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  1. Ariochaotik

    Subs have WAAAAY too much health

    I had 12 depth charge hits on a sub the other day, and it didnt die. I was in a destroyer, he ended up killing 2 ships afterward, was still alive at the end of the battle.
  2. I think the three charts other than win-rate are more indicative of player skill and whether someone is improving or not. Like you (OP), I have trouble walking away when I'm amidst a losing streak. I am currently in a terrible losing streak as you can tell by that chart lol.
  3. Ariochaotik

    Naval Battle Nonsense

    I got my 20 stars over the weekend for my clan and lost every single battle but 3. Worst losing streak I've had since i started playing. My winrate trend looks like it fell off a cliff.
  4. This is what I use as well. I was never a fan of curved monitors or TV's but this particular monitor is so big, and the curve is so slight that it works awesome. The screen perfectly fills my field of vision.
  5. My 2 fave destroyers are the gearing, and shimakaze. I also like the kitakaze and fletcher.
  6. Ariochaotik

    Everyone is trying to get 10 citadels in a random game

    The dutch cruisers are great. The harleem is a gudbote, but the Gorden Leeuw is my new fave cruiser in the game.(that i have anyway) Tanky af, accurate, both HE and AP shells are very good. 1v1d a full health kremlin yesterday in one. Surprised him coming around an island, between the 2 plane strikes and a salvo of AP to his broadside at close range...dead in a matter of seconds. It's also pretty dang agile.AP seems like a petro but able to dodge torps and good HE dmg, with fires a plenty. PS: i suck at cruisers typically.
  7. Ariochaotik

    Credit Problem

    if you do poorly in one of those battleships, it can cost you a net loss of credits, almost as bad as a high tier carrier. Contrary to that, destroyers have almost no service cost so you are guaranteed a net gain of credits after a battle, even if it's not all that much. I tend to play Pommern, Massachusetts to make credits, but i also grind tech tree ships constantly, and am always out of credits. I think i have like 6 ships researched but not purchased right now.
  8. Ariochaotik

    brawl mode really showcases the huge flaws in game balance

    well, cruisers dont fare well when brawling. When fighting against a BB, cruisers generally need to be near their max range in order to dodge incoming fire. This game mode requires you to be up close and personal. It's no surprise that cruisers are not good at this game mode. You cant stay at max range, cuz the caps tick the points so fast.
  9. It's annoying when this happens. It has happened to me a few times since i started playing. I no longer even respond. Just report for misbehavior in chat, and ignore them.
  10. Ariochaotik

    The "Weekend Warrior" philosophy?

    I was wondering the other day what if any contribution to poorer play on the weekends would be due to naval battles. Specifically, many people playing ships they would otherwise choose not to play except for wanting the stars..
  11. Ariochaotik

    De Zeven Provinciën

    unlike other dutch cruisers it has anti-sub armaments with depth charges. It doesn't have hydro however. It's a fun boat though. one futher note, it's 3 airstrike drops, are much weaker than haarlem in damage and health of planes. 1KM additional range on the airstrike as well.
  12. What does this mean? "100% doubloon cashback coupon on purchases in the armory" I recieved the same thing, but I dont see a coupon listed in the "coupons" section that would indicate this.
  13. 7 days of premium, but i finally got a ship in a container. It was a santa's big gift container, with a molotov in it.
  14. 2 assashios and a loyang. I guess they didnt expect a BB to hunt them but rather to run from them. They sat in smoke , big mistake.
  15. I had a game last night in my massachusettes against a 3 DD division. In my massachusettes, I managed to kill all 3 of them without taking a single torpedo.