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  1. Count_of_Serenno

    Battle of the Atlantic!

    Yeah a coop version would be nice
  2. Count_of_Serenno

    subs in training room would be nice

    I thought so too
  3. Count_of_Serenno

    Battle of the Atlantic!

    I know but its unlikely the the W.O.W team would add a game with 12 U-boats and 40 cargo ships I would enjoy it but I think if they add the game mode it would need to be a lot smaller. Nothing in world of warships is completely accurate so it would be very close, think of it as the final stretch, almost there.
  4. Count_of_Serenno

    Battle of the Atlantic!

    Yeah the supply ships would be bot the DD and subs would be players
  5. Count_of_Serenno

    Battle of the Atlantic!

    I agree
  6. Count_of_Serenno

    Battle of the Atlantic!

    I think there should be a battle of the Atlantic Game mode. Where 4 Destroyers will have to protect 9-12 supply Ships and there will be 4-5 subs ( maybe less). To win the Destroyers will have to bring 1/2 of the supply ships to the other side of the map. For the submarines to win the have to kill more than 1/2 of the ships (Destroyers don't count), If the subs kill more than 1/2 of the fleet the game does not end they can keep sinking more ships until they get killed or the remaining ships make it to the other side of the map. The subs will spawn ahead of the convoy, and they will get 2 chances to attack the convoy. I am thinking that the convoy will be quick so that the subs will need to surface to keep up but if they do they will get shot at by the supply ships and Destroyers. The convoy will go around a very large island and the small subs will take a short cut through little islands and end up in front of the convoy and deal 1 more major strike. The subs can still follow the convoy but they will need to surface. I am thinking it will be with tier IV ships because the first subs come in at tier IV. Perhaps every supply ship you sink or successfully sink or protect you have a chance to win coal,steel,and oil. This is just a suggestion and nothing is set in stone all the numbers and maps and all the details are subject to change. If you like the idea or have any suggestions for the game mode leave a comment,Thank You!
  7. Count_of_Serenno

    Subs need Guns!

    yeah and subs move at 13 knots underwater thats accurate too
  8. Count_of_Serenno

    Subs need Guns!

    your missing the point XD
  9. Count_of_Serenno

    Subs need Guns!

    its are ment not to Accomplish anything, just to be there do some damage to the DD that hunting you to do something
  10. Count_of_Serenno

    Subs need Guns!

    Submarines have there AA and secondary guns turned off because they do not a have a High enough caliber. But thats not true they have the same caliber of destroyers of there tier and its better to do some damage then no damage. Carrier will be another major threat to surfaced submarines and most submarines have 2 AA guns, they are not ment to shoot down the hole squad they are met to do some damage, to deter the plane from flying over the submarines. If you agree leave a message Thanks you!
  11. Count_of_Serenno

    Public Test - 0.9.6 - German Carriers

    why did you nerf the Graf Zeppelin its now the worst tier 8 cv in the game. :(