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  1. Refer27

    Update 0.11.4: French Cruisers

    Hurry Up with the AL collab, I want to spend money already I don't care the rest of the update jesus christ
  2. Refer27

    FDR is actually awful.

    Unerfeable steel ship
  3. I love using my harugumo for HE Spamming, tested both options with and without IFHE, what you think?
  4. Refer27

    Anyone tried any of the new skills yet?

    I dunno, is quite expensive for what it offers, occasionally useful
  5. Refer27

    Dodging rocket planes

    If CV player is good, you can only reduce the damage input by giving frontside direct to planes, also you can reduce speed when he is about to shoot and maybe you gonna beat the prediction reducing more dmg or taking no damage
  6. Refer27

    Anyone tried any of the new skills yet?

    I think is mostly useful for FDR because its planes are slow
  7. Refer27

    Win or Lose, CVs never Win

    if you did good, enemy team report you, if you don't, your team do, you can't literally or hardly have karma if you're main CV
  8. Refer27

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Poi, Nanodesu, Today is nenohi
  9. I have played a couple of games to test the new commander skills and I noticed a big difference in my gameplay, the game has turned more "complex" for CVs, for example: Cruiser AA buff went from 10%+ to a maximum 65%+ (Adrenaline Rush), 55% more than before, playing as lower tier is a hell specially when ships are grouped They changed Concealment Expert skill to Stealthy that implies a penalty of 50% aircraft return time, the issue is your planes now will stay 50% more time under AA fire when them are gaining height till scape from AA to fly to your ship, that means you will lose all your returning planes before them reach your CV this nerf is that evident that devs added a secret penalty to Torpedo Armament Engineer undeclared in the skill info lol, you can prove it seeing the torp planes stats when you select that skill Torpedo Armament Engineer, Stealthy, Improved Engine Boost are direct nerfs They removed useful stuff like airplane additional speed from Adrenaline Rush and that -10% detection radius to your planes from Concealment Expert My Opinion: CV is the most hatred class because people do not lend themselves to understand it, people hate their nature role as DDs, cruiser and BBs have their own, but ignore the "reach" cvs really have in the gameplay, them are not really that overpower as they think, dealing Attacks take minimum a minute at least with the possibilty to miss and lose all your "bullets" giving a feeling of "running out of ammo" unless you were Kaga, you can only focus one target once People hate you if you play good or bad, if you did good, enemy team report you, if you don't, your team do, you can't literally or hardly have karma if you're main CV, your teammates blame to you for the entire team mistakes, they ask you do multiple task at same time, giving AA, spotting, dealing dmg, dening capture, giving vision as you were RTS while you're helping one flank, the other get mad, the dumbest players are who more complain to CVs the ones who don't dodge, fight alone away, bad positioning, etc Is not fair this class is getting nerfed constantly for those kind of players for no having common sense, a Yamato can oneshoot you 26km away if you give him broadside, you need to put attention to your map and around for comming threats like planes, "you can't complain you're a CV lmbo" ridiculing one of my big reasons why I play and like the game They don't only affect the gameplay of my favorite CV Shokaku, they did to an entire class, I hardly enjoyed those games (Sorry for my grammar errors)
  10. Refer27

    Anyone tried any of the new skills yet?

    I tried and realize they nerfed CV, I can't no longer play my ninja shokaku anymore
  11. Refer27

    CV Hate

    CV hate is a common courtesy of salty players have, they need to blame the entire team mistakes to a single person, so CV is the perfect target because they are the only one ship class in the team + they think them're a "powerful class" and you should carry them + cuz they see you are still afloat at the end of game or they discharge they rage the enemy CV did them felt to you, ask you to give vision + give fighers + give damage support + spot DDs at same time as you were a RTS CV, if you play well the enemy report you, if you don't, your allies do, you literally can't have karma being main of that class, and then you have to deal with the constants CV nerfs because WG can't buff playerbase