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  1. Mr_Argamas

    Kong/Godzilla Skins Heads Up

    oooh man... even if it had been a meager +2% short range AA buff, I would have purchased one instantly just for giggles.
  2. Mr_Argamas

    So, that toxic Gold rank...

    The average players that I am (almost 52% in random, a bit better in ranked) has given up because of the toxicity. I like to think it makes more room for below average players that just won't care, so that frustrated players encounter them more often.
  3. Mr_Argamas

    Grosser Kûrfurst, unique upgrade

    My goal is to burn but extinguish fires quickly through Emergency Repair Specialist, and get fires that won't burn for too long otherwise with BoS; I want to catch some fires to get AR going, and exploit the fact that fires are 100% repairable anyways. But yeah, FP is a solid skill; if I equip FP, I could remove DCSM1 and equip HSM1 instead. That might be a better alternative. Because pyrotechnician as only one purpose anyway; get some fires going with my secondaries but yeah.... If they don't hit anything, I don't expect them to set fires either. I'm just not sure what the accuracy/fire rate of secondaries would look like at this point, since I always used manual secondaries with german builds.
  4. I was considering purchasing the UU for G.K., possibly. The idea is that unlike other Tier X, the ship isn't really that interesting. But, using the UU and the new skill system, I could attempt to stack skills and upgrades to get 420mm guns under 25s reload, and even better with adrenaline rush. I was wondering if someone gave it a shot already.... Something like this build possibly: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PGSB110&modules=2111&upgrades=114123&commander=PCW001&skills=3203338&ar=100&consumables=1111&pos=0 The idea is really to extinguish fires and heal fast, to get AR to make a difference. Then extend the range of the secondaries to have close quarter combat active at longer range. But still use the improved dispersion upgrade, because I want my main battery to be somewhat effective, especially as I close the distance from mid to short range. I know how hard it is to push with GK, but at the same time I was wondering if such a move could improve DPM sufficiently enough to make a significant difference. Probably not, but if someone has experience with this... I'd like to hear it.
  5. Mr_Argamas

    Super Battleships

    High tier KM BBs usually host 150mm secondary guns in addition to the smaller caliber. That's what allows them, with the 1/4 rule, to get a reliable damage output against pretty much everything they will brawl with.
  6. Mr_Argamas

    Thunderer "Balance" is Dangerous

    As a ship owner, you benefited from your purchase during the time it was overpowered; farming credits and XP. I am not sure a complete refund would make sense in these circumstances... But I can get behind the idea of a "trade-in" program; it already exists for World of Tanks, so I think it would be fair to get it for World of Warships as well. You basically get half the value of your vehicle deducted from the transaction, which is quite acceptable IMHO. it would provide some relief when the meta change, and makes a premium/special ship not fun to play anymore.
  7. Mr_Argamas

    This AFK attitude...

    Actually... Wargaming is about to change the way rocket planes interact with destroyers. You'll get more time to manoeuvre/dodge, and it will be easier too since you are going to see the "attack area" during the preparation phase. It may or may not be sufficient to please the player base; there seems to be a significant portion that just don't know how to interact with CVs at all, and will instantly blame it on the mechanics. I fail to see how Wargaming could change anything to make them happy. Back on the behavior.... I am getting back from a game where something similar happened; an enemy DD decided during the game that his team wasn't playing good enough, and went straight to a corner of the map (according to one of his teammate). That type of behavior (refusing to play) is definitely not something induced exclusively by the presence of CVs.
  8. Mr_Argamas

    Friesland Still Worth Picking up?

    One thing worth nothing.... Friesland may actually perform even a bit better soon. -Fearless brawler will lose the concealment penalty. You will basically be able to get a 10% reload buff without any downside. I suspect that a lot of players might respec for it. -If you find yourself shooting AP often enough to equip "Extra Heavy AP", it'll get buff from 5 to 7.5%. 2.5% boost to your AP DPM is always good. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/141 But yeah, the move to the Dutch nation may require you to train a new captain; no details have been announced about that, not to my knowledge. But you can expect to lose access to unique commander Jerzy at that point.
  9. Mr_Argamas

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    Thunderer nerf was indeed much needed. With a range mod, you would get a bit more range (some 100m) over base firing range of Yamato. Basically allowing you to keep everything burning from the back of the map with almost total impunity, enjoying a rudder shift time on-par with some CAs to dodge most incoming shots. The possibility for toxic gameplay was real and exploited by too many players. Removal of dead eye makes it a bit less effective/consistent, but fixing the issue completely is still the best move. We may see the Thunderer not getting banned from competitive gameplay, eventually. Adding more diversity to the game.
  10. Oh, I missed that, sorry. It's going to be a brand new concept then. Better pen/accuracy, but no fires and subject to ricochet/angles. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  11. Mr_Argamas

    Let us trade Our Ships

    The way I would see this work is forcing these auctions to be sold for doubloons, requiring a (low) fee for the listing, and a significant cut on the sale (10 to 20%). Also, let's not forget accounts provisioned with different ships are already getting sold on eBay, where WG is guaranteed not to get anything from these transactions. I am about 90% sure they would make more money allowing us to trade our boats; players may be more motivated investing into stuff they can easily resell (even at a loss) as well. We've seen that model work for a lot of games already.
  12. Even with the best accuracy, 90mm secondaries at T10 won't even pen a destroyer. They only add fire starting potential. Siegfried and Agir have 128mm guns with German HE penetration bonus... Napoli may enjoy better accuracy, but that will not necessarily allow her to deal more damage because as a lot of shells won't pen anything. Wait & see, I guess.
  13. If the requirements for these mission chains are not too steep, it may actually yield some benefits for clans too; getting rewards through additional containers will increase oil supplies. Overall, it is going to depend a lot on what the mission chains look like; it may benefit a lot of players in the end, at the expense of the players that could farm these achievements without breaking a sweat, possibly. I am going to wait & see but yeah... I am also somewhat concerned, given the events the game went through recently.
  14. Mr_Argamas

    Maybe CVs should be +1/-1

    T8 CVs are probably the most difficult to balance, indeed. Surface ships at T6 have abysmal AA in general. Even an Aoba with both DFAA and fighter plane deployed will not scare away a fully upgraded Lexington at all. Inflicting only minimal loss if the Lexington player is only half-competent. Then, at T10, you get lots of ships with outstanding AA; Halland, Smolensk, Petro, Austin, etc. Getting a Parseval into that kind of heavy anti-AA game is not fun, I know this for a fact. Now that I have seen the picture from both side, I can say indeed, I think a +1/-1 MM make sense for CVs, especially for T8 CVs. In regards to the other tiers, I agree that T4 CVs fighting T3s is also quite problematic. I am not sure -0/+1 is the ideal solution though, I would lean more on the side of prohibiting dual CVs on game with T3s. But it is worth experimenting for sure.