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  1. Contreras1991

    ST 0.9.9, new ships

    Im interested in that Japanese BB ( I arrived when the musashi was already gone from the premium store and armory), so she it seems like between the izumo and yamato . Also interested in the Dunk sister In the other hand, i wish that WG would add in the future the USS Washington (North Carolina BB Class)
  2. Contreras1991

    I must believe! ENTERPRISE

    Congratulations for the enty! and good to see owari da as her commander. I wish some day get in a crate the champagne and jean bart, those are the ships that i missed and i wanted to get ( i started to play in april and the jean bart was already removed from the store)
  3. Contreras1991

    Bring back Enterprise

    Im one of those (also the champagne, i love french bb for some reason)