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    Use high-level economic bonuses or hoard them?

    Thanks for the replies. I do not play ops (I don't enjoy PvE) and I do not have a schedule the allows me to play clan battles very often (when I do I merc). Despite the risks of losing, I am going to start going through all of my bonuses for randoms grinds--might as well use them if I have them.
  2. After the economic rework, I am sitting on at least 150-200 level three/four bonuses in each of the four economic categories. I am considering what to do with them: 1) use the ship xp ones for grinds, and the others on mid and high tier ships to farm resources 2) hoard them all for 100/200% xp weekends (and, in the case of everything other than ship xp, clan battles) and then stack everything My main question is, is waiting to use the bonuses for the bonus xp weekends more efficient? It sounds to me like this is not the case, since free xp and commander xp are no longer tied to ship xp, and because the economic and first win bonuses are added rather than multiplied to each other. But I am still trying to wrap my head around all of the rework's changes and am not sure if my math is right.