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  1. Jonathan850

    Santa Crates

    Yes I know it is over but it still appeared below my name on the upper left when in port and also when in random when you are in game and hit tab to view the other teams players and your teammates. Once in game and hitting tab if you put curser over the players name on your team or other team names, if they have a rank, it will appear there as well. I noticed after the rest of my account mine was gone but many other players it was still showing. Also, if my rank is gone that means when the next season starts I would have to start over from the beginning rank and not rank 12 I believe. Usually when I am rank 6 by the end of the season I start back at rank 12 and after my first win receive the bonus for all ranks prior. That is my concern. That I would have to start from the beginning again and loose out on the rewards.
  2. Jonathan850

    Santa Crates

    Update: Something to keep an eye on... Once my account was rest to an earlier date before the Santa Containers were purchased I have NO RANK at all. Was Rank 6 after the last season. My rank no longer shows next to my name or in Random Battles. I submitted a ticket to have it added back. Do not know if anyone else has had this issue yet as most may not have noticed it.
  3. Jonathan850

    Santa Crates

    Full amount was just refunded according to my email. Will take a few more days to show up in my account. Game reset was done so it reset to Thursday December 3. Lost about 8 days of progression. Original request for refund was Monday December 7. Just and FYI, hang in there commanders.
  4. Jonathan850

    Santa Crates

    Guess I am the only one that feels that way. Guess they did the refund and reset just for me. Streamers like Sea Lord Mountbatten, Flamu, and Flambass and many others must feel as you do right. Wrong, Flambass did a whole video on WG and the Santa event and was disgusted and is now not streaming WOWS due to this, Flamu did the same video and urges others not to buy as it was a scam, SLM has several videos on this stating the same. These are players in high standing in the community with over a million followers. But yes you must be the authority on how this is right and not an issue.
  5. Jonathan850

    Santa Crates

    Dude you have blinders on and there is no help for you. Thousands of not 10’s of thousands of players fell for this. Many that just started playing during COVID were taken advantage of. Yes you can get tons of ships but the odds were not stated, advertised as equal 1/107 was and still is (which has been proven by bigger whales than me that created new accounts and posted the results spending much more money than I did), no chance to get many of those 107 unless you had about 80 of them already. The sad truth is I love this game and really want to play again.I have been checking my email for the reset every day. I just want what’s right for me and the continued growth of this player base. Currently there is a large percentage of the player base waiting on roll backs with no point in playing till it happens as they would loose everything they are currently doing. Me being one of those with 7 days of progress now gone and counting waiting on the refund and rollback to last Thursday.
  6. Jonathan850

    Santa Crates

    I never stated I did not get a ship. I said I didn’t even have a 1 out of 107 chance for a rare/retired ship. I got 18 trash ships, 2 decent carriers that I do not yet know how to play, a tier 8 BB that was decent but most would consider a trash premium tier 8 compared to other tier 8 premium BB’s, and the best overall was a tier 7 Atlanta. Out of $750 I never had a chance at a musashi, Missouri, and a lot of other rare ships since I had not participated in the previous years Santa containers I did not have enough ships on the short and next up list to get many super container re rolls. Yes, if you have a ton of premium ships already in port that are on the list the RNG is in your favor to pull a great ship. If not, like me a newer player with a fleet of about 60 ships, only 5 being premium ships, then the contains only pulled the trash ships.
  7. Jonathan850

    Santa Crates

    It is rigged and a scam for players like me that started in February of this year. I had no knowledge of years events before. I though I could spend $750 and get more thank a tier 7 Atlanta. Possibly even a Missouri or like rare ship if I got luck but that, come to find out, was impossible. Not even a 1 out of 107 chance after spending $750. Call me a whale but what I did I did to try to catch up on a game I just started that others had 5 years to do. I would also add that I am no passing player as my number of battles in a short time will show.
  8. Jonathan850

    Santa Crates

    I started the ticket in player support refund section. I got an email from them stating they had answered my ticket and then I went to the ticket and read their response. response from WG: Hello Jonathan850,Thank you for reaching out to Wargaming Player Support. I hope this message finds you well.We are sorry that you left disappointed by the Santa Containers this year. We know this is something that a lot of our players look forward to and the last thing we want is to see you upset approaching holiday season.Since all purchased Santa Containers have been opened, we can offer to restore the account on 2020-12-03, thereby cancelling the purchase of all containers and refunding your purchases.Please let us know if you agree to restore the account.NOTE: The account can be restored only once after containers have been opened. So if you decide to purchase Santa Containers again, we will not be able to assist you.We are looking forward to hearing from you. I approved the refund and rollback within 3 hours of their response 3 days ago. Nothing from customer support since then.
  9. Jonathan850

    Santa Crates

    Yep, 3 days and some hours now. Got a confirmation of my request and they asked was it ok to reset my account to last Thursday and I said yes. 3 days later still waiting for the refund and the rest.
  10. Jonathan850

    Santa Crates

    First time posting but hear me on this: I put in for my Santa refund 3 days ago. Got the generic reply stating they would need to reset my account to last Thursday and do they have my approval? I gave approval a few hours later. My game play has not been rolled back and no refund has been issued. I lost over $750 on the rigged Santa crates. I watched a video today of someone that made a new account and bought 250 middle and high end Santa crates. They got each ship off the short list first then the mid list. Only way to get the rare/retired ships was to spend money till all other ships had been obtained. This is a huge scam. Governments law enforcement have been notified and are looking into this. I am worried my money will never be refunded. I could care less about the account rollback at this point but taking that into consideration I am currently at 7 days progression lost. FYI to anyone on here. At this point Wargaming may be coming to an end as the player base will not stay unless highly compensated.