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  1. I cannot say if there is bias or not. Only thing I can say is that some ships (not referring to any specific nation since some examples were provided already in a previous post), specially more recently released ones, are better suited for combat in general due to their raw stats, mechanics, and tools at their disposal. This does not imply a bias, but it allows for both, skilled and less skilled players, to make errors and not suffer as much as other ships, e.g. IJN CA(*). What it does imply is a lack of understanding (desired or unknown) from the Dev Team to have a balance game, but hey, it is their game. I guess they can do whatever they want with it. Outside of that, personally, what I find the most annoying is not that some Nation(s) or Ship(s) are better, but that some Ship(s) are worse and/or are outclasses in today's World of Warships state and require a revision. However, WG does nothing arguing "everything is fine because the spreadsheet tells them so". In fairness, I would not blame the Devs for being bias towards one Nation if there is a connection to them, since we are all people. Although if they really want to "argue their game is competitive in terms of skill", they should do a better job in the balance department. (*) Inb4 anyone says anything. Yes, I am an IJN simp, and yes I am a scrub, so what?
  2. Ekkaroe

    PSA: New Code (EXPIRED)

    Just wanted to say thank you, and that the code worked for me at the time of typing this message.
  3. I would like a 4th Container. However, I would not like the required amount of XP suggested. Heck, I do not like the current one, in which the 3rd Container is 37k XP. I would suggest these numbers: 2,000 10.000 22.000 39.000 Yes, I am aware this implies adding an extra Container for 2,000 XP more. I strongly disliked what they did with the Commander XP. I do not want that applied to the Containers.
  4. I do like the suggestions and I would love to see an IJN CL line. However, as with everything WG develops for IJN, the line would be mediocre at best, obsolete at worst. WG seems to hate IJN lines for some reason. Only caveat I see with this proposed line is that it would not be that much different from the IJN CA, since both would have questionable armour schemes, high HE damage, "high" fire chance and the option to stealth torp. If this new line improved upon of any of these aspects or others, it would make the IJN CA line completely obsolete, which I think it defeats the point of the split. In this case, a revision of the IJN CA line would be required.
  5. Hello there, This is probably a very stupid question, but I am not sure and I prefer to ask. Also, I was not sure if this part of the forum was the correct place to open the thread, if it was not, my apologies. I dropped the game around early March 2021, but recently a friend convinced me to get back to play again. However, my friend mentioned to me to wait until 90 days have passed, so I can be recruited again by a new recruiter. I was recruited back in June 2020. My question is simple, can I be recruited again? I was under the impression that I could not, but the the way it is worded in the Recruitment Station Rules webpage is confusing to me. I would love if someone could confirm me if I can or I cannot. Thank you.
  6. Ekkaroe

    ST, Axis vs coalition

    This game mode sounds awesome. However, it is going to highlight the massive discrepancy in capability and utility among ships from different nations, which I think is good and terrible at the same time since there is a very high chance that nothing will be done about it.
  7. Ekkaroe

    IJN Cruisers: Do They Need Some Attention?

    I do believe the IJN Cruisers requires some adjustments, at least to bring them on pair with the newer Cruiser Lines. They are suppose to be sort of jack of all trades, and yet other Lines get similar or better perks without losing their "Gimmicks". I do not think IJN requires a gimmick, but just a revision. I do like their consistency, but more often than not, IJN is simply a bad choice when it comes to any competitive environment because there are better options that bring the same (or almost the same) and bring more utility to the team. If someone is going to look at my stats and simply dismiss me, please I would appreciate advice in that case. Overall, to me, IJN Cruisers feel like "I cannot carry, I tried". Some games I feel extremely discouraged to play them. And do not get me started on Azuma. For argument sake comparing Zao to their counterparts, I would suggest the following areas to be looked at: - HP Pool - Turret Angles and Rotation - Artillery Range and Reload - AA Defense - Team Utility
  8. Ekkaroe

    Twitch Drops in 0.9.11

    Hi there, I have my Account linked to Twitch and during the months of September and October I was able to get Twitch Containers and Twitch Missions without any issues. However, since November, every single time I got a notification, like the attached image, saying I received a Twitch Mission and/or Twitch Container and check in-game, I would see nothing. No Twitch Mission, no Twitch Container, nothing, nada. Is there any issue related to the Twitch Integration I am not aware? I rechecked the steps and my Account Management Status and it says it is linked since June, am I missing anything? Apologies if this was not the right place to post this, but I was not sure where to post it either. Thanks.
  9. Ekkaroe

    Mouse's Take on the Proposed Skill Changes

    I quite like the DD changes. I am unsure about BB changes, I have very little experience. I strongly dislike Cruisers losing access to BB survival skills, specially ships like Azuma. If they go ahead with that, then I genuinely would like to get a refund for Azuma. They are, effectively, making the Ship worse changing the skills in that way. I do like the idea of AA Cruisers. I dislike the idea of making CVs gameplay more volatile. The skills only affect numbers, rather than play style. I strongly dislike that as I just got my first 19 pt captain, I will need to grind until 21 now to get elite commander exp.
  10. Ekkaroe

    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    I have mixed feelings about the way these Commanders and Ships can be obtained (e.g. massively expensive bundles or RNG/Gacha). I do love Azur Lane, it is my main game after all, and it was thanks to it that I joined WOWS. However, I am quite disgusted by some of the practices the company follows. Ironically, I find WOWS is cool and fun (hence I play it), but there are some systems that are extremely unfriendly (specially for new) players. Either way, I was looking forward to the next collab between WOWS and AL, but why would I want all the Commanders or even the Premium Ships if I am only interested in some of them? Even more, why would I want "exclusive Camos" of Ships that are no longer available? Yes, I am referring to Enterprise for example. I am ok with the Ship not being available, but then, why would I want the Camo at all? It feels like whoever made the decision on the bundles "options" and "prices" cares not for them to be profitable but on "bait 4 weebz"... even maybe did them this badly to "prove that they are not worth doing". xD I am definitely not buying any, which pains me because I really want to get AL Commanders and AL Ships in WOWS (I had my wallet ready to throw at the monitor) since I do enjoy collecting stuff, but this? This is a really bad joke. What saddens me the most is that apparently the 2nd collab was mishandled too and the feedback was disregarded. =/