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  1. Before contacting support, you might want to check you have not opted out of email communications. I always suspected it was a pre-requisite for some in-game offers (eg: allow the email communication associated with the campaign). Subscription Management | Wargaming.net Personally, I have checkmarks for both World of Warships subscriptions. Else, I'm afraid you're going to have to contact support to figure out why you're not getting your coupon. They may even be able to reissue one. Good luck!
  2. Mr_Argamas

    CXP, economy rework and 50% daily XP bonus.

    So they are modifying the daily bonus to compensate, that's excellent! Thanks for the answer, I knew I might have missed a post somewhere...
  3. One more question about the economic rework, something that I haven't seen been discussed thus far (sorry if I missed it). Essentially, the formula is being reviewed so that XP is not taken into account when calculating CXP, as per dev blog article ( Separating economic bonuses from visual customizations - Development blog BETA (worldofwarships.com) ) However, even if the CXP boosters have been adjusted accordingly to compensate, what happens with the daily bonus? Will it be modified to also include a CXP boost? Under the current economic rules, the daily 50% XP bonus was also a daily boost to CXP but under the new rules, if the daily bonus is not modified.... Then we essentially lose that "free" daily boost to CXP as well. If anyone has any information to share about this, I'd be curious to know what's going to happen. Thanks.
  4. Mr_Argamas

    transformers collaboration lost opportunity

    I am in the same boat (pun intended); all I want right now is the Hot Racer camo for Minotaur but.... The only way to acquire it is from the Autobot bundle, which contains lots of stuff and is priced accordingly (rather expensive). It's done so that players like you and me feel somewhat enticed to gamble a smaller amount of money in premium containers, as it becomes the only alternative if we really want to give it a shot. It also incentive compulsory purchases every time a collab event takes place; if you don't purchase the items you might want later as they are first introduced, you know it's going to be more expensive when it comes back. That's F2P economy 101. They keep doing it because it works.
  5. Mr_Argamas

    Atlantico Thoughts

    The event took place with update 0.11.3, and a couple of weeks into 0.11.4. It's over already; that's why it doesn't appear anymore.
  6. Mr_Argamas

    Input Lag on Shift Key, started today.

    Some good news... SteelSeries has acknowledged the issue, and will eventually release a fix.
  7. Mr_Argamas

    Input Lag on Shift Key, started today.

    It's really not that difficult. If you'd like to give it a shot, it's done in 4 steps essentially. -You start by uninstalling the SteelSeries GG software from add/remove programs. Here's the procedure to do uninstall a software with Windows 10: Uninstall or remove apps and programs in Windows 10 (microsoft.com) -Then, you reboot, even if doesn't ask you to do it. -Once you have rebooted, you install SteelSeries GG 19.2, I provided the link to download it in my post. Nothing special about the installation process; just install the software as you've done before. -Once the installation is completed, and before you launch the software for the first time, you disable the update service (see a screenshot posted after the solution). Here are some instructions how to access the control pannel and change services properties: How to Start, Stop, Pause or Restart Services in Windows 10 (groovypost.com)If you fail to do so, it will eventually auto-update to version 20.0, again. There is unfortunately no way to disable auto-updates from the software itself. That's all. Of course, if you have configured special RGB lightning effects and settings for your peripherals, you may want to sync your settings with SteelSeries cloud before you uninstall, to make sure you can reimport them later. It's optional, and not everyone will need to do it. If you don't feel comfortable following these steps, you could try to open a ticket with SteelSeries and ask for their assistance. After all, it's their job to support this software. It's not easy to contact them though; I've been told the only supported method nowadays is to go through the support script (where you type a question and after replying it didn't help, you eventually get the contact form). Here's the link: Support (steelseries.com) Else, if you can rewire your brain to use a different key, it's all good too; after +8000 battles, it wouldn't have been easy for me and it was much easier to just fix the problem, AFAIC.
  8. Mr_Argamas

    Input Lag on Shift Key, started today.

    The thread is a bit long so I edited the top post to directly point to the solution. Because I found one. Actually, the issue is fixed by simply downgrading the SteelSeries software from version 20.0 (released on June 21st), to the previous 19.2 release.
  9. Mr_Argamas

    32:9 Aspect Ratio?

