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  1. Mr_Bonaparte

    Clan Treasury

    What is the purpose of having Steel and doubloons in the treasury? Why cant I put steel or dubs in the treasury?
  2. Mr_Bonaparte

    Couple of suggestions

    Thank you for your response. I have heard the "Russian biased" from time to time, I honestly thought of it as more of a meme or in jest. I hope that truly doesn't dictate what WG does or don't do though...surely not?
  3. Mr_Bonaparte

    Couple of suggestions

    That's tier 6 correct? I'm not a fan of tier 1-7 lol We usually have a hard time in my clan to muster enough for people to do the low tier content.
  4. Good evening, My first post in this forum. Only been playing for about 7 months or so. I understand this game is going on 6 years or so and I am sure this has been discussed. Can we please get an increase in divisions from 3 to at the very least 5? I have never played a multi-player game where you can only team up with 3...such an odd number. This game is most enjoyable when playing with friends/clanmates. In my experience in this game, I notice members logging off as playing solo in randoms can be kinda..disappointing. :) Lastly, The Stalingrad. I just got this ship a few weeks ago (my first steel ship btw). I understand it's a beast etc. in the hands of highly-skilled players. It's my understanding this ship has been out for quite a while. Why in the world is the concealment so ridiculously high? In the state of the game now, I believe justification can be made to reduce the concealment. It already takes full fire damage, vulnerable citadel, etc. Maybe tweak the Stalingrad in a different way (reduce speed or something). The concealment is more than a Kremlin and Thunderer to name a few and those are battleships lol. It just doesn't make any sense to me. Figured id post it in hopes WG can answer this and not get trolled or flammed :) O7