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  1. Ekkaroe

    Curious email from "WG"

    I got the email too today. Although I have 2FA enabled, I decided to change the password since it looked like a legitimate email from WG. I did not click any links on the email and manually accessed my WG Account.
  2. My situation is not exactly the same, but I share a similar sentiment. The very few Resources Ships that I purchased, I did so because I was advised to get them due to their "op-ness" not because I was really interested in them (e.g. Thunderer, Smaland, etc). However, at the same time, I did get them because I had the Resources but nothing caught my eye. Why? Because I am more interested in similar gameplay as certain type of Ships, e.g. Shimakaze and Zao. Of course there are some Ships that play similarly to them, but in regards to Ships available for Resources or that I find appealing enough? Not really. The only two Ships I have had some interest recently have been Tokachi and Z-42. The former I got, the latter I am no longer interested. I understand that WG is not here to please my guilty-pleasures with Resource Ships, but due to the direction the game is going, I do not expect to see more of what I like/prefer (Shimakaze) and a lot of more of what I do not really like/prefer (DD gunboat + Radar).
  3. Well, there goes my interest in Z-42. Thanks WG I will keep my Steel for something else.
  4. My biggest concern for Operations is that how unrewarding they are, unless you put high Tier Economic Bonuses, specially on a loss, in which not even the Economic Bonuses help and are a literal waste of player resources. Moreover, if they add more difficulty levels, this presents new problems: Player Pool: The more difficulty levels they add, the more the available players get reduced to form a Team. Let alone different type of Ships (Surface Ships / Submarines Ops) Ship Pool: Although this is not reduced, which ships are "viable" will drastically be reduced to the ships that are "optimal" on higher difficulties. Others. Combining what I have mentioned above, the higher difficulty tier may sound nice on paper, but I am unsure how feasible will be. This is not accounting the current "problems" that exist in Operations at the moment.
  5. Ekkaroe

    Operation Rewards

    I am not sure if it is possible to know or if you are allowed to say @Ahskance, what were the changes made to Operations exactly? It feels awfully reading that changes were done, but being blind about them. I personally dropped Operations this patch because when I tried after their return, post Halloween, most of them were massive disasters. This was not my experience prior to Halloween on most of them, Aegis and Hermes being exceptions as it has been commented across multiple threads. In addition, what is the philosophy behind the poor/low rewards for a loss on Operations based on their current difficulty? I could understand if Operations well a walk in the park, but they overall are not. In all honestly, it feels terrible to play close to 20 minutes to end up losing it and getting the same or lower rewards than what you can get from a Coop match for 5-7 minutes. Whereas on a win it is not that spectacular either. This does not mean the rewards from Coop should be changed, e.g. diminished. I would hope the rewards for Operations are increased due to the effort they require now compared to before, and not the other way around. I could be wrong here, but I cannot shake the feeling that despite Operations being an interesting game mode, it is being sabotaged intentionally to justify "a small number of players plays it" and not bother with them at all in the future.
  6. What would constitute "Classic" exactly? I am sure all of us have our own definition of "Classic". On which Patch would the "Classic" be set on? What would "standard DDs, CL/CAs and BBs" mean exactly? Which lines will be included? Have you thought about these things? I can understand the sentimient, but these things are not created from thin air. In all honestly, I do not think World of Warships is in any position to create a "Classic" (whatever this may mean) version of the game having into account how reluctant a lot of other companies were in the past to create such a thing and not in all of them was a success.
  7. Ekkaroe

    Tokachi in Co-Op

    There are people on a Battle Pass Level past 50? I am still at Level 30... I am guessing paid for the +6k Dubs one or something, right?
  8. Ekkaroe

    Tokachi in Co-Op

    Does not Tokachi get a better armor scheme than Atlanta? I could be wrong, but I swear Tokachi has like a 48mm(?) deck and a belt.
  9. What is astonishing is that WG would say in the patch notes "Changes have been made", but will not disclose the changes... This is like if they said "A new branch for research has been added" or "Balance changes have been made", but never specified what was added/changed. Why do they have this weird policy of not giving players clear information? This includes times like when they did "information gymnastics" (like the Subs data) or "miscomunications". Just why?
  10. If it was not for the fact that Z-42 will be heavily modified, I would be really interested in her. I guess I will wait and see in what state she is left.
  11. Ekkaroe

    Changes to balance of operations

    I played, if I recall correctly, 7 operations yesterday. I won only 2 and it was when I took out high dpm ships. I do not know if I was very unlucky with the kind of players I got paired with or what, but those 5 defeats were extremely painful. It was easily 17 mins of me just waiting for the defeat screen. It looked like the players did not have a clue on what to do. What actually felt extremely bad was not the defeat in on itself, but the fact that an OPs defeat rewards you so very little (~300-450 BXP), even if you were top of the team with most kills and 200k+ damage (or appropriate damage based on the OP). This just makes me feel that I should play Coop games, where I can get between 350-600 BXP for 5 to 8 mins matches, rather than potentially wasting 20 min for roughly the same. They have to make OP defeats provide roughly the equivalent to Randoms defeats when you perform well. If I was to give an estimate, I would say between 700 and 1000 BXP, mainly because you OPs tend to last close to 20 mins. I really like the fact the opened OPs again, but between what they did for Halloween and these, they are making it hard to want to play them, especially after the new Battle Pass shenanigans.
  12. Do those really count? I thought they did not due to the Ships being categorized as Tier III.
  13. I could be wrong, but unless you make a Division (reduced rewards), Operations are not accessible, right?
  14. Ekkaroe

    twitch connection dropped?

    This same thing has happened to me in the past a few times. I have no idea why this happens, but it is extremely annoying. As Grantwhy says, you must unlink your Twitch Account and connect it again.
  15. Ekkaroe

    Lost a Coop battle, what's wrong

    As long as the Coop AI Bots do not have increased stats as they do in Operations, it should be fine. I cannot wait for Coop AI Submarines to get Krakens. :D