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  1. Cool concept: come challenge the WG team! I remember Battlefield 3 when we could get unique dog tags for killing Dice staff with a knife... They would be hunted down on every server like animals. It was wild and so fun. Maybe you should get a patch/emblem that can be awarded for sinking a WG employee, one of these days? Since there is no knife, maybe awarded for getting a dev strike? That'd be cool.
  2. IMHO, it was worse than just having to deal with RNG for the price. If you wanted to pay about the same price a regular T8 might cost, you also needed to invest resources and play time in addition to the gambling mechanics. That made the whole ordeal a lot less appealing that it could have been. And I think it will reflected on the sales, surely. Since the event started, I saw 2 Nothingams in randoms. Just 2. Considering the number of battles that I had... It doesn't bod well.
  3. Mr_Argamas

    Subs are ruining the game

    2 counter arguments: 1- Beside some recent CVs having reintroduced devstrike capabilities, subs can do a lot more damage in a shorter amount of time. As such, having only a defensive option for AA works, most of the time because you are generally not at threat from loosing all your HP in one swoop. 2- All ships can be "screened" the same way, by using something with lower concealment. Now, I see two issues with that: A- you are setting your expectations really low since it is essentially a core mechanic of the game, true for all surface ships. And it's the most passive form of counter play there is, the most boring and uninteresting one for many players too. Hence why so few players do it. B- It doesn't work as well with subs anyways, since they can dive and have a toolset to avoid detection. The destroyer will not even know he is getting located by the submarine from underwater. Evading a destroyer screening is entirely possible. So a player may just be losing time with no results to show for. How fun is that? My point was essentially that subs represent the class with the least amount of effective counters in the game, on average. I do also believe that CVs are more influential and OP by nature, but that's beside the point. The nature of the interactions, how the threat can materialize, surprise you, and leave you with near 0 HP is very different. The possibility of getting tortured over time is indeed similar in both cases, and I'd rather get tortured by a sub in lots of instances if I could had to chose between one or the other. Still, lowering the bar by finding something worse is not helping the situation at hand. Lots of players hate CVs and subs and we could argue which one is worst for days but the truth remains that both have a lot of negative impacts on the player base, and would require some change to occurs. At least, we know that WG has been working for three years on different closed concepts to fix AA and spotting mechanics.... I am waiting for the day they realize something is wrong with the current implementation they have now for subs. Not because I can't stand subs, because I totally can. But the indirect impact of having to play and share battles with a lot of people who can't.... It affects me.
  4. Mr_Argamas

    Subs are ruining the game

    Sure, there are ships that are poorly suited to interact with AA. But we have ships with pretty strong AA toolsets too. Some cruisers even get a trifecta : smoke, DFAA, and really good base AA (one example could be Jinan). But even a Minnesota/Vermont with amazing turn radius, acceleration, and strong AA works fine. You see the planes coming, you maneuver, mitigate damages and move on. On the other hand, we have much less perfectly suited ASW platforms in the game right now. The options are really limited to low concealment destroyers with hydro, preferably with strong DCs and good HE DPM. Ideally with engine boost for fast high tier subs, and good maneuverability to dodge torpedoes. The issue isn't so much how bad AA or sub interaction gets, because it can get pretty bad.... It's how rare it is you'll get something good to work with on your team. There is pretty much always at least one strong AA ship on a team, sometimes lots of them. You can count yourself somewhat lucky if you have just 1 good ASW platform on your team. Fortunately, the bulk of the submarine player base isn't good enough that it will mater in most battles but.... Sometime it does. Despite all this... I don't have that many issues with subs themselves. I am rather concerned nowadays with how a lot of players will react to them in battles. People abandoning flanks the minute a submarine in spotted in particular. In fact, I've seen a few lemming trains start this way. Destroyers refusing to screen for subs are uncommon, but it happens too. A lot of people really don't want to deal with them at all, and that ruins more battles than subs themselves AFAIC. WG even stated themselves that countering submarines would require teamwork as per design: how do you do that if everyone runs away the second they know a sub is getting close to their concealment radius? Subs do negatively impact the quality of my experience with this game as a service, even though I am myself mostly ok with the concept we have today. The fun that I have hunting them when the opportunity manifest itself, doesn't offset the frustration of battles ruined because everyone left a submarine to be dealt by someone else. Or the boredom of being the actual DD tasked to screen for the sub, forced to be in position where I can't effectively deal damage or secure objectives to prevent my team from disintegrating at the first ping they receive.
  5. Mr_Argamas

    A new low: You have to buy missions

    The way I see this... I was able to get 3 perma camos and a good bunch of combat signals in exchange for resources & play time. Didn't spend a single dub, and the missions were decent (not too long & grindy). Not a bad deal if you look at the event from a pure F2P perspective. It helps that I like the perma camos even though I don't like/play Albermale all that much TBH. But If someone really wanted to acquire a ship well.... You had to pay the equivalent non-discounted price in dubs, then spend resources to unlock the missions AND put some play time into the game: worst deal ever. That's where the event got really disappointing. Just having to purchase missions is neither a good or bad thing: everything has to be put into context IMHO. In the future, I'd expect WG to change the formula a bit in regards to the ship acquisition part but I could see them keeping that formula for F2P stuff. They need incentives to keep F2P players online, especially as the online players count seems to struggle.
  6. Unfavorable MM? 3x Subs + 2CVs? Bottom tier and overmatched by almost every large ship? Don't worry: you can throw your ship away and immediately return into the battle with the same ship if you want to. We can reflect on why stomps are unavoidable (which is true), but I feel like WG is always looking at new mechanics to make them more frequent as well. They stand to benefit too much from this problem to address it.
  7. Mr_Argamas

