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  1. two7actual

    Amazon Prime Gaming

    I think there was some question of whether wargaming was continuing to participate.
  2. two7actual

    Amazon Prime Gaming

    Anyone ask about this in the recent stream?
  3. two7actual

    Wargaming DOESN'T care about the community

    Thank God they moved on from stun bombs! [Knocks on wood.] We really dodged a bullet there!
  4. two7actual


    I don’t play cv’s so I can’t speak directly to OP’s questions. But I do know an Aquila took half my Atlanta’s health with a single broadside rocket attack. My AA didn’t seem to be doing much either. But…I survived, found her at the end of the match and scored ~40k fairly quickly using HE on her. She was surprisingly squishy.
  5. two7actual

    July Super Container Drop Results

    Steel, which is a first for me.
  6. two7actual

    Ships that need options or buffs.

    Would be nice to see London’s range buffed.
  7. Anyone figured out the best way to spend these temporary Economic Bonus tokens?
  8. two7actual

    Minimap changes - Yes!

    Seriously, who wants the anti-sub range circle cluttering the screen?
  9. two7actual

    Minimap changes - Yes!

    For the next update: The Minimap settings window has been updated, and the ability to disable circles for main battery guns and torpedoes has been added.
  10. two7actual

    Your monthly super container

    A tier 9 premium!
  11. two7actual

    Special Signal Flags and Economy Rework

    Thank you!
  12. What happens to special signal flags in your inventory when the economy rework goes live? Just scored 50 Hydra in a supercontainer and I am wondering if I need to burn them in the next ~30 days. Tks!
  13. Sub’s aren’t even in the game right now. Could we please get an option to disable the ASW range circle? So annoying how it clutters up the mini-map!
  14. two7actual

    Anybody else missing Arms race?

    Yes, it was a nice break from randoms and stat stressing. Hope it makes a return soon!
  15. two7actual

    "Underappreciated" ships you enjoy?

    Pensacola. Fantastic guns! Just don’t give broadside.