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  1. Cowbingo_

    great camo

    TY for this camo I have alot of fun with ship moo u later 2021-09-24_21-09-25-747.mp4
  2. I was kind of disappointed with her special skill set which is none. Come on Devs. 1. She should get something in adrenaline rush because well have you not watch her vids. 2. Liquidator well have you watch her vids she will make your legs weak and sink your heart lol 3. Last stand well if you were ever lucky to date her would ever need another date lol 4. Dazzle well again have you not watch her vids. please I don't believe I have to convince the devs to correct this. please people help me convince the devs and please keep this clean because she is a beautiful lady and needs your help to get her special skills. P.S. and have picked her up as one my commanders anyway. I don't understand her native languish but hey I do like the way she says things.
  3. I would like to see the commanders you can trade in for 175,000 coal added. You only still get to choose from 4 nations why haven't the others countries being added.
  4. Cowbingo_

    when u sometimes say sry

    lol i get 1 thang too say too that moo. oh wat 1 mor thang moo
  5. Cowbingo_

    when u sometimes say sry

    wow i drew in a forum lurker u no what i mean
  6. in battle things can get interested sometimes. ship happens. your torps hit someone or u ram an ally you say sry. But not once not once have I've seen a bot say sry. I think its about time they start dont u.
  7. ok this one no one talked the whole battle lol. in under 7 mins of play destroyed 2 DDs,CL, and a BB and still had 297 hp oh and i think i killed an ally lol
  8. i was saving my coal to get my first premium ship and only need 2k more to get Anshan — Pan-Asian premium Tier VI destroyer when i got a container and choose resources. I got a supercontainer and thinking great signal flags, it was 15,000 coal. so rushed to the armory to see what I could use my coupon on and it was the Błyskawica — European premium Tier VII destroyer. only have the teir 3 commander. It's been fun play it. sry i deleted the vid because i was watching it and saw the chat it was right angry guy saying the very wrong thing i will try for a better vid
  9. I think WoW needs to add some Pirate Theme music. You know like to go with the pirate voice over. one of my first choice would be Alela Diane - The Pirate's Gospel
  10. Cowbingo_

    USS Lexington Come Back Stronger

    they r having some bad weather there right now hurricane category 4 is it still happen?
  11. under setting and controls u can add any hot key change including mouse buttons from a simple 6 button mouse . I was asking for changing targets to be added to the ability change to what u prefer matter it a diff key board stroke or mouse buttons please. TY
  12. it would be nice to add key change to targeting enemies ships i would like to use the extra keys on mouse so i can page through ships for easyer priority target pls. I find myself in the heat of battle only have to look down for the X key then start flipping through enemies ship by then i lose arcs or die in a DD. TY