    Sheeee's Baaaack

    I still have no idea why I would want to play such a one-trick pony, when Jinan exists and can be acquired for free. Not only do you get the impressive torpedo power, but it gets smoke and some decent HE dpm. And the armor is better too (although not a significant factor). Looking at the balance change.... It looks like they may be trying to balance the ship with some quick saturation going on, which is a good idea IMHO. It's the armament that makes her really questionable anyways though. Now if we can't give her some guided torpedoes, my suggestion would be to consider a gimmick that allows her to swap her torpedo sets similar to Yamagiri and Dalarna. So she might get some sneaky torpedoes for mid range efficiency (offensive power), and some longer range and less sneaky one for aerial denial and map control. That would make the ship just a tad bit more versatile, at least.
  8. Mr_Argamas

    Nottingham price

    And it's not just that you can't get a ship for free, which was expected. It's that when you consider the dubs you need to invest even after grabbing the free tokens, there are absolutely 0 savings to be made. This is not a special event at all: it's just a regular introductory sale for a limited availability ship, with extra steps. That's boring and disappointing. I'd like to have a laugh but I'm a bit past that at this point. The best WG gets from me is an eye roll. I think a low tier premium they already gave for free like Dreadnought should have been an option however, to have a free ship for people looking for one. Make this an actual event, at least for some new players. But let's be realistic here: free ship above T6 are not a thing anymore. I doubt we will ever see it again outside of a very lucrative dockyard of course (because we did get T7 Huron from the PR Dockyard IIRC).
  9. Mr_Argamas

    Nottingham price

    Yeah, I thought I was buying 25 tokens x 4 when I traded resources at first. Previous events were like that after all. But actually, you only receive a mission that if you complete, will get you 25 tokens.
  10. Mr_Argamas

    Seeing more yolo and suiciders...

    If done on purpose, it is actually against the terms of services, and you could submit a ticket to customer services with the replay file attached. The biggest problem is having an evidence it was done on purpose: outside of a player clearly stating it was intentional in chat, you can't do anything.
  11. Mr_Argamas


    My guess.... People that regularly confuse names are probably confusing you with one CM in particular. A rI SKAN dir A h SKAN ce It is similar enough that I can see it happening frequently.
  12. Mr_Argamas

    If more Collabs, then --

    Excluding Kancolle for the reasons stated above... I don't see a lot of possibilities for a WW2 anime theme. Zipang, maybe? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zipang_(manga) It's old, and maybe a bit specific... You know, I'd be all-in for a collaboration with a movie but they are often a struggle to deal with, from a business perspective. It took so many years to get a Golden Eye remake as a video game because of the movie studios and licensing agreements... So staying in the cartoon/anime collabs is probably best I guess? And I could suggest a candidate that will appeal to a lot of older (30-45 years old) gamers, and that was quite popular around the world but mostly in Asia and Europe: SNK. Lots and lots of characters, and even if we sticked just to King of Fighters franchise you'd get a large selection to choose from for every nation. SNK has already licensed their characters to third party video games before so it is also quite realistic that something like this could happen. As a quick example... I might pay to get another 10 pts captain for Pan-Am cruisers at this point, and with SNK it could be Angel. She's from Veracruz, Mexico. (323) Thank you SNK for putting Angel in KOF XV | Best parts of the new trailer - YouTube The main protagonist (and most recognizable character probably) of the Fatal Fury franchise is actually American, Terry Bogard. Also part of KoF (obviously). But as stated earlier, lots of characters to chose from. Characters that have inspired lots of cosplay too (example: Mai). Lots of good material from talented artists to inspire an event/collab.
  13. Mr_Argamas

    Anti Frustration Software Update

    Is all the data from detailed battle report really available in the replay file though? Last I checked, I couldn't get the breakdowns on dmg. You know, how much dmg I inflected to each ship using AP, HE and secondary armament. And how much damage I received the same way.
  14. Mr_Argamas

    Anti Frustration Software Update

    I've seen this been requested for years. Most people gave up on the idea of something like that ever happening I guess. At some point, I even suggested to at least allows us to export the results ourselves in a file, XML/XLSX whatever. With a save as/export button from the screen. Something that wouldn't even require a change of the replay format, in case that was the main issue. That was over 2 years ago. In the interim, the best thing I can propose is a software that can extract all the stats available from the replay file: https://wows.mv-smirnov.org/en/mxstat/
  15. Mr_Argamas

    WG would you like to sell more permanent camos?

    The original post makes me a bit sad, because there is actually a very large amount of great looking perma camos in this game.... The problem is: WG chose to keep the vast majority of them behind gambling mechanics (loot boxes), also known as Distant Voyage containers. So the actual selection that is available to a consumer for purchase is small, often uninspiring. So I totally get where the feeling of a lack of choice/options is coming from. There is a few ways to obtain additional perma camos that should be considered, as they are essentially free: 1- With community tokens. ( Previous KOTS camo are there! The NC one is great) 2- Though collections. You can get some good ones for Bismarck and Duke of York as an example. 3- From the armory, with ranked or clan tokens. Most people will never be in a position to purchase any of them but they exist. 4- From the armory, for steel (made of steel camo). It actually comes bundled with a bonus package! Otherwise, there are sometimes special sales and events that you can look for if you are willing to pay. 1- Mission chains. 2- Special sales (Halloween events, steam punk, etc). 3- Auctions. (but it happened only once IIRC). Finally, we can sometime get a few distant voyage containers with events, often in exchange for tokens. The really bad part with gambling mechanics is that it is really possible you spend a lot only to acquire a camo for a ship you don't own or don't want to play. Paying a lot for camos is bad, paying a lot for camos you don't even want is worse. So I never pay a single dub for Distant Voyage containers, ever.