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  1. Jormungandr75

    Why is the player base so angry?

    You'll have to excuse him, he's not too bright. All he does is complain anyway and accuse people bullying and trolling when they have a different opinion than his.
  2. Jormungandr75

    Make Karma relevant to something

    I think the whole Karma mechanic should be removed. Its completely useless other than a means to determine whether some child got butt hurt during a match and reported you for something lol.
  3. Jormungandr75

    I$ thi$ game $pinning out of control?

    Wow, someone must have been touched the wrong way by a gaming company. If you dislike WG so much and think they are so evil then why are you still here? Seems kind of child like to complain all the time about a game or a game developer but yet still support their product by using it. No wonder its hard to take people across the 'Pond' seriously anymore. They always say one thing and do another.
  4. Jormungandr75

    I can't even... I don't... wut?

    There's more and more idiots playing this game these days it appears.
  5. Had a funny thought, it would be awesome if when you go pink you also have to wear pink Camo. Now that would be awesome.
  6. Jormungandr75

    Should WG Rein In Players Like This?

    This!!!!! The only true cancer are unicoms who think they own exclusive rights to the game while everyone else has to cater to them. If they think they can do so much better, why don't they create a game of their own and run it the way they see fit. See how successful that is lol.
  7. Jormungandr75

    Should WG Rein In Players Like This?

    The only cancer are those who feel that just because another player doesn't meet 'their' expectations that they shouldn't be permitted to play the game in whatever mode they wish. That's what needs to be reigned in by WG. Posts like this should be removed as it doesn't show any constructive inputs, nor is it very civil towards other player as WG likes to flag people for.
  8. I'm so confused. I haven't paid a dime for this game yet and probably wont just out of principle. But I haven't had any issues. I think the OP is a little deranged.
  9. Jormungandr75

    I'm Out...

    LOL, you might want o look up what an opinion is. Opinions are based on thoughts of an individual and not objective. You're just trying to force your views on others. Pathetic.
  10. Jormungandr75

    I'm Out...

    NO such thing as a wrong opinion, that's why they are opinions. There are only differing opinions.
  11. Jormungandr75

    A little courtesy please.

    If you say so, actually I'm not. one of my shipmates told me about the game and invited me. Your assumptions are very incorrect. You must be one of the butt hurt elitists who gets called out for the toxicness of these forums.
  12. Jormungandr75

    Whats with the Bots?

    That might be what it was, because it was strange that there were no enemies to the Starboard side of the Bot as I was passing yet it launched torps anyway right into me. At first I thought it was a live player until I saw the name.
  13. Jormungandr75

    A little courtesy please.

    You and so many other should do the same thing you're preaching to me. SO much elitism and toxic banter to people you don't agree with. Poor little fella. Someone needs some love and some thicker skin.
  14. Jormungandr75

    Whats with the Bots?

    You might be on to something there :)
  15. Jormungandr75

    Whats with the Bots?

    OK I have noticed in the last day that the bots in the game launch their torps at nothing but friendlies. What the heck? I've been blown out of the water way too many times by these stupid AI bots.