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  1. OldBreezy

    Subs need rebalancing

    I agree, subs are basically useless, especially in Co-op. Because they are so slow and their torps so weak, one is lucky to get 1-2 kills before the game ends. They should have more powerful torps, and sub-on-sub kills should count for a lot more than killing a regular ship. Kills while the sub is submerged should likewise count for more, since this is more difficult. Looking forward to them in ranked battles, but they need to score like DDs can. The homing function works generally, but could be improved.
  2. OldBreezy

    Bot AI Update for 0.10.6

    The bots have been turned up to Level Ridiculous. They come after human players first, and will shoot OVER other bots to shoot at you...and they don't miss much any more. This has already changed everyone's game tactics (DDs don't rush in any more) but it has also made the game less fun. First they took flags away in low tiers, now this. Did they consult players on this or just yeet it and hope for the best? I'm ok with bots being more skillful than they were, but direct hits on a DD from 7km away over other bots? That's a bit much. Between this and the games ending early, I agree they've gone entirely in the wrong direction.
  3. This problem has actually gotten worse, not better. Games routinely end early, and it is now impossible to get the kills we used to get. Yesterday I had a game end after approx 3 minutes of game play with SEVEN enemy still alive (including human players). This is particularly frustrating for premium members who've paid to play this game.
  4. It's not possible to "launch them safely" under your criterion except at the very beginning of the game, or in low tiers with 5-6km range. If that's the case, why play DDs at all? I think the change to friendly fire damage was a good one, because bots be wrecking my shots routinely (still do), or hitting me with their torps and wrecking game play. Why can enemy bots dodge torps easily but friendly ones can only drift into the line of fire? That's the fix WoW needs to investigate.
  5. OldBreezy

    New Scoring System

    Ok so why is this a new phenomenon? Game ends with 3 or 4 enemy left, and getting a kraken is very difficult now. That wasn't the case in prior years (yes, YEARS). RipNuN2 you've made my point.
  6. Not sure what's going on with the new scoring system, but the games are ending WAY TOO EARLY by teams "completing the mission" even when all caps are not taken and there are still enemy to kill. That is NOT WHAT WE WANT. We pay and play this game to KILL THE ENEMY. We do not want games to end early based on points!
  7. OldBreezy

    Teamkill damage change

    I for one think this was a GREAT change. Somehow enemy bots could dodge torps like a ballerina, but friendly bots still stray in front for no tactical reason. That frustration has been eliminated with this change!
  8. OldBreezy

    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    EXACTLY!!! This is a good start, but there should be no discussion of penalties until you fix the friendly bot AI to stop running in front of our torps when it makes zero tactical sense to do so, and to stop blocking human player line of sight on enemies! Having friendly bots simply rush the middle into a group of enemy blocks shots for everyone, and is not realistic game play in the slightest.
  9. Wow needs to fix the Bot algorithm before even considering this. The amount of time bots make very stupid tactical moves and drift in front of friendly torps is excessively high, especially in the case of long range torps. Funny how enemy bots can dodge better than a human player, but friendly bots just lumber into the line of fire routinely. This needs to be fixed before any consideration is given to increasing friendly fire penalties. Make it zero on bots, and increase on humans if you like, but fix friendly bot AI first!
  10. BRING BACK SIGNALS AS REWARDS! We know you're trying to force people to buy them instead of giving them away, but this will backfire on you. Frankly, it already has, as people have either quit or gone to another tier and will lose interest. When your revenue targets don't get met, you'll see I'm correct. The key is to give away just enough to make people like me want to buy more. This current strategy of yours is frankly ill-advised and we do not like it at all. This alone will drive the opposite behavior to the one you are looking for, and people will not buy out of spite.
  11. I think they should add more naval battles, not less.
  12. OldBreezy

    Allied Torpedo Warning Should be Kept

    Friendly humans, sure, but the algorithm needs to be adjusted so that bots STAY OUT OF PLAYER LINE OF FIRE! All they do is block shots. They block shots better than LeBron James! They wouldn't get hit so much if they deferred to human player line of fire. They will stray into torps even when it makes no tactical sense to do so! Reversing when it makes no sense, plowing into the middle of an enemy formation, it's ludicrous that damage counts against us for this!
  13. OldBreezy

    Meandering Bots

    My post wasn't about aggressive bots or improving their fighting, it's actually about improving things on the friendly side. They meander in front of torps or in front of friendly players, thereby catching an accidental hit and blocking our shots. This happens at the start of EVERY SINGLE GAME. That's not smart game play and has nothing to do with how hard they are to beat. This needs to be fixed. They should defer (yield) to human players by default and perhaps hits on friendly bots shouldn't result in a player penalty. After all, the true penalty is when you cause damage, they are killed and your side has less players on the field of battle. Maybe count damage higher for friendly fire on bots but there should not be an individual penalty. I've also been penalized when THEY run into ME! That's just a terrible rule.
  14. OldBreezy

    Meandering Bots

    Anyone else notice that bots seem to consistently meander in front of friendly torps even when it is tactically stupid to do so? WoW really needs to fix this and up their game in this department. I'm ok with more aggressive bots, but having the consistently rush in, block shots or worse, turn in a nonsensical direction to catch a friendly torp is stupid.