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  1. Okay, I am looking at spending my coal. Looking at some tier X ships. I play for fun, don't do a lot of grinding, don't do much random or rank. Just looking for down to earth advise. Thunderer, Yoshino, Moskva, Salem, Marceau...Maybe a tier IX possibly, I have a Alaska but how about maybe a Pommern or Georgia. I know I am all over the board, I look confused and you may call me stupid. Thanks for the help. Send me a bill!!..........More guidance was asked. Have not played alot of DD but can be fun, mostly play Cruisers cause of faster game play, BB are fun if not a slug for speed or reload time. Hell I want it all in all lines. thx to all for the advise.
  2. Sinkthemall_2020

    Black Friday Doubloons

    Dumb and Dumber here. How do you get the bonus doubloons for the black Friday ships. I have won 5 games with each of the 3 I have. Sorry for the dumb question.
  3. Sinkthemall_2020

    dumb to Game

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I will keep at it. Will probably be back for a pep talk now and then.
  4. Sinkthemall_2020

    dumb to Game

    Okay got online, bought some ships and just started playing. Now I am confused on how some ships not matter what can keep concealed to 4 to 6. Even BB's it seems. I get in Random and i get my [edited]kicked and so does my team members. Is it the pay to win or am I just and dumb A_ _ or bother. No matter what kind of tactics I try it ends the same. Tell this fool what the heck to do. Should this inept player stick to Co-op. Should I spend $1000's to be satisfied. Maybe a lost cause. Suggestions for the stupid please.