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  1. I played the game a few years ago, it was great. Was forced to stop due to no longer having a pc that could run it. Now you lose half your health B4 you even get in range to shoot another ship. Can't dodge, can't meaningfully shoot back, can't outmaneuver, can't get meaningful support from ally ships nor ally planes. What am I supposed to do? Just sit there and be live target practice until the match maker finally gets me into a game with just one CV, or, the even more rare no CV game. Screw that. The dev's don't care or are to prideful to fix the obvious problem. The mods delete anyone who mentions the problem. The community condescendingly says "just dodge them" Well, if that were truly possible, one of the many content creators would have put up a "how to dodge" video on youtube by now. But there isn't one. There isn't one because there is no technique there's just 'hope the cv pilot is cross-eyed'. The good games are still great. They are to few and the crapone needs to wade through is so frustrating only a masochist would enjoy it. I was thinking of investing and make this my main game, now I contemplating uninstalling.
  2. Why do you not care about your user's experience? Do you think that subs will just be way worse then people will stop complaining about CV's? No, they are going to complain about both. CV's are not interactive and are not balanced. Fix it, get rid of it, beat the people who play CV's with sticks I don't care how. just fix it.
  3. GO58

    Hey, guess what happened?

    no, no, I get it. This is how you all want it to be. Some how if you use the excuse that its a que dump then it's not a problem. [edited] me right?
  4. 9v9 match, 2 cv's per side It's 8:30pm PST so no excuse of some que dump more futile attempts of dodge the rockets. its not fun fix it
  5. I usually play after 9pm pacific time. so I'm supposed to start over and play on an asian server? Is there even an asian server in english?
  6. Yes, all the replies I got were dismissive, insulting and not at all helpful, kinda like this reply of yours.
  7. this time I got 1 whole salvo off before the rockets got me. I even had a cruiser with me for AA support not that it mattered. 1 CV is fine, 2 is unacceptable. maybe 1 cv for every 10 surface ships. Then shove all the other cv players in a room with each other, let the problem take care of its self.