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  1. This map needs to be fixed. I have been experiencing all most half the battles lately a lot of enemy ships go right up the middle. If you are on the edges, what do you do when there is nothing to shot at? Also if there is no cap to do? Wastes my naval battles challenge. I don't mind this map, just spread the enemies out.
  2. SlayerWolf_2020

    Did I miss 30 British tokens somewhere?

    The event is still going. Join a team and keep earning more.
  3. SlayerWolf_2020

    How to save screenshot?

    On steam it is set up for F12 button
  4. SlayerWolf_2020

    Flag o Rama Results?

    Considering the very large amount of winners we can't publish all of the names in the article, but all of the winners already have their prizes.Fair seas captain!~Sera Okay thanks. Just thinking. This is not really the best way to run a contest.
  5. SlayerWolf_2020

    Flag o Rama Results?

    I can't find the results of this contest. Anyone seen it?
  6. Mine just did it. will try repair
  7. SlayerWolf_2020

    Important Message for the World of Warships Community

    I was wonder that myself. Looks pretty my the same as the Haida. She is a good ship. But why remove Haida to put in another tier 7, the Huron? How about a cruiser instead?
  8. SlayerWolf_2020

    (Massive?) Failed Game Connection

    Back in, lost credit for the last completed battle
  9. SlayerWolf_2020

    (Massive?) Failed Game Connection

    I just finished a battle. The screen froze. Music of the port came up. Logged out and could not reconnect
  10. SlayerWolf_2020

    Crusier torps curving

    i should have taken a screen shot but i was busy dodging it
  11. SlayerWolf_2020

    Crusier torps curving

    I just had a battle in which a bot Fiji's torp did a 60 degree turn at my ship?
  12. SlayerWolf_2020

    Give Dutch Cruisers depth charges

    Why can't they just switch out the spotter plane for airstrikes? Airstrikes enhancement is in the captain's skill tree.
  13. SlayerWolf_2020

    Your Schlieffen auction predictions here

    I bid 5100 and no surprise I didn't win
  14. SlayerWolf_2020

    subs-I'm trying hard to be nice!

    Twice today I have a had two lines of homing torps. Can't dodge them. Instantly sunk. There latest buff to subs are way to strong. Doesn't get changed I just might take a long break from the game.
  15. SlayerWolf_2020

    Brazilian combat mission

    Had a match only three humans. Using my Salem I got 189 hits and a bot sank the last ship before I got get to it.