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    New Player Question - Aircraft Carriers?

    Alright I'll look him up, and yeah I probably should do it normally so I improve I'll keep that in mind and not give up on carriers. Thanks for the tips on planes too, I obviously really need them lol Also thank you both for being civil, the other threads whenever someone posts something about carriers there tends to be a lot of blatant animosity
  2. Comrade_Blue

    New Player Question - Aircraft Carriers?

    Alright, thank you. I guess I'll use my carrier a bit but mostly play other stuff and use free xp on getting the next one. If my alpha strike is weak, then I should mainly focus on doing a large number of strikes fast, right? Like I do low damage but I can do it quicker than anything else. Additionally, what planes should be used in what situation?
  3. So I got this game yesterday and immediately worked towards aircraft carriers because I always thought they were cool as crap. I've got the tier IV american one now, and the results are a little underwhelming. I went to these forums to see what others were saying, and I keep seeing everyone hating them for being too good and then people hating on them for being too bad etc etc. I also keep seeing people referring to how the aircraft carriers used to work, which I obviously don't know, so it doesn't help me with how to use them now. The mechanics just seem weird to me, especially AA. They talk about "dodging" in their videos, and it seems you can try to avoid the explosions, but pretty much once you get into a ship's AA range your planes just constantly take damage like they have some sort of poison debuff from another game, like there's no dodging or anything you just take damage while you're there. I understand that battleships are hard targets - I don't go for them - but even destroyers seem to put up a lot of damage and take out a plane or three whenever I attack them. I know this game puts balance above historical accuracy, but at some point it just seems kind of laughable to me that a single destroyer from 1909 is supposedly fully equipped to deal with several flights of torpedo bombers, and can take several torpedoes from them before it goes down too. On that subject, it seems nearly impossible to do much damage. In cruisers and destroyers so far I deal tens of thousands of points of damage and often sink several ships, with an aircraft carrier I get far more torpedo hits than I do in a standard destroyer game but since each torpedo does like 1/5 the damage as one from a destroyer it's meaningless. It seems like what I can do is spot for my team and annoy the [edited] out of enemies by doing little chunks of damage to them. This pisses them off but isn't satisfying to play as either. I can make a small difference by doing that little bit of damage here and there, but playing as something else would be more useful and fun for me, my team, and the people playing against me. Then again, I see others saying they're actually good, and if carriers are something that just requires a strategy or something to become fun to play then I really want to know that because they're my favorite type of ship. I don't know, just post your thoughts below so a new player can get some insight on the subject from those who have played.