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  1. Thank you for the clarification and additional info. WG made some changes with Cmdr. skills that I thought were great, and giving till mid-Feb for unlimited skill changes is a very fair amount of time. The cost reductions are obviously good, BUT... it is a result of player complaints in the first place, and after a day or 2 with the changes, you start finding other changes "as a result" that happen to help WG offset the profit losses from the publicized (happier customer) changes. Its too obvious for them to overlook, and too convenient to be a coincidence. Not quite as inconspicuous, but another coinciding change was upping max Cmdr. skill points to 21, which requires grinding 12 million more Cmdr. XP. More reason to buy XP and Cmd XP + flags, maybe that $99 camo pack, and some players may give in to paying $20 for ships' permanent camo. WG is a business, they make a great game, and they are smart in many ways.
  2. Was the ability to see all commanders (all reserve commanders being the potential issue) in the same view removed in 0.10.0? If so, it makes it a pain to easily sift through them to find one to dismiss, as it appears you have to switch to each different country to check the reserve commanders. New players won't figure this out quickly, making them more likely to pay for a new slot when they don't realize to check the other nations the may have reserve commanders they don't need. Just want to make sure I am not missing something. Thank you!
  3. The math makes sense, but what does HE stand for?
  4. I bought 1000 doubloons on Steam Market but only 250 were made available in the game. Cannot find any option for making the remaining doubloons shown in steam inventory transfer to game, nor found any answer in the forum so far. What am I missing? Thank you!