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  1. USSWisconsin_JOHN_HANS

    USA Needs it's SuperBattleShip!

    There is opportunity for WG to make some easy money, they already have the working model in the game, there is many of us who love IOWA class Battleships! Bringing the New Jersey and Wisconsin will be easy cake for them.
  2. On March 15th, 1952, the ship received its first direct hit. There were no deaths, however, 3 sailors were injured and there was minimal damage to the ship. The hit came from a Korean 155mm gun battery which got lucky. The crew of USS Wisconsin, however, returned fire with all of her 9 guns, totally obliterating anything and anyone in the position the hostile shot came from. Right after the shots were fired, a sister ship which was escorting Wisconsin flashed its signal lamp with the words, “Temper, temper,” before continuing on their way. USS Wisconsin must be our USA SUPER SHIP!!!
  3. USSWisconsin_JOHN_HANS

    Invite to division ERROR!

    A streamer I follow send me and invite for division, but every time I get the "Training room not found" and keep loading into division but never does. People from my Clan send me invites and I join normally. Try everything in the "Do this first" forum post, but still the error. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. USSWisconsin_JOHN_HANS

    How many rolls did you need for the Johan De Witt?

    Very lame!
  5. USSWisconsin_JOHN_HANS

    Submarine Testing

    TST installment not showing!!!???
  6. USSWisconsin_JOHN_HANS

    Submarine Testing

    I really wants the submarines works, I hope for the best!
  7. USSWisconsin_JOHN_HANS

    King of the Sea XII – International Results

    Guys, does anyone knows how many KOTS containers you can get this season, Is there any container not in the Twitch drop list???
  8. USSWisconsin_JOHN_HANS

    Getting sick of the disconnects

    It is running now and I have the server disconnect unable to login!!! Many people have this same error during the server up time!!!!!!!!!!!! .....I'm starting to hate submarines>>>>>> I even leave clan battles yesterday to try play submarines TST please help!!!!
  9. USSWisconsin_JOHN_HANS

    Getting sick of the disconnects

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I been Trying all the Premium Battle time!!! as it is right now and NOTHING works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. USSWisconsin_JOHN_HANS

    Getting sick of the disconnects

    Many have this error..... please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. USSWisconsin_JOHN_HANS

    Submarine Testing

    NOT able to connect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like the submarines!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!