that doesnt suck already. On to the topic at hand: I took the time to watch some instructional videos for WoWS, I learned quite a bit. Among those were videos on how to tell where a citadel on a ship is, and how to hit it effectively. In a battle tonight, I actually was surprised to see 4-5 players on each team, first time that's happened since I started playing again. I was in the Ishizuchi. I stayed at range for the first part of the match, managed to nuke a destroyer with a lucky shot, most of the battle ended up taking place on the far side of the map so I didnt have a target rich environment available. One enemy battleship, a Bellerophon, was moving around the edge of the map towards my position. Both of us were at 100% hull. I landed the first few hits before he noticed me, using HE rounds (got one fire set in that initial salvo), and as he started to return fire I used a small island for cover while switching to AP rounds and getting a better angle. He came around the edge of the island full broadside towards me, I had my two front batteries ready to fire, aimed right for the citadel, let the salvo loose... nothing. Barely scratched the paint. His initial salvo had 4 of his batteries fire off, did a pretty decent 10-15% of my hitpoints on the front of my ship. Without a citadel hit he had already gotten the upper hand, doing more damage than my initial salvo, follow up, and fire had done. I hit the throttle as he turned towards me. We were only about 2-3k apart. I was able to get past him with my stern pointed at him before his next salvo, and 3 of my guns aimed at his broadside again as he turned. I aimed for citadels once again... got nothing. Another scratch on the paint, and again he managed to take a good 15% of my hitpoints out in one chunk. I dont know if he was getting citadel hits on me or not, I cant imagine he was given the angles we were at, but the damage sure was pointing at that being the case. He went around the far side of the island behind me, and I turned and went around the other side so we'd meet again, this time both broadside to each other. I had all 5 batteries ready, aimed for citadels... again, not a single citadel hit. He chunked off probably another 30% of my hull there. Twenty or thirty seconds later, and another failed salvo from my ship, and I was toast (despite, once again, turning/angling into his attack to avoid that damage... didnt work). So someone please tell me why the hell it played out like this? I clearly saw my shells hitting where they should've been citadel strikes, and he was getting citadel-strike levels of damage from what looked like glancing shots to me. My ship had 12k more hull, we've both got 5 batteries with the same size guns, yet the lower tier ship wrecked the higher tier ship while playing, from what I could see, more sloppy. He left his broadside exposed for most of the engagement, never even tried to angle against my shots, he just straight up overpowered a higher tier, tougher ship (probably with more upgrades). This kind of crapis why I decided to quit the first time around, so pardon if I seem a little frustrated again here but it seems to me that some kind of RNG completely trumped tactics or skill in this situation, and if that's what I have to look forward to... no thanks.