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  1. I noticed on the stern of the Iwami that the name of the ship is written as いはみ (ihami) however I think it should actually be spelled いわみ (iwami). While は can sometimes be pronounced as 'wa', the Iwami was named after the Iwami province (石見国) which would be spelled いわみのくに.
  2. Yamato, a very good/solid T10 battleship but not grossly overpowered.
  3. Miura_Anjin

    Kuznetsov or Cunningham?

    Hi all, was hoping I could get your advice on which of these commanders would be better to pick up from the armory. If I was going to get Kuznetsov he would mostly be played in my Kremlin. For Cunningham I would use him in Thunderer/Conqueror. Thanks!
  4. Miura_Anjin

    Speculating on Future Coal Ships

    Thanks everyone for the replies/advice. Ended up buying the Thunderer and am enjoying quite a lot!
  5. With the announcement that ships like Thunderer, Georgia, etc. are being removed from the armory, I was curious what you all think might be future coal ships to replace them? I currently have enough coal for Thunderer but am holding off getting her as I'm not entirely sure I'd enjoy her playstyle, and may want to save that coal for ships being added later.
  6. Miura_Anjin

    Weekend Spree, 4-6 December 2020.

    Finished grinding out the Republique. Only played a few games in her so far, but really enjoying it.