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  1. Shipvader247

    Update 0.11.0 – Pan-Asian Cruisers: Part 1

    Excited for asymmetric battles to return. With the new German BBs it can be a lot of fun mowing down small boats with secondaries.
  2. Shipvader247

    Submarines in Random Battles

    I can't see them in the shop to rent or in combat missions and I don't see them in randoms yet. When are they coming to randoms? I am writing this after 0.10.9 went live so there is no chance I am just missing it
  3. Shipvader247

    Update 0.10.9: Halloween

    ok thanks
  4. Shipvader247

    Update 0.10.9: Halloween

    Wasn't there supposed to be asymmetric battles this update? I looked on the dev blog and there was supposed to be. I wonder what happened?
  5. Shipvader247

    Whats the difference?? Derfflinger class

    We had to wait until October 2021 to get the Derrflinger in game. Also british battlecruisers are nowhere in sight :(
  6. I am not sure if anybody noticed but there are Graf Zeppelin casemate secondary's starting at tier 8. If these have the same accuracy as the Graf Zeppelin then they will be able to melt any thing to death. Also torpedoes may make these great drive by ships. Sneak up using island and then rush their battleship torpedoing them and then disappearing behind islands again. If you are cough in the open then your secondary's will hold the destroyers at bay. Also I hope they are really REALLY fast since that is the whole point of a battlecruiser. The t8 looks like Graf Spee grew up and became fat. It can barely hold it's front turret on the bow section.
  7. That flag and patch look NICE. I am only interested in the ones that actually existed. 3-7. The description says that the tier 7 is an Ersatz Yorck class fast battleship. Ersatz Yorck herself was laid down in 1916, so I will play it as it is technically a real ship. If you want the ww1 imperial German flag it is actually a mod on the wows official modstation. It is called "Age of Empires Classic". It gives the ww1 flag to all the german battleships though including the N*zi battleships as well.
  8. Shipvader247

    Lets Look at Prinz Heinrich (Speculation Time!)

    Am writing this after stats were revieled! Speed is 28 knots reload is 28 seconds, so 2 seconds faster than the Bayern. She has a 30 second turret travers. She has two sets on torpedoes, one on each side. They are quadruple tubes, so four torps were side. They have 10KM range with a 50 knot speed. HP: 56300 21% torp damage reduction They have fast damage control and standard heal. It also has a hydro which is very strong. If you download the official wows modstation and select the extended tech tree you can see this ship in port.
  9. Shipvader247

    Free cam

    ok, thanks
  10. Shipvader247

    Free cam

    how to you get into free cam?
  11. Shipvader247

    Richelieu thoughts

    Hmmm. Just got this ship and it seems to be a version of the Dunkerque. It does have turtleback though, so I can see potential for brawling.