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  1. Lepanto and Columbo are ok but sap or not those 15in guns need a reload buff. All before T9 are only to be used for snowflakes the line would have been better/more interesting if the tech tree had been more like GV with normal main battery and sap secondary imo but it is what it is.
  2. Nothing yet for me either. Never had a problem before. Will give it some time and see if it shows up.
  3. I agree with this. not that it will make a difference, but I do. Should be some incentive for at least the premium low tiers.
  4. Arcturi

    pay to participate

    Same thing with Strasbourg last year. This is not new nor should it get anyone upset. Those that paid just get a head start. Those that don’t still have a chance to complete everything, just in less time.
  5. Arcturi

    Buying from Armory or Premium Shop

    Yes both ways will give you the exact same ship with the same camo etc. I think the temporary 25% off coupon In the armory comes out this week too. So if you’re thinking of buying now you should use that one and save the 25%off coupon that you get every 6 months for another day. Alabama and Tripitz are both good. Can’t go wrong with either but different style ships for sure.
  6. Arcturi

    What’s That One Ship

  7. Bought 40 Mega’s. Used my certificates and some of the doubloons I got to get another 11 Megas, ended up with: Champagne Tone Florida Lazo Wiemar Aigle Bayard Abruzzi Mysore Jurua Nueve De Julio got 15000 doubloons and a years worth of premium time on top of a ton of special signals All in all satisfied Though it will be a long time before I spend more money on the game i feel like I got a pretty good haul. Though I’m surprised I never got a single drop of coal. Oh well. Good luck everyone. will save the rest of my dubs for a rainy day.
  8. Arcturi

    "Underappreciated" ships you enjoy?

    Flandre and Gascogne. I don’t know why but I do enjoy playing them in randoms, even if they can be frustrating. lepanto is another one I enjoy that is usually dismissed by others.
  9. Arcturi

    Hi I dont know what to do

    My opinion would be to get the ones either that match your play style or ones that are no longer available in their original versions. Alaska, Massachusetts and Jean Bart are all very strong, very good in random and ranked and no longer available otherwise. So if you want suggestions I’d start there. Just know that if you’re new to the game taking out a higher tier ship without working your way there will probably get you killed quickly in PvP. personally I prefer the ships in their more historical camos and try to avoid the BF ships myself. Other than JB that I bought last year since I missed out on the original. Love my JB, B. also I would suggest skipping any of the BF ships that are currently available for free in the armory by grinding coal. Instead of buying the big bundles I would suggest buying just the ones you want, grinding coal for the free versions and if you really want to spend the full $315 get some premium time and another ship or two from the premium shop rather than limiting yourself to BF ships.
  10. Anyone know if there are plans to add new unique upgrades for the new tech line tier 10s that have been added (or will be added soon). Like columbo, schlieffen, gouden leeuw, pruessen, vermont elbing Richthofen etc. or is this just something for the older ships now?
  11. Arcturi

    WG, are subs in 0.10.10? Yes or No?

    My understanding is that they will still be in random and coop but not ranked.
  12. Been in two matches with one so far, that I remember In the first match it was dev struck by a Montana early and the first ship taken out in the match. In the second match it got 3 kills in the first 10min, incl. dev strike on 2 ships very early, but still ended up on the losing side. So pretty much a glass cannon in its current form from what I’ve seen.
  13. Arcturi

    Let’s hear Your Planes Shot Down records!

    60 planes shot down in a Napoli vs a chkalov. To be fair I think he was new to playing CV’s
  14. Arcturi

    South West SERVER ... FU BAR !!!

    Was there an update on this? Or am I the only one still getting kicked?
  15. Arcturi

    Quick Command voice Sounds

    Yes I have all those checked.