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  1. pachelbel117

    Which class is hardest to learn?

    DD's have been the hardest for me to learn, but they have been the most enjoyable class, by far. In the end, that is what really matters.
  2. Thank you black_hull4. I am not going to share an account, but if the advice you mentioned is something else I will check it out. Thanks again.
  3. ObiphanKenobi - why do you keep replying to my messages and locking my posts? You do not appear to have any idea what is going on with my account. Please stop replying as I am trying to get information from World of Warships players, not board moderators. Thank you.
  4. Seems like it would be incredibly time-consuming to start over, but I do not think they will unlock my account.
  5. I'm only reading in the forums that everyone who requests a refund these days has the request denied. Does WG every refund a purchase for a valid reason?
  6. pachelbel117

    Question about my black Friday task

    Yes, WG wants you to buy the standard Graf Zeppelin also. Same thing happened to me - thought I was getting something that I did not get.
  7. The issue was that I tried to buy 100,000 Free XP,. I did not want to the Black Alaska because I only play destroyers. So I did not get what I paid for because they say I should have known the the 100,000 Free XP was only unlockable using a different version of the Alaska ship. So the real problem is that I did not get what I paid for, but they said that I did. WG refuses to acknowledge that this was all a mistake and refund my money because I did not get what I thought I was buying. Anyway, at this point they have locked my account or banned it rather than give me a refund. Is there any other way to contact them other than the support tickets, because they were just giving me the same canned response that I should have known that I needed a different ship. Thank you. BTW, this screen shot is what I saw when I bought the Black Alaska. And it does not say here that a different ship is needed. Since the word "Alaska" was used all by itself here 4 times, I completely thought it was talking about the same ship - the one I was buying. I have not been playing this game for years, so I did not know about the ship distinctions that everyone else already seems to be aware of.
  8. They have locked or deleted every post I put up on these boards and they have closed every support ticket that I have submitted. Is there any other way to reach out to them?
  9. This is a support issue where I had contacted support to ask for a refund, was denied twice, and I wanted to find out how many other users had this same support issue and what they did to solve it. When a moderator moved my post alone - leaving all the other posts here in the Game Support forum for this exact same topic, that told me they were not being honest about my post being in the wrong place. Sneaky move dumping it in the highest volume forum where it will drop off the first page in under 40 minutes. Still, my post received comments there from other disgruntled customers, so a second mod just locked it. Classy move. I choose not to be silenced. So I wanted to let you all know what they do to unpopular posts, and ask if this has happened to anyone else. BTW, I am truly surprised how many other players have tried to defend WG saying that I should have known. My only response to that argument is to ask why then did WG's own response to my refund request direct me to a different page on their website where it does actually say that another ship is needed to unlock the 100,000 Free XP. Just saying - not even WG could point to where in the Armory on the product description page where I was informed that I would need a second ship. I certainly would not have bought it if I knew that. Just saying. I am still trying to request a refund a third and final time. If anyone is interested, here was that original post: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/230543-update-is-this-company-trying-to-cheat-customers-out-of-their-money-or-do-they-have-any-integrity-at-all/
  10. UPDATE - I just received the second absolute denial to my refund request. Why even have a refund policy if you are just going to deny valid refund requests. Has anyone ever received a refund for anything? The only way they can get away with doing this is if we let them. More to come soon.
  11. Thank you all for the honest responses. I do wish their description had been more clear. If they do not issue refunds at all then I have a decision to make. Thanks again!
  12. This is what the page says when you buy the Blask Alaska. This is what I read. I did not read everything on the other pages. I read what it says on the page for the purchase I wanted to make. And nowhere on this page is it even hinted that I would not get the 100,000 Free XP or that I would need a second ship to get those credits. I would bet anything that if you made a purchase and did not get what you thought you were buying that you would be upset too.
  13. I love this game and have gladly spent a ton of money buying ships that I enjoy. But now I feel completely robbed by falling for the "100,000 Free XP" scam. In response to my support ticket asking for a refund, all I got back was a screenshot from some page on their website saying the combat missions are for the standard (not black) version of each black ship. That information certainly should have been on the page where I bought the ship so I would know not to buy it. Instead, in the description where I bought the ship "Black Alaska" is listed once, "Alaska B" is listed twice, and "Alaska" all by itself is listed 4 times! That is why I thought it was all talking about the same ship. You cannot expect every customer who makes a purchase to have read every word on your website. So naturally, I thought this was a mistake for the company to not specify this information on the purchase description page and asked for a refund. But if they are not willing to issue a refund when the only reason I made the purchase was for the 100,000 Free XP, which I can never get, then I have to wonder if this deception was intentional? If it was a mistake, why not just refund my purchase? I have spent more money on extra content here than I have for the next top ten games combined that I played over the course of my entire life. And they are willing to throw away a customer over this? If so, I'm out of here. If not, can anyone give me some hope that the company will come back with a better response? I have asked that my ticket be escalated to someone who can help, but their first response did not leave me with much hope.