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  1. Georgia is great, it plays kind of similarly to Massachusetts, but it's less tanky so you often need to use its speed and concealment (even if you don't take CE) to disengage. If you want some more variety I would recommend the Alaska which is probably one of the best ships in the game for the same price I think.

    Some Matchmaking Statistics

    Hi all! I've been recording some matchmaking tier spread and CV count and such, not sure why no one had done this before, but I have some nice matchmaking probabilities to share with you guys. However, I don't have a T10 ship and the data is still kind of depleted, so everyone is welcome to add new data. Here is the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZH0Udo5Gkj9xn95-J1ETPK7wlxX3wPNBvjsS7QnrQuQ/edit#gid=0