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  1. For me it does not make sense that the RADAR makes enemy ships VISIBLE to all teammates, neither be so precise! RADAR should have a "PRECISION" attribute, just like range and duration. Then lower-rank radars will show a "blob" around likely position of target, and the most advanced radar would show a much smaller dot. Neither should say the exact ship there, only the larger blob for older tech, and an icon for the ship class/size for newest tech (higher precision). And, more important, RADAR should NOT MAKE VISIBLE, the enemies only appear in map/minimap. Everybody can shoot in that position, even not being able to see the enemy ship itself. Radar also should SWEEP the area, so the detected targets would remain in same spot until next detection updates its position - but never movement/speed/direction. The blip should fade until disappear completely before next cycle. I guess this way we can even have 2 radars, one imprecise but always on SWEEPING the area, and another "consumable" to allow increased precision, like if you "lock the antenna". But there MUST be a way to turn off the radar, to avoid being easily detected for using radar. The enemy should remain being warned that they are detected by enemy radar. Next, increase integration with RDF - Radio Direction Finder - making anyone with active radar also appear on RDF-enabled ships as some direction marking, either similar to "nearest enemy" or just as a elongated oval "cloud" in minimap. After this, almost ALL nations can receive basic radar, and would make sense to see that rotating radar antenna over almost every >T6 ship model in game... Seems to me that it would not break current balance, as ships currently with radar gets the "high-precision radar", and other ships only "primitive radar".
  2. I really would love to see this idea as AXIS+ vs ALLIES+ as "Reduced Historic Battles", as PvE "Operation of Today" mode. This solves entirely the Radar problem, and the game server can even create uneven teams, adding more stronger or weaker bots, to balance out. Just like it is now for Operation of the week, more but weaker bots. Next. just add some historic background text, describing condition leading to real WW1/WW2 naval battles, and play Axis vs Allies, or JPxUS, or UKxKM ... New maps would be welcome, but they are not required, we already have maps representing all regions where naval battles occurred. Refer to Axis+ DE JP IT + FR EU Allies+ US UK RU + other nation except (DE,JP,IT) For balancing purposes, FR/EU/AS can integrate either team, as long as all ships in that "nation" goes to same team.
  3. Thailand, for its culture, locations, beaches and limestone rock climbing in beaches New Zealand, for its 'brave newest world" and another EUROTRIP backpacking
  4. Bom dia Gostarei de participar... mas ta faltando um evento dando BANDEIRA DO BRASIL, e aquela "camisa" que rola usar de simbolo.
  5. Allied_Alloh

    Update 0.9.4 - Bug Reports

    "SUB" and SUBMARINE are forbbiden words in game chat... I got a ban trying to understand that. WHY we can't say "enemy sub at X0" ? (Using Brazilian Portuguese interface)