    AFAIK, the resolution and aspect ratio are values defined/stored in user_preferences.xml a 16:9 monitor configuration using fullscreen looks like this: <fullscreen width="2560" height="1440" aspectRatio="1.7778" waitVSync="true" tripleBuffering="false" refresh="0"/> I presume aspectRatio should be 3.5556 in the case of a 32:9 monitor. if that's not what you get there, I'd try manually configuring it first and see if that resolves the issue.
  10. Mr_Argamas

    Input Lag on Shift Key, started today.

    There's a Windows service you need to disable. Open services.msc, and locate the SteelSeries Update service. Then, change the startup type to "disabled".
  11. Mr_Argamas

    Input Lag on Shift Key, started today.

    Pinging @Ahskance; I have identified this issue that impacts all WoWS players that also happens to own an Apex keyboard, if they have been updated to SteelSeries Engine 20.0 (released on June 21th). You might want to let technical support know about this; these keyboards are relatively popular, and WG probably already have some tickets in the queue for this problem. The fix is simple and explained in my previous post; just downgrading to 19.2 resolve the problem. No other action is required. Eventually, something may need to be fixed with either the driver, the game, or both but for now, the quickest thing to do is to rollback so that we can continue playing until it is fully resolved.
  12. Mr_Argamas

    Input Lag on Shift Key, started today.

    I fixed the issue : I downgraded SteelSeries Engine from the new version that was released today (20.0), to the previous 19.2. (SteelSeries Technology Blog) It was rather easy; I uninstalled SteelSeries Engine after syncing my config to the cloud, rebooted, installed the previous release but before I launched SteelSeries Engine for the first time, I made sure to disable the SteelSeries Update service to prevent another automatic update. And that's it, after I launched the game, the shift key was working just as expected. Just as it was yesterday. Here's where you'll find the previous release: https://engine.steelseriescdn.com/SteelSeriesGG19.2.0Setup.exe I will open a ticket with SteelSeries, explaining the issue and what I did. /Edit: tried to open a ticket with SteelSeries. Unfortunately, the ticket is auto closed as soon as it gets submitted. I had to search for a URL so maybe I am not using the right one; Submit a request – Support (steelseries.com) If anyone knows of another way to contact the company, please share. Thank you. /Edit2: I shared the information on Reddit, r/SteelSeries. To make sure the information can reach technical support, somehow, and also to notify other Apex keyboard users. Because other games may be impacted too.
  13. Mr_Argamas

    Input Lag on Shift Key, started today.

    Well, it appears this is definitely related to the SteelSeries software then. After investigation: 1- It does appear it auto-updated today, around 2:05PM EST in my case. I have the following entry in the Windows Application Event Log. 2- I just plugged an old and cheap Microsoft wireless keyboard, and even though it was plugged on the computer at the same time, the shift key worked just as expected while the one on my SteelSeries was still acting up. So it does appear today's automatic update broke something, but not with all games. So far, only WoWS is being problematic for me.
  14. I used to press the shift to key to switch to the binocular view quite frequently, especially in gunboats/light cruisers. It always worked instantaneously. Starting today, I need to maintain the shift key pressed for a full second for the key press to register. It's not the keyboard; only WoWS does that. And the bug can be circumvented by assigned an alternate key to the same function (I assigned a button on my mouse). When I searched for other reports of this issue, all I could find is some very old instance of the bug: Input lag on shift key - General Game Discussion - World of Warships official forum But it correctly match the issue I have now. I have a SteelSeries Apex Pro mechanical keyboard, the driver is up to date. No change occurred on the computer since yesterday; last windows updates and nvidia geforce driver update were installed last week. I don't know what triggered the issue. I'm trying to isolate/fix the problem right now. I still have a lot of things to try (currently running a check and repair). But I'm sharing my problem, nonetheless. Someone might have a fix/technical details to share; we never know! /Edit: Check & Repair, Done. Tested without mods, Done. Validate all drivers, Done (I had one minor update for Intel WIFI+bluetooth card) Sticky keys disabled/toggle off. /Edit2: Found the solution: downgrade SteelSeries GG/Engine from 20.0 to 19.2, the update they released on June 21st is problematic with WoWS.
  15. Mr_Argamas

    Port is so S-L-O-W

    I run Windows 11 on both my gaming & laptop PCs, no issue to report here. There may be a link, but it's not "just" Windows 11 or at least, I can't reproduce the problem. Currently running 21H2 on both machines.