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  1. pf13_1952

    wth is up with the Ships and Fate campaign?

    I have a couple of the ships. Unlocked T-22 today so I got the cmdr and camo, and capt. But no dup ship. Do you get credits if you already have the ship? I also have Visby and New York, would like the camos but it would be nice to get some credits since if I had a duplicate I couldsell the extra to get credits.
  2. pf13_1952

    Twitch Drops in Update 0.9.8

    Same here watched Twitch stream, funky hat and all said I was awarded container, no container, is there a schedule when twitch containers released?
  3. pf13_1952

    New captain skills and our current 19ers

    It gets xp that can be converted to free xp like a premium though. Thatg part confuses me.
  4. pf13_1952

    New captain skills and our current 19ers

    Thanks, does it have to be retrained to go back to the Shimakaze which seems to be a premium (my first tier 10)?
  5. pf13_1952

    New captain skills and our current 19ers

    Somewhat off topic for a noob (playing for 2 months now) I have a 16 point captain I have been grinding for Japanese torpedo DD, when he gets to a 19 pt commander can I transfer him say from my Shimakaze to the Fubuki without having to retrain him? I imagine this is a stupid question but I really would like to know.
  6. USAf 71-75, Lackland AFB TX, Hill AFB UT.
  7. pf13_1952

    Time to say goodbye

    Well wait till you've been married 40+ years and get back to us. :')