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  1. I would gladly give up the Airstrikes in order to get that 4 second reload it had IRL, even if it could only do it while firing at aircraft. There is still a chance however, for a PanAm version of it to get released either as a premium or even as a tech tree ship with a sub 5-second reload.
  2. So if they nerfed things like strafing and one-shotting ships, it would be a fine concept, right?
  3. Yeah I think if they changed CV back to RTS with a few tweaks I think they would be fine in the game. I would also stop development of subs for obvious reasons. I would also start focusing on adding more real and unique ships to the game before adding any more paper ships, not that I don't like paper ships, but I dislike when they take precedence over real ships.

    If it ain't Dutch it ain't much!

    Doing the calculations for DZP's AA: With the 20% AA skill and the 5% AA flag, the mid range AA jumps to exactly 846.72 DPS. Long range jumps from 74 to 93.24 DPS. So at 4.0 km, the total combined AA DPS is about 940. Then you add priority aa sector and whoosh.. FDR squadron GONE.

    If it ain't Dutch it ain't much!

    DZP has 672 mid-range AA DPS?? Well, I know what I'm saving up for now. Shame it didn't get the 4-second reload though.

    De Zeven Provincien confirmed! \o/

    Also, the fact that it has the hull number painted on it is a sign it's going to be a premium.

    De Zeven Provincien confirmed! \o/

    I'd want CL's first. Last CL line released was what, USN CLs? And that was 2 years ago.
  8. I think this would be a more interesting pick for Tier X than another Minotaur clone: https://www.deviantart.com/tzoli/art/Design-1944-Austrailan-Cruiser-186581797 It was proposed to Australia, but since it was Britain who designed it I think they can still use it for this line.
  9. only 6.4 km range though, and you have to be bow-in in order to torp him, since the torp tubes are basically fixed. Also, Austin can go below 1 second.
  10. Tier VIII West German Destroyer Lübeck Entered Service: 1961 Despite being a literal Cold War Frigate, I still believe that this ship can fit into the game. In my opinion, any gun-or-torpedo-based ship that was actually laid down and built in real life deserves a spot in WoWs. This is a Post-War German ship, which means it would be put into the KM line in-game, but the problem with that is that putting a post-war German ship into a line with the KM flag feels a bit.. wrong. So what nation do we put it in then? Pan-EU? Create a West Germany tree? Maybe. It would have 2-3 ships, like the Commonwealth tree. Ultimately I don't really know the correct answer here. Survivability: HP: 16900, 19mm plating The Lübeck is on the beefier side of tier VIII destroyers. It out-displaces most of them save for the same-tier KM destroyers and the Akizuki. Maneuverability: Speed: 34 knots Rudder Shift: 3.8 s Turning Circle: 540 m With the standard speed boost and a speed flag, the Lübeck can putter around at about 38 knots. If the Akizuki didn’t also exist at Tier VIII, this ship would be the slowest destroyer at her tier. Nevertheless it is still sufficient, just don’t expect people to have much trouble hitting you. Concealment: Detection by Air: 2.9 km. (2.3 km) Detection by Sea: 7.13 km. (5.7 km) Lübeck is a very compact ship. 5.6 km is a very competitive concealment, allowing the ship to outspot most other DDs in her tier bracket. Main Armament: 2 x 1 100 mm/55 (3.9") Model 1953 Rate of Fire: 60 shot/min. Reload: 1 second. 180 Degree Turn Time: 7.2 s. Base Firing Range: 11.4 km Maximum HE Shell Damage: 1400 Fire Chance: 5% HE Shell Penetration: 25 mm. Maximum AP Shell Damage: 2300 Shell Velocity: 867 m/s. Since Lübeck is a German ship, her HE gets the ¼ pen gimmick, despite the guns being of a French design. A one second reload at tier VIII sounds beyond broken, but the fact that the ship only has two barrels largely offsets the reload. Though the fire chance is terrible, the HE DPM isn’t, at 168k, a pretty decent number for a Tier VIII DD. The AP DPM is godly (267k), outclassing almost every DD up to Tier IX. The shell arcs on the 100 mm guns wouldn’t be as good as the 100mm guns found on the IJN gunboats (867 vs 1000 m/s. shell velocity), but it would still be marginally better than the shell arcs of the USN DDs. As a side note, these guns never actually carried AP shells IRL, they carried PFHE, which is HE but but what’s a German destroyer without AP? Torpedo Armament: 4 x 1 324mm MK44 Torpedoes, 2 On Each Side. Reload time: 22 s. 180 Traverse Time: 7.2 s. Maximum damage: 9747 Flood Chance: 44% Torpedo speed: 65 knots Spotting distance: 1.2 km Range: 6.4 km. Every website I looked at claimed that these were 533mm torpedoes, but they also said they launched the MK44 torpedo, which were 324mm, not 533. And also [edited] says they’re 324mm. The firing angles on Lubeck’s torpedoes are almost as good as the V-25’s, but they can also only move about 5 degrees give or take, meaning that you can only fire forwards, which is I think quite similar to V-25’s front torpedoes, so nothing new there. These are also single launched torpedoes. The torpedoes themselves do less damage and have much less flooding chance than even the Swedish, and Lubeck only has two of them per side. However, the incredibly fast reload, decent speed, and low detectability makes them a great tool to stack damage on battleships in-between shots and force DCs Anti-Air: 2 x 1 100 mm/55 (3.9") Model 1953 2 x 2 Breda Mod.58II MDL - 40mm/L70 2 x 1 Bofors 40mm L/70 Mod 58 Base DPS 112?/235 Range: 6.0/3.5 Hit Probability: 100% Damage by Shell Explosions: 1470 Number of Shell Explosions in a Salvo: 4 Combined with DFAA, Lubeck has the most powerful AA suite found on any Tier VIII destroyer. As much as I would like for this ship to have the same mid-range AA as the Friesland, I know WarGaming puts a bit of a debuff on twin mounts, which is why it doesn’t, even though they technically have the same amount of barrels. The values on the 100 mm mounts are guesses, as WG has yet to add them into the game. Consumables: Standard DCP 3 x Smoke Generator Typical German smokes. 3 x Hydroacoustic Search Detection of Torpedoes: 3.5 km. Detection of Ships: 5 km. 3 x DFAA Standard German DD consumable layout. In Short: Pros: No wacky consumable gimmicks required to give this ship an interesting playstyle. Good HE DPM Best-in-tier AP DPM. Godly AA, while also being able to see T6 carriers. Very good stealth Cons: Might feel out of place, due to it being a Cold War frigate. slow Torpedoes are kind of just memes. Having it sail under the Kreigsmarine flag would be offputting. What would she cost? 9800 doubloons. Probably.
  11. Thank you for the information. But TBH that's an even worse nightmare to balance. 17 x 40 mm/70 would translate to almost 800 DPS in-game, though I guess that's just for Gota Lejon. Tre Kronor's AA suite here would translate to roughly 480 mid-range DPS, which is slightly more reasonable, though still too much for Tier VII.
  12. Yeah. A super-cruiser line, while I'm not sure if it would be a good idea right now due to the kind of mixed opinions people have on how they fit into the game, would at least be interesting and different to most other CA lines.
  13. That would be called a mistake. Fixed, thanks for pointing that out.